Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I wanted to write about hair again since Saucy Bastard posted this picture. This is pure studio hair. You can't even walk straight with hair looking like this. If an escort walks into your hotel room with hair like this, it's truly a high dollar hottie.

Meanwhile some body noticed my previous rant about hair. No the girl in the picture is so common a complain that the least you can do is to keep the hair in the picture. You can photoshop everything but there's no point in photoshopping the hair. Giving us a little WYSIWYG, is that too much to ask for?

On the other hand, not only long hairs are difficult to maintain. I remember a blind date with a mature woman. I called her based on her reputation of what she does, rather than her looks.

She went for the business woman look, with short flat almost unstyled hair clinging to the head. She was wearing an unsophisticated suit that can get her anywhere without suspicion, except that the skirt is a little short for her age.

I think I wrote about her before. She did drive me crazy. When we kissed, I was too passionate and ran my fingers all over her hair.

Maybe I thought about it before, but I probably didn't dare. The reason maybe this - you have to pay her to go the the hair salon again, and pay her for the off time. That's too expensive. If I did that to Chanel she would give me the death stare before I can get any closer.

There's no problem for this woman's flat hair. I think she looked like this after my fingers.

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