Friday, December 24, 2010

The brothel

I always wanted to open a brothel, a virtual one that I don't need to do much in order to own a brothel.  After it rained seven days and seven nights, I did it out of boredom.

It's called Escorts 360, because it existed now on Facebook as a serious of pages beginning with that name.  You can type that in the search box and they may turn up.  Because it's a collection of "pages", so it can also be called a magazine.

Basically the magazine is the extension of what you see on my blog, the falling panels and all that. Each page is a combination of feeds with different themes.  Basically the magazine is a direct reflection of what I read  in my Google reader.  I always wanted to share it and read it myself in a more interesting way.  I always wanted to mock up a magazine like the wall paper on Facebook (try the tab), but I can't do that without leaving identity traces to find hosting or register my mobile number.  Facebook pages are far from what I wanted but it's painless and effortless.  You can pick the pages you like without putting up with the others.

All contents are automatically generated, except for the Editor's pick.  The Facebook term of use isn't too bad, banning only porn, but not necessarily nudity.  That's one way to op out without disabling your feed. Also, escorts are universally legal, hence avoiding the arbitrarily enforced policies of Facebook.

My complete blog feed appears under the name Thomas Playor.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The anti-model - My Holiday present to some of you

Notice her extra fat tissues all over.  But the essential fat tissues turns out quite sexy in the videos.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The library (non) incident

I dropped the books on the collection box inside the wall, tried to walked through the automatic doors, and was blocked.  The library was just about open, but not yet.  The thump on the door made sure that everyone knew I was coming.  This library has a post-modern bunker style architecture.

Even though I had my book details at hand, I was lost in "words".  So I went for the nearest computer terminal to find my way around.  Once I got there, I noticed that there were something wrong, as if walking into the wrong room in a massage parlor, the resting room for staff masseuses.  So I was immediately blocked by a staff in a nice way.  Those were terminals for staff, not library users.

Librarians are as helpful as masseuses, desperate to do the "everything" for you.  For librarians, nothing interesting ever happens in libraries, or nothing ever happens.  For masseuses, they want the last dollar in your pocket.

This librarian is very mature, went for the neat shorter hair that will not mess up even after a long working in a massage parlor.  She had sexy glasses, which might be a piece of my sexual fantasy.  She obviously eat enough healthy food and have enough soft exercise going up and down the library all day.  She spoke very softly, as if not to let people hear her in the adjacent massage room through the wafer thin walls.  Immediately I could feel the sexual tension developing, albeit unilateral. 

She asked what I had got.  I wished to unzip myself but I handed my piece of paper to her.

"Juvenile", she said in a reflex action, after looking up at the terminal.  It was a little unexpected to her, like "with your fat wallet in your pocket, all you ask for is a hand job?".  You must be a newbie.  I'll take you to the secret hideaway and take good care of you for all you worth.

After a split second her perfect mannerism returned and led me to the destination.  I followed close behind her just as I followed my masseuses, especially those who are untouchable or just offer a hand job, with no chance of getting any closer.

Like a ninja, all of a sudden she turned into the space between two shelves and knelled down in one swift, perfectly coordinated motion.  Following close behind, I almost bumped into her.  At this point, I really forget that we were in a library and she was going to unzip me and blow.

But sadly, she knew the book I wanted was right down there, without the need to look at any identifying numbers and letters.  I had a few second to enjoy the thought of she blowing me in a library.  Then she picked up the book for me.

After we exchanged good manners, I left.  There's no need for extra words, extra looks in the eye.  Like any masseuses, all they have to do is to express their gratitude of your patronage.  If they had done a good job you will come back.

I went to the libraries because my kids exhausted the school library.  My initial strategy was to let them loose.  They will have an easy school life like me, and I don't need to do anything.  But the strategy backfired.  In my time and place we do not have accelerated classes, but they have.  And there's no limit.  Together they turned the system upside down.  They aren't supposed to be the best, since I don't push them, but there's no more books suitable for them in the school library.

In summer holidays they come out of the public library in supermarket trolleys.  If I order books ourselves it will cost a fortune.  For library books they can return immediately the books that they don't like without waste.

If I mock up something substantial I could have been a home schooling guru.  For one child you can blame it on genetics.  More than that you have to believe whatever methodology I come up with.  Because I write with an accent, and you can imagine how I speak.  Imagine that if my "method" works for my kids, it will work for everybody.

When you go up their reading list, the books scatter all over the county.   The other day we went to a historical building to pick up the books.  Because it was so warm (in winter!), we read the books at the rose garden outside, in a gazebo. 

I asked my dumbest kid where we were, expecting to teach her the word gazebo.  "Octagon", she replied as a matter of fact.  I didn't know where she got it from as she wasn't supposed to understand hexagon.  It was me who is dumber, never associating a gazebo with an octagon.  I started counting, and it was indeed an octagon.  Silly me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Client 9 Conspiracy

The rape charges against Julian Assange has been reported and analyzed in some detail by Reuters.  I didn't read it first because I didn't search for it, knowing that it dubious and doesn't really matter to Wikileaks itself.  Now that I have read it, I really think it will affect tourism somewhat, a tiny bit?  I have seen at least one rape counselor made comments defending Julian.

The reason I mentioned Glenn Beck's defense of Assange because Beck hated him.  Beck brought up some interesting conspiracy theory regarding several sex scandals.  Eliot Spitzer went after AIG and subprime lending.  He was blocked by the banks' lobbying.  Then the prostitution scandal broke out.

How he was exposed I did not research.  But honestly, all of America is using basically a don't ask don't tell policy.  If nobody complains, LE do not normally go after prostitutes and clients.  If nobody make waves, LE would not have gone after Craig's List.  Exceptions are, eg, election times when LE actively pick some visible targets and do some clean up.

Conspiracy cannot be proved at present time, otherwise it is not conspiracy.  But Spitzer did go after the banks, and he did lost his job because of prostitutes.

For the implications look at Iceland, which is bankrupted by the banks, because the regulators are in bed with the bankers.  Iceland is so friendly with Wikileaks that their parliament summon the local head of Visa asking why they dropped Wikileaks, and probably go after the credit companies in some way.

So if prostitution is legal, we might just have avoided a global financial crisis.  And if prostitution is going to be legal, we will not go all the way like Iceland, until everybody can see what's wrong with illegal prostitution, even Melissa Farley.

Spitzer may not be that hypocritical.  I enjoy commercial sex from time to time but I do not recommend anyone to do sex work.  The odds are not that great and I didn't write too much about the obvious.  Like many clients and escorts, Spitzer may not see his high price hookers as prostitutes, or being a social problem.  He probably meant it when he said he would crack down on prostitution, but his hookers do not count.

The new (few days old) Wikileaks documentary.

Now will you work for pencils?  Not sex work related.  You can donate pencils to low income families without paying for it.  Click on the upper left corner.  It only takes a short time, and somewhat interesting too if you like new things.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Anti human trafficking hypocrite - US State Department

From the Wikileaks obtained diplomatic cables (released and screened via 3rd party I suppose), we know that US security contractor DynCorp involved in child prostitution.  The fact is, Afghanistan nationals were prosecuted.  The cable called for the US state department to cover it up to protect the reputation of DynCorp, whose involvement in child prostitution became "the help of procurement of little boys for a tribal dance".  So the trafficking before that, the abuse and rape after that were all blamed on Afghans?

Ironically, the US State Department confirmed all these and more at, of all the places, the State Department trafficking 2010 report for countries.  Afghanistan got a grade of tier 2 watch list.  One of the traffickers in Afgan, as the United States State Department wrote "foreign security contractors". 

Who paid for these foreign security contractors like DynCorp?  People like the Embrey Family, Helen Hunt, Melissa Farley, and all the other US citizens.

 US should get a tier 4 - fail - for not doing anything whatsoever.  And this is a repeated offense.
Back in Bosnia in 1999, US policewoman Kathryn Bolkovac was fired from DynCorp after blowing the whistle on a sex-slave ring operating on one of our bases there. DynCorp's employees were accused of raping and peddling girls as young as 12 from countries like Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. The company was forced to settle lawsuits against Bolkovac (whose story was recently told in the feature film The Whistleblower) and another man who informed authorities about DynCorp's sex ring.
Again the US did nothing.  It's a civil suit.  Was there an investigation?  Anybody at DynCorp convicted?

From the documentary by Frontline, people campaigning against the practice in Afgan got stone walled.  Nobody wanted to talk about it.

There are many supporters of Wikileaks, prominent people, journalists, academics, whatever.  If you want to donate sure you can search for it.  The simple way is to sign a petition - this one is pretty good, over 400,000 in a day or so.

Attacking the attacker is a classic move when you are desperate.  Julian Assange is not Wikileaks and we don't need to go into that.  But the case is intriguing.  He got a unlikely defender - Glenn Beck!.  Even if he didn't present so many publicly known facts, he deserves your confidence for defending what he claimed a "dirt bag".

Talking about the Swedish model (of prostitution legislation), there's another Swedish model regarding rape.  Woman number one held a party in honor of Julian the date after she was "raped" and introduced him to woman number two.  If you watch what Glenn said, I doubt if you even want to be a tourist there. 

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Texas company "helped pimp little boys to stoned Afghan cops"

In the Houston Press, an extensive blog post untangling an alarming story from the state department cables: "another horrific taxpayer-funded sex scandal for DynCorp, the private security contractor tasked with training the Afghan police," and apparent proof that the company procured male children for bacha bazi ("boy-play") parties.
The story boils down to this: this company, headquartered in DC with Texas offices, helped pimp out little boys as sex slaves to stoned cops in Afghanistan.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to remove anal hair

I didn't know I have anal hair until I started trimming my balls.  I shaved lower and lower, between and behind my legs and the hairs were still there.  I could use a mirror and shave it clean but I DO NOT want to look at my ass.  And unless you use laser, the hair will keep coming back, meaning that I have to look at my ass in the mirror from time to time.

I only remember one semi-pro girl who have some hair around her asshole.  You can only see the hairs if you do a close up, but because of it she wouldn't want me to go near her ass.  Is it rare or all girls remove their anal hairs using laser?

I stumbled upon a battery operated trimmer.  They didn't say what it's for but one attachment is for nose hair.  If you ramp it into your noise and it doesn't hurt, you can use it for your ass.  Anyway, all the attachments are tiny and you can touch and move across your skin without hurting.

The funny thing is, if you put the cap on, it's like a pocket rocket.  So I have extra entertainment while shaving.  Just don't insert into anything.

Why remove anal hair?  Sometimes I got lucky.  When I'm familiar with someone, one day I would remember to check their asses.  If they are irresistible I'll rim them.  Sometimes they will return the favor as a present surprise.  I don't want anything to get in the way.  I don't usually look for that as a service menu item.  It will be a bit mechanical and will you GFE her?

The reason I stumbled upon a trimmer is because I gave everybody a hundred dollar hair cut.  Typically people see their hairdresser monthly, for half an hour depending on the amount of work.  It's me who's doing the cutting so it's not like $10 an hour labor.  I finish each cut up to a few days, lasting from a few minutes to an hour.  So the total labor will be expensive.

The reason I gave everybody hair cuts is because I figured out, or learned how to cut my own hair with style.  I hate to go to salons or barbers since I was little.  The result?  Castle cross ex-seal for myself.  Beckett cross porn star for my kids.

During the long holidays, my kids have nothing much to do and asked to ride the transformer (convertible).  I have to brag about it - we are in the Northern Hemisphere but we let the top down (transformed) in winter, at speed, sometimes illegal.  Another thing is the gas price - it's still nothing compared to Europe and Asia.  It's indeed a cheap thrill.  With all the expensive hairs flowing in the wind we were a sensation when we stopped at the gas station.

For the family dinner something unusual happened.  Free Cartier watches are no more, not even free watches.  I got a free turkey that is hard to refuse.  I also got some wedding surplus as a thank you gift.  It's a pretty good bottle of wine so it stayed at the table - but we have to put up with the bride and groom's picture on the bottle.  These were something extra to be thank you for I suppose.

Not that I like to watch Castle much.  I'm not even motivated to watch Chuck.  But surprisingly it brought back nostalgia - guys from Quantum Leap, James Bond, Terminator, are all there.  It's good to turn into vintage sometimes - many of you aren't old enough to know what I'm talking about.  On top of that, do you know what Sara has to do to keep my attention?  Victoria's secret model, massage as in a massage parlor, dress like Laura Croft, fight like Bruce Lee.  I can recognize a few classic fight moves that I done know where it comes from.  But she played a scene that is straight from Apocalypse Now.

You know you are coming of age when you are overloaded with classic TV and movie flashbacks.  The intersect is burning out ...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Buying and selling sex online

I still have many hits on this topic.  And I can do better than this.

To look at where escorts advertise and where clients read, go to  Disclaimer: I don't endorse it and didn't ask you to read the reviews.  But it gives you good statistics of where the advertisements are, and obviously these advertisements are answered.  It's big enough that small and large cities are covered, all the way up to Shanghai!

You will find that for national coverage (and international as well), cityvibe seems to be most popular.  Eros follows.  Of course in some cities and regions the order is reversed.  Cityvibe has more fancy stuff and adapted more to visiting escorts.  But cityvibe has  two sections, one for the traditional advertising and here we are not talking about the one for classified that is a copy of craigslist.

In your home base, or if you are a visitor with time in your hands, get to know your local scene.  Eg, myredbook is advertising, classified, review/discussion board, and massage parlors all in one in San Francisco.  With this model it never went too far out of SF with any scale.

There are sites that look like a combination of agencies or listings or advertising.  If they are popular and appear in the local boards, they don't need to advertise anywhere else.

There are local versions of TER with more detailed reviews, and more drama.

Every site has it's characteristics.  If the escorts look right for you and if the price is right, you can sell sex there or buy sex there.

For the classified the Craigslist replacement is Backpages and Cityvibe classified.  I think CV is free unless you go featured, while BP starts at $5.  It's true that your advertising budget reflects your fees, but your quality doesn't.  You got ripoff anyway if you have no idea.  Many escorts advertise in traditional malls and classified.  Some charge two different prices but some are consistent.  The problem with traditional malls is that for traveling escorts, you have to call them up to move your ad whenever go are on the move.

As for the reviews, if you can make good use of the Amazon reviews, you will be OK.  Amazon also has many self reviews, fake reviews, conflicting reviews.  The overall rating is not very useful because for example 7 out of 10 people are so dump that they should buy the more expensive version to get the job done.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prostitution for stress relief

I wrote on the subject of prostitution and therapy.  It is therapeutic.  You can argue that a ball game is just as therapeutic.  But civilization is about variety, adding things that do not yet exist, which serve some useful purposes.

Imagine a world without happy ending - and most of the adult population in the English speaking world knows what I mean.  At the end of a long massage, you can walk out and do a lot of other things, including patronizing escorts that I sometimes do.  But happy is a popular ending.  Very therapeutic.

Women who go to day spas will understand.  I have been told women also ask for pussy rubs from masseuses.

It's good entertainment, therapeutic, all harmless natural fun, and yet it's illegal.  Make a checklist of the top 10 arguments against it and most are controversial at best.

Now let me explain where my stress comes from and why prostitution is a good relief. 

An individual can usually cope with stresses on him because otherwise he would have exploded.  But some people don't acquire this skill - typically your spouses.

Specifically some people don't think rationally.  In the open society these people will normally be crushed into pieces in no time unless they have a sheltered life - including sheltered by their own talents.

Authors observed that some people behave rationally on the outside but they behave irrationally when it comes to relationships.  If you treat me nice I can be your Bonnie. 

Selective rationality isn't rationality at all.  They just use logic when it suits them in winning arguments.

So, some people do not have the mechanism to due with their own stresses.  They relay the pressure onto other people, typically spouses.  It's not like coping with twice the stress, but it's a downward never ending spiraling.  The pressure will be on as long as you can cope.

I don't need to praise the people that do a great service for mankind.  They know that.

I need to say that the demand abortionists are nuts.  They said something like it's not important for researches to disclose findings that oppose their views.  (Quotes from Laura's blog?)  I don't know how their spouses cope with the stress.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Size matters - it's official (brain related)

Some time ago, I read an article from my blogroll that male brain sizes are a few percentage bigger than females on average.  Another reports that many detained in jails have a mental condition, and females are twice as much (in ratio only, I hope).   So, do you believe me now what I'm going through?

The article also says that more significantly is how the brains are wired.  The female brain is significantly different - which explains that they are better in multi-tasking (and you have no idea how this word is so dreadful to me).

You probably want to browse another website at this point, such as the devil not in disguise anymore.  You have been warned.

Man don't ask for directions.  They read maps.  (Or drive around endlessly with a wrong map in their head.)  Previously I agree that some people are better at visual, others verbal.  But it is deeper than that.  Verbal people are overwhelming female, they just can't say this in corporate training.

Directions make you stupid.  Or, you don't gain anything by directions.  If you remember everything correctly, if you didn't make a wrong turn, then you may get there.  Next time you may remember some visual landmarks.  The skills involved are very primitive.

Or may be it's a culture thing.  Females will never think of anything else but ask for directions.  Once I was driving 19 year old Jordan, looking for a special lingerie store in a mall that I have never been to.  I looked at the map briefly before hand.   I was doing fine and on course, but of course there were doubts in every turn.  Once she saw that, she immediately stop a car at the lights next to her, shout out where she wanted to go, and got the directions.

Map reading needs skills.  Even if an explorer has GPS that has his exact location, that's only part of the story.  Navigation GPS have pretty small screens, which do not have the whole picture.  They are just glorified direction givers.  My theory is that - it's equally valid that men's brain is bigger because they exercise them more since childhood.  Say, not asking for directions may contribute half a percent, and all the things that men do and women don't adds up.

By map reading, men are building a super map in their brains.  Previous destinations are like pieces of jigsaws, with new destinations updated all the time.  It's not a simple memory thing as everything is connected - that's how you learn and recall things.  For example, if a female driver is going to miss a freeway (motorway) exit, she will come at you at all cost, whether your car was blocking or not. She has no other way to redress the mistake.  Directions cannot be translated easily once you are off course, not even in the same intersection but different exit.  A male driver will just wait until the next exit.  With a sense of direction developed over time, even with very limited information such as the directions relayed from his wife, he can probably find the destination starting from the wrong exit.

Practically, directions are unreliable.  Complicated directions are easily forgotten or mis-recalled. When you are off course, everything will not make sense at all.  But if you translate the directions into a mental map first, it's much easier to recover and find the alternative route to get there.

On-board GPS is a good thing, and every female should have one.  Again, that doesn't make your brain bigger.  Better safe than clever. 

Women take exactly the same route into and out of a mall, and inside the mall, even though big shopping centers have multiple exits.  They use the same route even though the route is very inefficient for the shops they are visiting.

A long time ago I saw on TV that a man (or his wife) brought a wall clock, but never come round to hang it on the wall, even thought it's a one minute job, or two.

For a multi-tasker, this is unforgivable.  But for problem solvers, you have my sympathy.  I do the same, especially if that's what my wife brought.  Tackling one problem at a time, the tasks are all automatically prioritized.  If you can's solve the first one, sooner or later you are not getting paid, and any other things will be insignificant by comparison.

Multi-tasking is not a bad thing, but the danger is that it can degenerate into "cooking while chatting on the phone", which will not make your brain larger.  You may not devout enough time to crack the most important problem.  You have no priority any more.  You plans becoming filling up the diary.

Have you noticed that in multi-party porn, females always multi-task, while males will do the females one at a time?  Is that a reflection of the reality?  Is that pure physical or brain related?  I do find doubles distracting.  Or, since porns are mostly watched by males, can men not concentrate on more than one woman at a time?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spies and Cops and Wars

Have you noticed that on TV there are mostly spies, cops and more spies, more cops?  (and lawyers) But the Intersect is obsolete.  You can be a spy and join a war any time you want, for real.

Seconds ago Wikileaks is under attack.  They say it's time to download the encrypted file Wikileaks Insurance.  It's less than 2G.  The most painless way is to install uTorrent.  The torrent download is about 15 min because of the worldwide seeds available.

Whether you are a patriot, don't like the US govt, or just don't like US, your time have come to do something about it.  It's your decision.  If Wikileaks goes down, certainly the password will surface.

The US govt has been hunting down the Founder.  Days ago it cut off donations by threatening the payment processor.  Now it goes after the internet. The last WikeLeaks twit:

WikiLeaks communications infrastructure is currently under attack. Project BO move to coms channel S. Activate Reston5.
I think Sara (Chuck) did the body sculpture thing in between seasons.    She can now do full body close ups with only underwear. She looked a bit fat last season.

Nikita looked great, but just for a little while.  She is too bone dry and skinny.  They even avoid any full body length shots.  Any fighting scenes and sexy scenes are very unconvincing. 

I used to like the girl on Rookie's Blue.  I even watched a few.  But now I can't stand it.  In contrast, the Texas Blond tough cop is rather funny, even though she doesn't mean to be.  Totally unbelievable character and bad acting (it's hard given the script I know).

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guilty? Justice!

My tag-line got an honorary mention at Sara's.  I didn't remember exactly why I picked the current tag-line, perhaps something to do with Spitzer.  But it's an over estimation of me to think that I feel guilty of cheating.  Actually I mostly feel that justice is done.

I suppose guilty means illegal.  Taking drugs is legal while buying sex is illegal.  I'm guilty in that sense.  The guilt campaign that Laura blogged about wouldn't work for me.

Do I feel guilty?  Sometimes.  It's my bank account.  But since I'm entitled to half of it only, the guilt is fractional.

Sometimes I feel guilty of promises that I cannot keep, mostly when I was asked to return.  Usually I was asked because she knew that I would love to.  But it's futile to start something with a two hour round trip in the traffic, or I didn't even live there.  Other times, yes is the easy way out.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the girls for some reasons, such as that she must be very screwed up in some ways for me to meet such a nice girl.  But that's off topic.  Occasionally I feel the guilt of abandoning a friend, even though it may be just a one night stand, or one hour.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Demand Abolition

As reported in this blog, the federal anti-trafficking act failed as in the news.  They attempted to add domestic trafficking to save the day.  It must had failed too, other than banning Craig's List while all other listings are business as usual.  They must had failed because now they started demand abolition, i.e., in order to stop international and domestic trafficking, they are going to remove all demands, another word for abolishing prostitution!

It is back to square one.  I don't see when police aren't going after prostitution, which is all illegal, a federal anti-trafficking office can do to eliminate prostitution.  When prisoners are to be released because of overcrowding, LE is not going after prostitution in any major way unless complains received.

I don't have the patient to read all the trash.  But it was said that porn is a tutorial to prostitution.  So probably they are going to go after porn too, together with strip clubs, and maybe fantasy costume and sex toy stores.  Another Prohibition is coming.  Very recently the MPAA, RIAA are all DDOSed, and so was the firm who boasted that they attacked bit torrent sites.  The British law firm which sent thousands of blackmail letters against copyright infringement is going bankrupt because all their emails are leaked, and there's no reason for anybody downloading porn or else to settle.  The British Porn Industry said they have nothing to do with that.  Good luck.  The US secret service, whose job includes tracking down teenage pranksters, hasn't commented on anything.

Indeed porn may be the enemy of prostitution.  If not for them it will be trivial to find escorts using google.  Now because everyone has whore fantasy, the first 10 pages of search results are all porn.

It's is interesting to follow the money, and see who's behind the new Prohibition.  When school classes are huge, and there's not enough money to hold more prisoners, these foundations still find money to support demand abolition ( in parallel to supporting their on going schools of course ).  Of course there's the federal funded office created for anti-trafficking.  Now they may be going after all prostitutes.

I was wrong that MP's don't use Craig's List.  As I have said, US has huge geo diversity.  In San Fran they use it to advertise, perhaps due to her tolerance as in LA many years ago.  But Red Book has MP reviews long before CL, and now still have them.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I came across another famous trafficking victim's description of her ordeal, this time Asian Massage Parlors in San Francisco and LA.  This was a couple of years old, when the CA big bust produced few trafficking victims, and this is the only victim in the news.  I read the non-trafficking part of her story in the news, and now the "trafficking" part in

Asians coming into US in boat loads or locked in containers is rather misleading as in TV.  This S Korean girl flew to Mexico with fake papers, and then cross the US border again with fake papers.  This explains why  SK is a major supplier of prostitutes compared to say, China.  There's no problem for a S Korean to get out of her country compared to China.

Her story did not involve Craig's List at all.  She worked in MP's licensed (for massage) in San Fran.  Her outcall ad is in Korean classified.  She has reviews in myredbook too.

Unlike the CL victim, this girl Niki wasn't physically locked up.  She can't be, because she worked outcalls and in MP's.  She was escorted by a special "taxi" driver to work outcalls.  MP's are rather open like any clinics and shops, and there are even escapes routes to escape from police raids.  She was afraid that if she didn't repay the 10K smuggling fee, gangs will give her trouble in US and her family in SK.

She ran up a credit card debt of 40K in SK.  The banks are very wrong, but in US and many countries, there are predictor lending typical of credit cards.  The law is very wrong if her family can lose their home if they didn't co-sign on the card.  It's a problem if she went to the loan sharks to cover her debt.  But it will be very wrong if the was forced to go to the loan sharks by the CC company.  This is all too common a story all over the world.  If you don't give these students huge credit limits, you eliminate many prostitutes.

Where she lives and where she works, she is the only one that is "trafficked".  The fee for transport and fake documents is only 10K, and she repaid about 50K is a couple of months.  That's the attraction for other willing prostitutes.

Another way to look at her ordeal.  She is very unpopular at first, being sold by her broker to another, and few regulars in MP's.  Nobody wants traumatic hookers.  There's no way one can tell if you work along side willing prostitutes.

Brokers and MP owners do not want violent, bad customers.  It's just don't make business sense when hookers may be hurt and go out of circulation, or just take too much time to server one customer.  There are plenty of business, especially in tolerant places like SF.  Although MP owners refund the bad guys, they are normally banned, and the refund is to keep them from tipping the police about prostitution.  These guys have nothing to lose and using their real identity, complains go far.

These outcalls are of the underground type.  It will definitely not be openly advertised on CL.  You only get ripoff outcalls in CL. High volume outcalls are high risk and easy targets for LE.  It's by referral, or when business are low, in ethnic language classified.  The customers are not main stream.  For hotel outcalls the driver cannot escort the girl all the way.  And where can you hold a cocaine group sex party?

Even for girls who owed a lot of debt like Niki, she was given incentives to perform.  In MPs she got to keep any "tips", and she can turn down special requests.  The owners only care about the $50 room fee, and make up excuses to charge the girls money such as high rent and food cost.

For the underground AAMP's in apartments, there's no chance you can lock people up.  Customers are picky about the locations.  MP's may have their own parking and security.  AAMP's rely on the apartments, often in nice gated communities.  They have no problem paying the rent.  Usually one or two girls are left there on their own.  This guarantees minimum damage when busted.

Most MP's on CL are actually legit, massage only.  This is another form of ripoff by hinting that you get anything else but massage.  Legit massage are also big business, but if you don't have much customers, a CL ad may keep you busy for a while.

Girls are more likely to be recruited by advertisement promising you 10K in a week.  They don't need to tell you that it's prostitution.  What else other than sex work?  AAMP owners are just somebody with a house or apartment.  They have girls or customers.  If a new girl really wants 10K in a week, these owners pull resources so she can have as much customers as she can handle in a week, but not for long.

The results of the CA big busts a couple of years ago are that AMPs in other areas, say LA, then have plenty of supply of  Korean girls.  They do outcalls to these AAMPs via special taxi or do incalls for a day at a time.  Unlike MP's, these girls have to dress modestly as they have to walk in and out of decent neighborhoods all by themselves.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trafficking Advertisement?

Before Craig's List closed down adult services, Backpages has a steady stream of revenue, and Cityvibe is doing pretty good for free.  The latter is better than CL in many ways.  Which makes you doubt about the reason for closing down CL.  Soccer moms don't want to sell their stuffs along with escorts?

Racial profiling has many problems.  Take Koreans for example.  They have hole-in-the-wall drinking places.  They build big churches in the most expensive real estates.  They drive german cars.  They have real LV bags.  But the MP girls have the same things.  You can't tell if you are clueless, especially visiting other cities.

It's a pretty good deal if they work in US MP's instead of back home.  Visa's are pretty easy to come by.  Married, have a job, have a bank account.  There are a lot of alternatives.  You know ageism is pretty serious in the East.  But girls at their late 20's or later, are still very much popular at US MP's.  That's their working holiday.  Boy friend visas are easy too.  For college age girls, a student visa is absolutely no problem.  And language schools are big business regardless of age.

Compensated dating is quite common in the Far East.  Sooner or later they will discover the new silk route.  But because of the law here, you need to be quite mature to deal with difficult customers.  But once in the semi legal San Francisco, when you walk into a brothel on the main street, it looks like a cheerleader team is waiting for you.  Some play the role of cute Japanese porn stars, and play plain exchange students.  For the more mature ladies, they have to look good in a bikini, and they wear just that, right by the main road.

They don't need any coercion.  On the black market, it was reported that smugglers charge $75,000 to smuggle Chinese to US, and $40,000 to EU.  It doesn't make sense to compete with the freelancers.

There are more organized forms of prostitution, but as a rule they don't advertise.  My estimation is that they are bigger than CL and all escort malls combined in terms of man-hour, pun intended.  But still, they are still remotely related to trafficking.

The karma of anti-trafficking has already appeared.  If you lock up prostitutes in far away countries, and interfere with aids-work, who suffers?   You are driving them aboard where the money is, when the risk is the same.  You look at cityvibe and you will understand.  The theory may be wrong, but who can rule it out?  Also, when you get to know a guy, ask him for his passport.  I doubt if anybody will want you to know where he spent his "tour of the world" in the same few countries.  Not using a condom is stupid, but understandable when he thought he got a demure girl friend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The real Craig's List

What's the big deal about Craig's List and trafficking?  Many Johns and Janets don't even like it.  TER is only forced to accept reviews of girls advertising on CL.  In the beginning they don't accept it as a valid form of advertising on the net.

Johns don't like not being able to talk back.  Hence the popularity of TER and now the local social networks.

Some hookers view CL as dragging down the price.  Some don't even like Internet in the first place.  In the beginning those compete on lower rates receive hostile phone calls from competitors.

CL served it's purpose and it's not a bad thing to rest in peace.

The majority of CL ads are continuation of the intra-state organized ripoffs.  I have been to some cities where 100% phone book and 100% newspaper classified are ripoffs, organized.  If not, there are independent ripoff artists.

Many hookers do not like to advertise on CL if they don't have to.  Non-newbies know where to find the local social networks, discussion boards, review boards. CL is trouble in comparison.  But of course newbies can be good things too.

You know Disney World tourists took a wrong turn at the airport and got killed.  How many John's will dare to go to the most run down of the city?  The more practical issue.  You have to park your car there.  And somebody knows that you will not come back for 30 minutes or more than an hour.   My friend went to the Embassy(!) in town and he lost a wheel.  Losing the wheel is not the real issue, but why you were there is the issue if you call home for help or call the police.

Here most of the transactions are incalls in hotels, CL or not.  It was CL making it easy for traveling girls, now picking up by the local boards, Backpages, and Cityvibe classified.  When people see conventional advertising they assume that someone will answer the phone.  Without these listings, there will not be these traveling girls and you have to drive a long way for incalls.

Most of these hotel incalls are at hotel clusters, like near the airport.  If you pick a hotel out of the ordinary Johns' may doubt.  And they may not arrive in time.

The next popular meeting places are the best apartment complexes.  You know those guys in TER have so much self importance for $300.  At the cluster of most safe cities, next to the most happy place on earth, they say, "oh, there is not safe".  These are really the best, with all the security, underground closed parking, and one even cannot access without going through a toll road.  It's still a bargain compared to hotels if you have that much business.  Some traveling girls keep one in town and take turn to visit and host.

Even for the not so best apartment, the owners will decorate the house themselves or ask others, so it doesn't look like a whore house.  In the picture frames you can see stock photos of families!  If you walk in, you will feel that it is a private apartment of the girl.  Even if she share it with one other, they will avoid letting you see anything.  It will be highly unlikely to have helpers.

Massage parlors like to be in clinics in medical plazas.  Anyway a nice house/apartment downtown could worth more than one in the suburbs because all the business owners fight for it.

Especially for the parlors in old town, they have fences and CCTVs, perhaps with uniformed guards, or along the main road, to make you feel safer.  Nobody want to lose a wheel with their massage.

Even for the amateurs, they will have a decent gated apartment.  It's hard to find one without a gate.

So it's pretty impossible to hold someone against their will, or not to give them chances to escape.  Most girls will open the door and see you to the door.

I'm sure someone will want to find trafficked girls.  But it's pretty ineffective to find it in CL, in many areas.  If they have a codeword for it, they do not need CL at all.

The other main thing is what you want when you buy sex.  In some cultures it's also called buying smile, as in the Land of Smiles.  The common complain of "she just laid there" may be fitting the profile of being trafficked.  But many willing and able girls started just like that, that men do not want in general.

There are always men who want to satisfy their darker desires.  As far as the investigations go, it's not cheap as in CL.  Pimps / agents are fairly protective even for girls who works because they have a lot of money to repay.  They do not want their goods damaged or diseased.  Dress them nice and put them in a nice apartment and they will do just fine without having to do extra admin work and take extra risk.

There are pimps/agents who advertise and promise you to earn $10,000 in a week, and put you in a large whore house.  But that's another investigation.  Not on CL anyway.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Craig's List vs trafficking

I have read the odd domestic trafficking victim's account.  Before I debunk some of it, Craig's List adult services was closed down.  It's never too late.

The victim:
  • kidnaped in front of her home at gun point
  • force to sell sex in the most run down part of town
  • ran for her life given the chance
Does that deserve the most serious crime squad, FBI task force instead of local vice?  Actually Craig's List is a good lead.  All you need to do is for someone to call the number and find out where to meet.  The most run down part of town and an address not easy to run is a good indication.  (They may give you the run around, but not too far from the location.)

I don't know about your city or county.  The general lawless must be tolerated by politicians and LE.  They just turn a blind eye to that part of the city that nobody cares.  The incompentence of police blame it on CL.

The argument against Craig's List is that without it, the pimp do not have business and hence will not kidnap children.  This is wrong is many ways.  The usual argement is that the pimps will turn to the streets.  It's not any easier to run away in that part of town where no decent person will dare to enter.  If CL is any good, pimps will now know to find somewhere to advertise, Backpages, Cityvibe classfied, or the many classified online and in print.

The irony is that CL is forced to charge by anti-traffickers.  It didn't acomplished anything as predicted.  All pimps need to do is to buy a disposable phone to register an account, and pay for the ad with a prepared credit card.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spell (and tongue scraping)

Sex work has a lot to do with spell.  It's not exactly addiction.  Sex workers use various way to make you come back for more, for the same girl.  Not so much for main stream escorts, with main stream prices.  Their nets are wide.  You lose some but you easily win someone else.  GFE is a kind of spell.  If you do that you have a lot less competition.

Strippers and masseuse depend on spell more, the lesser "extra" they provide.

In a strip club, I was sitting on a "public" VIP area, on the same bench with other customers.  The stripper next to me sit right on her client's dick, legs around on his back, arms around on his neck.  They speak softly occasionally and he just enjoyed the moments.  I can't see much in the dim lights but she had a nice outline and if her face wasn't up to standard, she wouldn't be sitting face to face.

He must be her regular.  Of course this was also self advertising.  If I returned to the club, who would I ask for?  You don't get anything if you don't invest enough time and money, which is something I am afraid of.  Once the spell works, it's not easy to get out of.  Strippers may go out and go all the way, but with a price.  If that stripper would go all the way, she wouldn't be wasting time sitting on her client's lap.  I'm sure I would enjoy that sort of thing, just like her clients.  But at the end it would not be totally fulfilling.  It isn't worth the investment, well, before you get any spells on you. 

Massage is different.  At least you get a massage.  An escort once hinted to me that a professional one hour massage cost $50 to $100, more in a spa.  Giving you a nice long massage plus fucking just don't add up for the going rate.  I agree.  But I tend to find two girls who are best at their specialty.  Imagine how happy I was when I discovered a secret clubhouse down the road from my fav masseuse's place.

I'm quite afraid of masseuses' spell.  At the end of a massage a client is very vulnerable.  They know how to give you the best view of their face and their hair.  If they want an erection, they know where to push your buttons legally, with you having no options.  If they don't, they know where your floaty air valve is,  and you will never have an erection.  I have done things and girls that I'm not proud of - and that's an understatement.

Once my fav masseuse's place was temporarily closed down by the city.  The city will find any excuse to close them down.  But I wish they provided any extras.  The next door business owner gave me a business card.  The massage parlor's owner also own another "clinic" about 20 miles away, where I worked.  So I tried.

The masseuse came, who looked outstanding.  Tall and slender.  Very long stylish hair.  Better than my fav except for the face.  She never took off her doctor's white coat.  The room was pretty dark.  And she managed to avoid showing her face in one full hour.  Without my glasses I can't figure out how she looked.

Her technique is professional, they all are.  But she didn't want to be there, and I'm sure it was me.  I don't fit her typically client profile so she wasn't motivated.  Middle aged, well to do clients, with love handles to show for it, know how to tip enough.  Without decent tips it's a very miserable job.

The other reason is that young single datable guys are very much potential troubles.  I have seen college guys come to hit these college girls, 19 year old come to hit on 18 year old, etc.  Older guys are more likely to come for the massage only, though hard working pretty girls get all the clients.

The place is so strict that I can't even have the chance to tip her.  She walked out when time was up.  I had to leave the standard issue from the ATM down at the night stand.  I could have saved the money but I might come back, curious to see her face and how she looked with the doctor's coat off.  There's no other places to go anyway, for the massage.

The next time I asked for Christina but the owner wouldn't give her to me.  I knew because I often walk in at the best of times.  Miss Plain came in instead.  It was a big disappointment.  She was so plain that it could have been deliberate.  She is a little small so she could be in high school.  She is very polite, obedience and must be a teachers' pet or parents' dream.  There's nothing sexual about her appearance, hair, clothes, shoes included.  But she isn't ugly, fat, or tomboy.  She is just ... plain.

She is those silent workers who gives 100%.  Maybe she can't compete on other levels.  I couldn't break up a standard ATM bill for tips just because she wasn't that beautiful.  I was happy getting her a few more times.  When I got the spell and ask for Miss Plain, the owner wouldn't give her to me.  Even though her girls are the most trust worthy I have seen, regarding extras, she didn't trust them to me.

Christina came in instead.  Just when I bounded with Miss Plain, the owner tried to break us up.  You have to know why the owner didn't trust her most trustworthy girls.  Christina came in like a different person, giggling, and close the door as if she was locking the door and throwing away the key.

It is one of those times that make you wonder if not wearing the ring is an advantage.  At the least, during the dreadful hour, it gives her the chance to fantasize to have such a boy friend.  Then she could be shopping instead of giving the massage.  Let the other pity girls do the massage.

She gave me decent foot massage - that nobody at her age (and much older) did.  My fav didn't even touch my legs much.  Her killer move was the abdomen press, as if squeezing semen out of your dick.  You have to try it sometime.  I really wanted to show her my erection, but I couldn't.  Maybe I was really really tired, that's why I came for the first place.  Or she knew how to deflate a floaty first, before doing any moves that have sexual side effects.

She respects that I don't talk much, but still trying to strike up some conversation.  It came up something like I am so tired and I feel so good.  She said in a very cute girly amusing voice, "But it's only Monday!".

That's the last time I saw her.  I was afraid that I would be checking into Hotel California, and may never leave.

My fav's parlor reopened after they sort out the legal troubles.  I told Sam that I went to the other place.  She was almost angry.  "They are very good.", she exclaimed, and I know.  Probably they are from the same massage school, and corporate trained by the same owner.  I understand from Sam's viewpoint that I have no reason not to see Christina instead of her.  Worst of all, I worked near Christina, while Sam was at least 20 miles away, much more than an hour's round trip in traffic.  I calm her by saying that I travel a lot, and her place is just a turn off the freeway on my way home.  That's almost true, when I'm seeing other escorts worth seeing, except for Chanel and Emma.

It's a pity that so many nice things hit you all at once.  Caught between Sam and Christina, I hesitated and hesitated, and at the end didn't see any of them any more.  After all, Chanel's spell is irresistible (and unfortunately more expensive).  Going all the way with a pretty girls isn't that unusual.  What irresistible about Chanel is that she does tongue scraping, mutual of course.  But I can't say it's really mutual with her all the time.  She is a natural when it comes to giving you just enough to keep you.  She isn't that calculating, but have that natural instinct.

When she took me for granted, she would stick her tongue out after some DFK, like a little girl making a funny face, without the funny part.  You can scrap whatever you want but don't expect that she would reciprocal in kind.  But when she sensed that her number one position is threatened, she would scrap you back, more suction DFK, more intense nipple sucking, even a little wet ball kissing, but not scraping it.  But she can't even blow well, and you never expect to cum anywhere else except in the condom.

So, if your dictionary don't have tongue scraping, scrap it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lindsay Lohan

Don't worry, when there was nothing better on TV, I couldn't stand Prisoner Block H for 30 sec.  No prison fantasy here.

Lindsay has a few things in common with my ATF, Chanel.  They could have everything, yet they screw up big time.  But still they can afford the detour so far.

Chanel's vice is gambling.  She became a hooker to cover her debts because it's not a big deal for her friends who also did it.  Once she did it, it's no big deal and she kept doing it to pay for her lifestyle.

They are about the same age.  And because of who they are, they tend to get along with people older then them, and they tend to act more mature, superficially.

Lindsay and Chanel are not known for their bodies, but they are proportional, sexy, good looking with clothes on and off.  They can't be models and in commercials but I prefer them to Paris Hilton any day.

They once have an angelic face, and no matter how screwed up they are, they still have it.  Chanel looks like she has been in and out of prison, if you compare to Lindsay's pictures.  At the worst of times, I would told myself that's the last time.  It's not bad at all but she had no edge over other hookers.  It came to a point when her looks do not worth putting up with her attitude.  But everything can change for the better all of a sudden if she wants you, or your money.

Chanel always made me do things by looking into my eyes smiling, and move slowly to within an inch of my eyes.  It was most effective when she had absolutely no makeup on.

It's not awkward hanging out with her.  Top of the range sun glasses and high heels make her looks older than she is, standard issues for well to do housewives.  Her favorite clients (who pay well) are all older so she can handle me, except for the occasional nuclear explosion.

I have healthy hair like a 20 year old, and the hair dressers will cut it like a 20 year old.  The little salt and pepper that I treasure will be all gone after a haircut.

I have no railway lines on my forehead.  Mrs Player neither.  I have to research the old pictures of our parents to see if that's genetics or environmental (physical and mental).  It's a sensation at school open day with our kids together.

On vacation my babe magnet in her floaty with half my genes managed to attract a swam of school girls in bikini, flocking to her like moth to fire.  On another occasion a single mother with a better body than Lindsay showed off her body a few feet away from me, slowly and thoroughly rubbing on her sun screen.  I was alone and the pool wasn't that crowded.

Imagine when just me taking my babe magnet out.  People shout her name half a mile away, when I can't even remember her name.  The problem is, I think, I don't wear my ring, using skin problems as an excuse to Mrs Player.  So I never need to take it off for any reasons, will never lose it and get in trouble.  Females who like babies consciously or unconsciously will not mind my instant one.  As long as I can pay for everything, I cannot be the wrong guy it seems.  I will wear my ring starting from the new school year.

Lindsay and Chanel at least have one good point about them.  CD sunglasses, LV bags, Louboutin shoes are no longer their problems.  Lindsay is obviously unfilled, though I don't know if she desires bigger toys.  Chanel is way pass that.  She would just settle for someone she could talk to, get along.  Age is not the issue but still you have to be half as rich as her boyfriend - that's only to replace social security I would like to think.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Furniture sex

Tampon shredded into billion pieces in the sky.  Hundreds of people cumming together, their deafening roar overcame the presence of the many waterfalls around the pool.   I walked into and out of the sauna, which didn't helped.  It was like meditation, but with one purpose only - sex.

Lovely teenagers in bikinis.  There is nothing to see after a few seconds.  There are perfect breasts, perfect bottoms, and perfect legs.  But you get bored in a minute.  Perhaps we are not looking for a perfect sculpture.  Perhaps we are looking for a perfect oil painting.     

A woman took a very short stroll down the pool, as if just to tell her husband that it's time for lunch.  She had the perfect caramel tan, where you could see the brush strokes of the creator, rather than the uniformity of a machine.  She had all the right shapes, and you want to look into her bikini top and bikini bottom to see if there are any sagging or flaws.  She looked good from head to toe.  She could have spent a lot for her above shoulder hair, but it looked housewifie and sexy when wet.  She had a very simple slipper on, but perhaps just as mine, they are sexy and not cheap.  You want to know what it feels like to make love to this woman.  Not so much for Victoria's Secret models, as they don't look that real.

Alone, up in a sky razor, with the only company of the other odd sky razors, you feel lonelier than in any other convention centers.  After depriving myself for the whole day, I did what I am familiar with.

I called an escort.  And I wasn't having sex with furniture, but on them.

For middle class anti-prostitution activists, they cannot ban what they are most threatened by.  Ask any front desk personnel.  From time to time, young girls would bring in clients to business, 4 star, hotels, sign up a room using their own names.  These clients are so afraid of being caught that they may not even tell the girls their real name.  If you pay enough, that's the privileged of not being screened in the usual way.  You cannot tell that the girls are escorts, if not for the fact that they bring in different "partners" every time.  And some college aged girls looked too young that their IDs are checked for their age, to see if they are eligible to pay for a room.

And of course the numerous dancers in the telephone book.  In a decent US city, you can have what you wanted, down to exact eye color and height, being brought to your room in under 30 minutes, for a hundred dollars or less.  But sex is not cheap, and only offered as a favor to you.  The asking price is always a grand, but highly negotiable.  It's not at all expensive, considering that if they charge the TER price, there will be a long line and even longer reviews.

This escort wasn't one of those no-touch dancers.  I'm off those a long time ago.  That's what after you found your ATF (and then lost).  She was down to earth attractive, able to blend in with the vacationers - and that's a big compliment.  She has a face they you would want to look a bit more in the supermarket.  And she looked good in a simple dress, without showing too much of her nice legs.  She got through my door defense as if it was tofu.

"Do you mind mirrors?", I asked when she was settling down, sitting on the side of the bed.  She's hesitating.  It's not so much of the mirror, but what comes with it.  It didn't help when I had to point to the bathroom repeatedly.

From sitting at the edge of the bed, she drew her legs onto the bed.  She smiled at me, meaning that she was going to stay put, not going anywhere.  She was trying to cute her way out.

I got  closer.  Seeing that she wasn't afraid of me, I carried her whole body up, unexpectedly but slowly.  She didn't struggle when I carried her all the way to the bathroom.  I put her down right in front of the huge and thick mirror behind the door.  She did look good.

The light wasn't on, but there was an electronic switch with a dim LED on, for whatever reasons.  I kept it that way, hoping that she would not change her mind.  You can always turn on the lights later.  Still I could take a good look at her, and very romantic, and very naughty like kids playing in the dark.

I held the lower edge of her dress with both hands, and lifted it up in a smooth act.  She hesitated but raised her hands up before the dress got trapped at her arms.  That's about the best that one would hope for, no stretch marks, no cellulite, no obvious (=bad) enhancements, no tattoos putting you off, no sagging and no junk in the trunk.

And before she could think, I held her tiny pantie at her waist with both my thumbs and index fingers.  Then I kneel down smoothly.  There went her pantie and she was naked in front of the huge highly reflective polished mirror, except for her tiny bra, which I decided not worth the time and effort to dismount it, in case she changed her mind about staying put.

All I wanted to do was to kiss her every inch from toes up in front of the mirror.  But unlike some girls, she wasn't at ease.  Instead of standing there calm like a statue on a pedestal, she would twist her ankles, her knees and her waists a little, in reaction to being kissed.  Her biggest sin of all, when I turned her around as if she was on a porcelain making tool that rotates, she refused to let me get right behind her kneeling down.  It's a pity that she had a firm round ass.  What is she afraid of?

So I concentrated on holding her firm bottom cheeks with both hands, and dined away between her legs from the front.  I embraced her legs like I was holding the back of a woman, tightly.  And I kissed her pussy like kissing a woman, occasional vacuuming included.

Withing warning, I lifted her whole body up and placed her down sitting next to the bathroom sink, smoothly but quickly.  It wasn't planned, but a natural plan B, when I realized that she wouldn't perform well at the mirror, not at her backside anyway.  She knew what I was going to do, but she didn't protest.  Plan C would be bending down on the sink worktop like a porn star.  But I highly doubt if she would do that, with a big mirror in front of the sink.

I asked if she had condom in her tiny purse outside.  Of course she had, these purses are best for carrying that.  She didn't bring any secrets with her and I was trusted to go over that thing.  I told her not to move a muscle, got out to put on the condom and got back right in front of her.

Literally, I tried to put my penis into her pussy with my right hand.  It's always a difficult thing to do when there were no furniture millions of years ago.  I remembered I gave up immediately when I though of doing it with Jamie of London.  What worked for me is that I used my penis like a hand tool.  I will get stiffer and she would get wetter as time went on, at least the passage will ease.

This time, to my horror, I discovered that it was a designer bathroom worktop!  What it means is that it is taller than ordinary tables and worktops - stupid designers!  For normal worktops and tables, my balls are cleared.  In no way I'm going to crush my balls on the worktops.  This designer thinks that my balls should be right below the edge of the worktop.  That one inch of height makes all the difference.  It was as important as two warriors in a death match, where minor specifications of their weapons are crucial.  

I wasn't going to give up  easily with her sitting demurely naked at the sink, leaning on a big mirror behind her, and seeing myself through the huge mirror behind the bathroom door.

I tiptoed.  Then I worked my way in for the penetration.  My style is to pull out completely from time to time, as if I doubt if I'm doing the right thing, an excuse to stimulate her more.  The fun began when I was fully in.  She was still very composed, almost smiling, sitting comfortably on the high sink bench, thinking that I couldn't do any harm tiptoeing.  But soon she knew she was wrong.

A piece of rock (fake marble) is different from any mattress.  I held her waist tight and pounded away.  I felt the edge of the worktop at every stroke, between my penis and my balls, but she was my cushion.  I penetrated deep, and her expression showed.  Also, the worktop was narrower than normal, so she didn't have any space to lean back from.  It was close, face to face close.

Soon she had nothing in her mind other than expecting my every stroke.  I gave her pause by standing still, fondling her breasts, or pulling out completely to suck them, only to race back in like a rocket.

Other than that I didn't want to disturb the flow of things.  The only other thing I could do was to kiss her.  She didn't mind when I was starting to be gross on her cheeks.  Her mind was totally down there, enjoying it or otherwise thinking of how to duck out of it.  There was little resistance when I kissed her lips gently.  The vacuum started when her head was backup against the mirror.

My tongue was working its way into her mouth.  I was going to insert my whole tongue into her throat, so to speak, or I was going to suck her whole tongue out.  But then she felt that it was all too much.  She held my neck very tight as if she was getting very excited.

Chanel did the same thing at times.  Fuck me silly but don't look at me, shy of her emotions, whatever it is.  At this point, she didn't care what I could do to her, as long as I could finish in one minute or ten.  I could throw her up in the air and drop her down onto my penis.  But I wasn't that strong.

I had two free hands and I wasn't afraid that she would fall from the bench while holding me tight.  So I pulled her hips onto me when I was making every stroke.  She was a good sex toy, better than anything man made.  Bed and furniture are certainly different.

I came.  She wouldn't release me from her arms before I was completely done, as if it was safe again to do so after.  I gave her a light thank you kiss on her cheek, then pulled out while putting a towel there.  I usually do that for girl friends to avoid fluids going dripping everywhere, on the bench and on the floor.  For her I think it would be polite, useful.  I walked straight into the bathtub, drew the curtains and took a shower.  It was my way of leaving her alone to do her cleanup, mentally and physically. 

Of course I invited her into the shower out of politeness.  I would be worry if she accepted.  I wouldn't want to have a sloppy second even if I wanted to pay for it again.

Soon I was out of the bathroom, and she was waiting for me to say goodbye.  She did asked me indirectly how much longer I was staying there.  Maybe she didn't want to be punished again, but business is business.  A few more days is my typical answer on auto pilot.  Maybe I was going straight to the airport afterward, but there's no harm to let her know that she did a very good job and may be getting more money from me.  And probably she would forget all about my answer and what I did, if she doesn't see me ever again.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

What to do with flat chested women?

Until I saw an ad the other day, I almost forget that I can get horny looking at flat chested women.  When I started dating, size didn't matter at all, so I ended up with quite a few.  Of course I can also get horny looking at big chested women, but that was much later, until implant technology was perfected.

Kate Hudson isn't my type, but if I post other pictures, very likely they would be banned, even by Google.  Even a topless Kate will be banned in Australia.

The one I saw was a little smaller than the one I remembered most: who is tall and leggy.  A flat chested woman is never flat like a man.  If you look closely the curves are there, shaped like a pyramid with fat tissue trapped inside at the point of bursting. Also there's more than enough to satisfy your hand, but it have to be handled differently.  On top of her shapely  legs, she has a bigger hip and curvier waist than teen models.

She is about 25, young enough not to try anything to looker younger, not any signs of nor any worries about aging.  Full of confidence including her small chest.  On the other hand she moves like a pro, with whatever in her hand or mouth, in and out of bed, vertical, horizontal or kneeling down.

Back to the present.  This girl wore a tiny vest and Brazilian bottom, which is way better than a clumsy bra.  She knew I couldn't stop staring at her tits through her wafer thin vest, and she had no rush to take it off, which was a nice touch.  After breaking the ice she sat at the side of the bed, and so I followed.

Soon my hand was wrapped round her back playing with her tits.  It started as very gentle massage on a broad area so as not to be too awkward.  Then I concentrated on fingering rubbing her nipples when she didn't mind being played that way, and her nipples reacted naturally.  Then I slowly rolled up her vest to take a good look while playing with her nipples.  While holding one of her breast from across her back, my other hand became a nipple clamp.  I applied force carefully until her nipples were erect.  Then I sort of pinched her continuously on her nipples.  I applied more force but careful not to freak her out and never return my calls again.

It could be awkward but I was totally self absorbed to notice anything but her chest and nipples.  She wouldn't care about anything because I was obviously losing my mind and wouldn't think of anything else.

I loved that she encouraged me to take my time.  She wasn't setup for high volumes, and her price made sure of that.  And flat chested were never that popular.  My hands, specifically index fingers and thumbs, took their time, until my mouth couldn't resist any more.

I let go of her tits and signed her to get onto bed, flat.  With one hand trying to squeeze more fat tissue out of her, my mouth homed in like another nipple clamp.  With all four fingers between her legs, I gripped her pussy forcefully and steadily.  With her Brazilian still on, I wasn't stimulating her down there.  For girl friends, it used to mean "you are my property", "get ready for sex".  For call girls it properly means "you are my property, I rented it".  My hand wasn't doing anything.  It's good to grip onto something and her pussy was the perfect place to go.

After I concentrated on her nipples long enough, I pulled her Brazilian, without taking it off.  Anything tight round the hips, etching into the hips like a rope, turns me on.  Then I was stimulating her pussy with fingers.  It was rewarding as she has juice, plenty of it.  The problem was that, nothing was done on her other nipple.  It was clumsy for me but I had to do it.  I got on top, clamped on both of her nipples with my mouth and one hand.  For the other hand I kept giving her a pussy rub.

She became very tense, because of the pain in her nipples, or because of the pleasure, or both, usually.  She was very tense as if having mini orgasms building up for the big one, or she was going to have a big one, but  I didn't care that much.

I was going in missionary style, but figured that it wouldn't work.  It would be a pretty sight looking at her chest, or what I would be doing on her chest, and her facial reactions.  But it would be clumsy and uncomfortable using my mouth.  And I couldn't use both of my hands simultaneously, or else my full body weight would be on her chest, supported by my fingers.

So I got behind her and pushed her sideways.  Of course it was the spoon.  I could squeeze more out of her with both of my hands than at the front.  When my hands wasn't squeezing my index fingers and thumbs were working very hard, as if punishing her sometimes.

Her Brazilian was still on because she didn't need to spread her legs.  I inserted and tried to fuck her silly so she wouldn't notice what's happening on her chest.  Of course she noticed.  From time to time her hands would be on top on my hands, squeezing uncontrollably as if she wasn't getting enough, or trying to mentally soothe her nipples.

When I couldn't control my fingers, I would give her a big warning, licking her between her neck and her shoulder, and bite on the soft tissues, gently first and then hard.  Luckily she didn't need to push me away.  I hope any teeth marks and finger marks were temporary.

It was hard to hang on, doing what I was doing and enjoying all the pleasures.  I couldn't hang on any more when I felt her orgasmic reaction.  In my mind I flooded her pussy many times over.  But probably I flooded the condom, again.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Callgirl clients' are intrinsically boring, so are their blogs.  That goes for callgirls but much more can happen in a single day, and that I am not qualified to say anything for them.

If you don't have special reasons to do sex field "research" all the time, you can imagine the sort of person you are getting - single couldn't get laid, addicted to sex with pretty or not so pretty woman, unhappy marriage, etc.

Clients do not usually have personally interaction online.  Online is about anonymity.   Those who chat too much about who they see will inevitably giving out their identity.  These vocal groups, if you don't belong, will be more boring (single, not afraid of revealing their identity, ...) and they paint a distorted picture that is not of interest to you.

The more interesting groups are group hunters, doing it together.  And I don't mean multiple clients doing it at the same time, thought you can of course try.  The most interesting I heard are a group of middle aged friends sharing a play flat hidden from their spouses.  I have many invitations from these groups, but sooner or later you don't want the commitment.  If there is a amazing girl in town and it may be your turn to try and report back to the group.  Also you may not hide your favorite.  It's not a big problem but if you know the other guys fucking the same woman, you tend to be less connected and even less communications even for the trivial things.

People expect reviews from clients, free or otherwise, on boards or your own blog.  They want to get the best girls with the least money.   I once had my own review blog and I had plenty of followers in the general sense.  But most of them weren't even willing to open their mouth.  If they say something they are afraid that I will find out they are just another freebie reviewer seeker, discouraging me to write more.  By silence they encourage me to write, hoping that I give up some useful information in the process.

You cannot write something that is secret or semi secret.  Confession to illegal sex is one thing, inviting someone to go after you is another.

Writing reviews don't work either.  No body is interest in how you fuck another nameless woman unless there's something new.  Writing for review hunters, sooner or later you will be either discredited or being taken too seriously.  You can't publicly criticize an agency who sent you a lemon once a blue moon, or once a while.  You can't just write that her picture is taken 10 years ago but you had a wonderful time.  I always tried to be uninfluenced by writing reviews that happened months or even in recent years, and that I only write about girls that I see once or twice.  But I think some girls know who the writer was, just by comparing notes - who is the suspect who met them all.  I think once my play number is in the blacklist of some ripoff agencies.  They don't even bother to return my calls - but otherwise every call is a prospect for them.

I also suspect that I got VIP treatment by some girls that I never met, went to the hair and nail saloon just before seeing me, or put on their best outfit.  Though occasionally I got VIP treatment because of some other more tangible reasons.  Say if you are an Arab, that I'm not (or am I?), you can play the oil prince card or the student card or the spy card.

Men look for graphics while women words.  So I doubt if my words have any sexual appeal at all, apart from the occasionally funny story or useful off-the-beaten-track information.

Again confessional goes only so far.  The really deep, dark secrets (do I have any?) will turn off many, that you can do without by not writing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nightclub hostess wearing school uniform to work

I saw the news that in one Asian country, schoolgirls of a particular high/secondary school are complaining that they are interfered by local males on they way home, who cannot tell whether they are the real thing, or the hostesses of a nightclub, which requires all hostesses to wear a close imitation of the uniform.

Say in Thailand, new schools are making big efforts in designing the uniform as part of their marketing campaign. Obviously, all other things being equal, girls will pick the school with prettier uniform.  You have only one chance to get it right.  Uniform is traditionally a big thing for the Thais, even university students wear them!

It will come to a point that a particular school uniform will become the fantasy of all males in the city or in the whole nation.  This is so for the school in the news.  It's not surprising that the nightclub requires hostess to wear the uniform.  This has to be a good club if they have the goods, that all girls can fit in one and look cute.

As for why they are wearing it to work, it's free promotion.  It's like restaurant hostess or car models or beer promotion models.  The girls may not like it but in Asia they don't have much room, or any at all, allocated for changing.  That's not a big deal as you can easily spot out of place very fancy or very sophisticated women taking public transport alone.  Very likely they are hostesses, particularly the destination is some red light districts.  And from time to time someone think of something to bypass the law and employ real students to work on something adult straight after school.

I'm sorry for the girls in the school.  I'm sure until 30, many women can fit into that uniform and look the part, with little or a lot of makeover.

It dawned on me that famous schoolgirl uniforms outlast many landmarks.  You know in Asian cities at times old buildings are constantly replaced by new ones, and then newer ones.  Schools are there for 50 years, 100 years.  I never heard of schools modifying their uniform. 

My first school is one of these schools, where the girls are the fantasy of every grown man or boy in town.  God knows how many years they were there before me entering as a kindergartner.  They are still going strong after moving a few times, at least I can see that their new or used uniform are still sold online.

But sadly, they will be closing soon.  And true to being a business, I think their cut off point is when the enrollment year ceases to be profitable.  So I still have time for a trip if I so desires.  But I'm sure their uniform will outlast the school, in private collections.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The plunger

Look what I find in a hardware store? I tried the blue end, which has good suction on fat tissues. Anyone willing to try the other end?

Chanel and I cannot keep any toys at home, boyfriend and wife. At least I'm telling the truth. I can but I can't easily smuggle it out and back in without detection. Once I heard that the old sonic electric brush, bigger and stronger, was a rather good vibrator. I smuggle one out but she wouldn't try it. She challenge me to get a real one. Never did.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mrs Player still makes herself pretty going out, enjoying "you are at most 25" compliments. A casual little black dress too much see-through in sunlight, and a sexy simplest slipper with just a V strap but decorated with cute crystals. I took a good at her and she knew I wanted to fuck her and she said no. When she came home she will wear a very comfy pajama fit for grandma.

The typical Princess syndrome is "if you don't give me what I want, I'll find someone else that does." Why she doesn't think of working for what she wants like everybody else? Is that what you really want and willing to pay the price? "Working for it" include team work such as caddies and water boys. But Mrs Player is like a stun bomb every other day. Maybe I understand someone taking care of a mental patient. Maybe I understand someone with maniac depressing - when she explodes every simple task for me is a struggle.

At least one kid inherits my legs and 4/5 of my toes, which are good things. My kids are rather popular. What car pool? They get free rides to school.

I enjoy going to school on occasions. When you were young, you fantasize about tall curvy full grown woman with fancy outfit and makeover. I still do but when you grow old, you tend to mesmerize by the image of your innocent little girl friends. Many of these school girls are at their best years in terms of proportion - the longest leg ever and they can get away with a tight tiny short and a slipper.

Surreally I saw the queen bee types walking pass me as in TV. They always walk in three's. You can't resist glancing them without turning my head from where it was. They want you to look to test their powers.

When my daughter was small she used to be proud of me. When there are other parents and kids around she would cling onto me much more as if to say this is my handsome father. Now not so much, perhaps I don't try that hard to fit in with other parents. I'm a geek at heart. My kids turn out OK. They are sociable and I leave the socializing for them to handle. I'm always proud to show off my kids, but didn't think that way when they are small. Now I'm consciously proud of them when they are next to me.

I always want a racing bike when I was a little boy, but there's no place to put it, and little place to ride it. Only in college did buying a bike make sense when living on campus. The new bike was more memorable than my first car. But the bike was stolen in no time - I learned that campus was a black hole for bikes where no chain lock cannot be cut apart.

It's a long story but I had insurance. One day I was picking up my replacement bike in a shop on high street, which gradually became a high fashion street where many older shops moved or didn't survive. The bike accessories were covered so I was looking around to try fitting them on the bike.

I was alone and a man came in asking me if I had the bike replacement part on his greasy hand. He thought I was staff. I wasn't clear enough telling him that I was only a customer. In the confusion he asked me again for help. I wished I let him know more clearly that I cared. Somehow I had the image of a kid waiting for his dad to fix his tricycle. It wasn't sad. The guy didn't look rich but most likely one could afford to get a new tricycle if it was beyond repair. Somehow that guy became a symbol associated with fatherhood.

My smallest kid out grew her tricycle. So she inherit her sister's bike. So I had to get a new bike for the sister. I can give everybody a new bike, but that doesn't seem right. The small guy is used to inheriting by now. She is just happy riding her sister's bigger bike with training wheels. Her sister's shiny new bike didn't bother her. She also asked when I'm going to sell the old tricycle. Most likely it's hard to find charity to accept donations other than cash. If you give things away most likely those are junk collectors selling the goods in swap meets, and dumping them in the trash when they are not selling fast enough. Selling it on Craigslist for whatever sum is like finding the tricycle a good home, and the best for recycling.

Thanks to Mrs Player that tricycle is top of the range. I'm sure every father has fond memories on tricycles. So I spent the day in the garage assembling the new bike, and cleaning up the old bikes, peeling off old stickers, oiling moving parts, tightening the screws, adjusting the heights of seats and handle bars. And preparing the tricycle for a new good home one way or the other. I'm just another man turning into that man with the broken tricycle part.

My elder daughter will be riding her brand new bike to visit her friends all by herself in the neighborhood. Luckily, the days when she will be picking up by her 16 year old boyfriend with a car is still far away, or so I hope far enough.

Johns suffer image problems but many are normal ordinary people really.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The vertical spoon

I don't do positions by the book. I know what I like and the positions I take will also depends very much on the other person, and on circumstances. It's instinctive. You don't think of what you are going to do. When the girl at the door isn't what you have exactly in mind, there's not a lot that you can do to her. When she is a pleasant surprise, you are on auto pilot, doing the same favorite things over and over again.

One day, it dawned on me why I didn't think of trying the vertical spoon? (Not sure what it's called.) I love doggy but only to watch. Where you are at it yourself, there's not much to look at and not much to grab. Pulling her up, doing it behind her while both kneeling is a different story.

I like spoon but there's nothing much to see while doing it sideways on the bed, even with a mirror close by. Once I caught a glimpse on Chanel's face. She was a little crossed like a little girl. You can almost see two pocket of air in her cheeks. She was not happy because I was having a very good time behind her, grabbing her hard all around uncontrollably, and was pounding her harder and longer than usual. I'm sure she was happy for me, and had no intention to disrupt me. She was just blaming her luck that day. It was so cute.

BTW Chanel admitted that she didn't even like to blow. If I don't ask she would stop after a preset time. She don't like me to watch and she will cover her head with her long hair. Once she promised to do it by the mirror. Once she promised to use a big hair clip to wrap up her hair like before a shower. But I forgot about it, or she ducked her way out.

After a doggy, all I have in mind is to try to press the girl down, fucking her like two pizzas on top of each other. It doesn't matter if we are flat on the bed, on a pile of pillows, or bended on the side of the bed. Of course it usually ended up in a spoon with more penetration and more freedom of the hands, and more comfortable.

Why I didn't think of pulling her up instead? Of course there has to be a mirror to watch everything. Both of my hands will be free to do whatever, though I doubt if they will leave the breasts for long.

Even if Chanel is around, she doesn't like to be watched. She is not shy but like she said, to be caught in the face and naked, and with someone, is the end of it. It applies to her clients with spouses as well as her. Anything else you might explain away, and everybody wants to hear what they want to hear. She is particularly sensitive to late model cell phones and laptops. She won't go near them. And she like to remain horizontal so she cannot be recognizable.

On the first date I doubt if anybody will want to do that. More often you don't want to look at the girl that way. And even more often the woman will not want you to look at her like that, so you may come back next time.

So I tried on Mrs Player. But you have to wait on the right alignments of the constellations. I pulled her up successfully while on the doggy. I have no problem fucking her kneeling down but not as intense. She is still a looker, even naked. Just when my hands started to roam around, she slipped down onto bed. So we fall back onto the spoon. She likes it because she can masturbate her clitoris while I'm penetrating. That guarantees an intense orgasm and may be multiples. That's something I lead her to do. And that's the few things she picked up gradually without too much encouragement.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Penny Red: The Sex Work Shibboleth

Penny Red: The Sex Work Shibboleth: "Many feminists, like Finn MacKay of the Feminist Coalition Against Prostitution, feel that the purchase of sex from women is always and only misogyny: “Equality for women is a farce in a society where it is considered normal for men to buy our bodies.

“We can't be free while so many of us are literally for sale. As long as I believe prostitution is a form of violence against women, then how can I work alongside anyone who promotes it as a job like any other?”"

While so many people are starving to death, we should not eat beef.

I believe car is a murder weapon.

With feminists like this, who need an education?

Photo Of The Day – Freshly Waxed!

Photo Of The Day – Freshly Waxed!: "I got waxed recently and took a picture with my phone of the aftermath. They always clean you off so nicely and then powder you like a little baby. Finally I think I found a girl who does a decent job! Will have to keep an eye on it because you never know until a [...]"

Is there a waxing parlor like that I can go to?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Prostitution, Abortion and Death Penalty. Thinking of other issues (just momentarily :-), I thought of trying to look at the arguments against prostitution, strong enough to justify banning it.

Politicians are useless listening to. They want it banned because they get votes. Activists are similar - they just want to ban it.

At least a blogger is honest, sounded like a moron though. Basically, she doesn't like prostitution (my words, not hers), and many men use prostitutes so women should be concerned and support anything towards banning prostitution. Of course, no comments are actually accepted despite having the function.

Looking into the Swedish model, the stat made me laugh. Before the ban, there are 300 prostitutes, probably all street walkers in the red light district at the capital. Come on, I can do them all in a trip or two. Anyone praising the results should go back to school for detention for failing statistics. Spanking is optional.

Of course it's a success. Before that they have no way to control street prostitution because it's perfectly legal. And that's only 300. They have no data for other prostitutes , or no before and after comparisons.

You can listen to politicians and activists talking about the Swedish model and results. It's your right to listen to bullshit, and what you want to hear. For the sex trafficking figure, there's no before and after comparison. Sweden has a lot less trafficking than other countries, and so is the number of prostitutes, and may be the number of johns, or may be the population size.

For many voting public, opinion is just that - I don't like it and I want it gone. I doubt anybody will bother to write down their argument, check the facts, and see if their points are defensible.

The next best is to ask one's opinions on a few "big" issues. If a woman is pro-choice, isn't it not respecting others' choice about their own body? Men use prostitutes but you can always find one who doesn't (?). 5st amendment and declaration of independence is about choice. What choice is less important than life and death?

Death penalty and illegal prostitution seems to go together, both scarifying some innocent people for the common good. Death penalty will certainly kill the wrong guy, there's no mistake about it. In illegal prostitution, prostitutes are jailed for it, or for the Swedish model, prostitutes are punished by having johns of the worst kind who have nothing to lose. I'll have the Swedish model in the picture any time.

I doubt it's too common for people who are anti-prostitution and pro-death. So it's a contradiction on grounds of sacrifice. Anti-death may be just religious. I am not aware that the bible is against death penalty or against prostitution. How about the other Mary? Christians are more anti-death may be because of forgiveness, turning the other cheek. But can you forgive other people for just having fun?

I myself seems to contradict a bit, but with reasons. I'm pro-choice and anti-death. For complex issues with no clear winners, I hate to make the choice for other people. The same for death penalty. No system is perfect and I hate to be the jury to make the decision that cannot be corrected.

For the other important issue, you know my stand. But do you notice the fact that short ugly guys are much more hard working? Certainly they want to compensation for the lack of a beautiful girl friend, or any girl friend at all. They wish to have a beautiful wife if they are successful enough. Or just enough money to spend around beautiful women. If you take away that, in 18 years the world economic crisis now will seem like a little rain.

You have been warned.