Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why prostitutes?

Researches into prostitution always miss the point of recreational sex. If it's legal, it's as nondescript as a social drink, but if it's illegal, it's using drugs.

Apart from moral issues, it's not much different from the combination of a game of golf, shopping something nice, a movie, or going to an art gallery.

Think of it as a mini-vacation to a parallel universe. I need vacations away from my wife. Not so much that she doesn't do things that I like, more importantly, she won't stop doing things that I can't stand. Don't tell me 'let her go' that sort of crap. If she want to leave she is welcomed. I do know the substitution can be a lot worse. Emma and Chanel are so nice in many ways that you don't know they are so screwed up in others.

It's not so much of role play, but in parallel universes anything interesting can happen.

Why people have affairs?

Why people pay peak season price for vacations? Because they have absolute control of the time and place.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I wanted to write about hair again since Saucy Bastard posted this picture. This is pure studio hair. You can't even walk straight with hair looking like this. If an escort walks into your hotel room with hair like this, it's truly a high dollar hottie.

Meanwhile some body noticed my previous rant about hair. No the girl in the picture is so common a complain that the least you can do is to keep the hair in the picture. You can photoshop everything but there's no point in photoshopping the hair. Giving us a little WYSIWYG, is that too much to ask for?

On the other hand, not only long hairs are difficult to maintain. I remember a blind date with a mature woman. I called her based on her reputation of what she does, rather than her looks.

She went for the business woman look, with short flat almost unstyled hair clinging to the head. She was wearing an unsophisticated suit that can get her anywhere without suspicion, except that the skirt is a little short for her age.

I think I wrote about her before. She did drive me crazy. When we kissed, I was too passionate and ran my fingers all over her hair.

Maybe I thought about it before, but I probably didn't dare. The reason maybe this - you have to pay her to go the the hair salon again, and pay her for the off time. That's too expensive. If I did that to Chanel she would give me the death stare before I can get any closer.

There's no problem for this woman's flat hair. I think she looked like this after my fingers.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sex work politics

I support all kind of sex works. I have my preferences but all contribute to regulating the demand and supply - in other words, reasonable prices. This is not purely an advantage for the client. A potential sex worker may decide against jumping into the occupation because the reward just doesn't worth it. Most sex workers prefer a safer and legal environment even if the price is lower.

And of course I don't discriminate against race, age, and size etc - as long as they turn me on at the time, and I don't regret after.

But when it comes to activism for sex workers' rights, I think activists should specialize rather than generalize. Different kinds of sex workers have rather different issues as I see it. For example, it is confusing for someone to identify themselves as strippers, which is totally legal. The rules of strip clubs various greatly across the nation. In many places by law you cannot touch the strippers.

The San Francisco proposition was geared towards street walkers. Honestly, it would be more difficult to pass than that sex for money is legal. Rhode Island passed it without knowing it, and they don't seem to have any special problems so far. But I doubt how many current escorts will wholeheartedly support this. Their income will at least drop a bit. Bunny ranch will run out of business.

Honestly the issue of legalization is that women don't want it easy for their men to cheat. (Same for interchanging women and men for minority cases.) Any other excuses do not make a lot of sense and do not buy a lot of votes.

It's interesting to see laws related to mail order brides. Now international "dating agencies" need to do background criminal checks on clients before finding them partners. Do so many people care about the welfare of these women enough to make new laws? I hardly doubt it. It's about limiting the supply so you have to pick more from the same pond. And in many states the thought of giving half of your everything to your new bride whenever she decides to walk away is very discouraging.

Going after Craigslist is mostly because it has become too easy to find an affordable companion anywhere. To say that law enforcement has a natural hatred against prostitution is absurd. They also like their massages and their call girls, and they go about their own business without conflict of interest.

Does it work? Even without the web, every men know where the classified are, legal or not. Most local newspapers are supported to some extend by those ads, even for a quarter of a page of classified. It's always a phone call away. This can hardly stop curious men, 70% (???) of which tried sometime in their lifetime.

Illegal prostitution does have the advantage that men are deterred by organized ripoffs. My guess is they waste more money and for a higher price, at least I do. Guess who also share the consequences?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My new year resolutions are simple, and can be accomplished in a short time, giving me some satisfactions. Not about whores, but I wanted to fix two things that bugged me, a dripping faucet, and about two collapsed drawers.

Remember that if you call a plumber here without an emergency, it's like going to the hospital emergency room with a cold. The hospital will entertain you, but will charge you hundreds for it, though it's a numbers game on paper with the insurance company. I made the mistake as a new parent.

When I opened the faucet, I remembered why I couldn't fix it. It's beyond repair because a screw degenerated. A total replacement is needed. This is my sink. I did replaced the faucet on her sink which was in a much worse condition before replacement. It turned out to be a lot more trouble than I thought, so I waited. Now that I have to replace mine, the faucet company was taken over and the same model isn't available. So if you ever see a mismatched his's and her's bathroom sink, it's mine.

Now the nightmare that I must had blocked out last time began to come back bit by bit. The faucet replacement is easy. In other parts of the world it would be solid copper tubes under the sink, and solid plastic tubes. You have to call the professionals or you have a lot of work to do, like doing soldering in confined space with heat shields to avoid burning down the whole house or the whole building. But here labor is a lot more expensive than the faucets itself. I would rather have a huge copper faucet and huge copper sink with lots of now precious metal.

Here you have a pair of shut off valve, not really to save you the trouble of turning off the main supply value, but as an adapter connector. Now the latest valve just plug onto the end of the supply tube. You don't even need to use a wrench. Then there's a pair of flexible tube to connect the valves to the taps so you don't need any skills or any measurements. The nuts at the end of the flexible tubes are the only ones to be tightened. The faucets themselves are of course make use a lot of 'plug and play' constructs, using flexible tubes and rubbery seals.

The problem is the tail piece, the matching finish attached to the drain hole of the sink. It just couldn't be unscrewed because it is made of metal, unlike the new ones which are cheap feeling plastic. I really didn't remember how I did it last time. I didn't believe that I could unscrew it. And I didn't believe that I used an electric saw to took it apart. This time I gave up totally after a day and my hands hurt.

Then I decided I should replace the whole sink as well. Then I remembered that this was the same conclusion that I arrived last time. Then I remembered why I couldn't replace the sink. It was an undermount sink and the sink wouldn't come off from the top piece. This time I brought the iron bar from the garage, a gift from the moving company, the type that the FBI uses to raid warehouses and opens huge wooden crates with it. The sink wouldn't give a bit. I pried a bit more and all of a sudden the sink fell on my knee. I continued the work with a limb!

Actually when you have to replace the faucet, it's good time to replace the sinks, the top pieces and the whole cabinet fixture. But I wouldn't want to undo the work I did on her side of the bathroom last time. More importantly, you need a contractor and up to a few subcontractors for plumbing, electric wiring, building, woodwork. If you call the professionals they will talk you into remodeling all of the bathrooms and kitchens with matching everything. All for a dripping tap?

Really I should have replaced the cabinet because the sink with the tailpiece attached was trapped inside. I had to bring in the electric saw to cut short the tailpiece. The tailpiece broke apart, but not where I cut it.

After I put the new sink in, I discovered that the drain hole was at a different position. So I had to redo the drain pipes like a professional, since no flexible drain pipes were sold for that purpose. Cutting off the old pipes proved to be a bad experience. After exhausted using my tiny hand saw, the ABS plastic were too tough that I had to bring in the power saw. Usually, bundled saw blades are for fast wood cutting, terrible for tough plastics. I ended with a ragged edge pipe end after getting rid of the old pipes. For the new pipes I needed a few cuts at least so I had to do some research to get the right blade that is available in my local hardware store.

For the drawers I tried different mounts available in the nearby stores. All have minor problems that I couldn't decide who is the least evil of them all. Therefore some drawers were left to be storage spaces instead of drawers. The problem was that my wife demands that she has the right to put whatever inside the drawer. They got heavy and eventually collapsed sooner or later. I was running out of drawers.

I know I should have remodeled the bathrooms, the kitchen and maybe the bedrooms with matching everything. But back in my mind I wouldn't like to throw away the work that I did on the drawers that were still working fine. And it cost money to remodel the whole house compared to repairing a drawer or two.

I tried side mounting hardware for the first time on my top mounted drawers. It's a total waste of time and I returned it. I brought the old faithful roller mount hardware. But it's only available in size for the kitchen drawers. For the bathrooms it has to be the bearing mounts. But living in housing tracks, although neighboring houses vary in size and shape to look different, drawers are basically the same. So the only size for my bathroom are sold out. So rather than replacing the whole mounting hardware, I just replaced the faulty items like rollers.

But surprise, surprise, one drawer has a pipe ran past the rear, so it had to be top mounted but nobody sold anything for it. Another has a wooden stud ran past the rear, making the rail guide an inch too long! Also, the bottom one cannot accept roller mount as there is no space below the drawer to mount anything. But the bearing mount can be used since the profile is rather flat. So the roller mounts that I brought were useless, and the bearing mounts that I didn't brought were suitable, since exact size were not needed.

Since the saw blade I brought for cutting plastic pipes were actually for metal as written on it, I tried to cut the roller mount to size. It was surprisingly easier than cutting plastic pipes. It was so easy that I decided to remove the repairs that I did the bathroom drawers, replacing them with roller mounts cut to size.

So after many fast trips to the local hardware store, most of it involved returns, I got the work done. This was how my near year went. I am now enjoying watching the mismatched his's and her's faucets, and using the smooth drawers, mostly with different mounting hardware, ... with a temporary backache and a limp.