Friday, September 11, 2009

I can understand why so many stars choose to end their life. Or in a downward spiral that the end is inevitable. It isn't a big deal when they had it all, and that living in a 3 bed house somewhere till the end isn't a life for them. It's sad to see stars of my generation fell, but the little consolation is that they choose it because they had it all. It's sad for those fallen on this day, but I'll try not to be too sad about the life they would have ahead of them, I'll celebrate the good life they already have.

2001 signifies another downhill trend of America. It had been a walk in the clouds for about a decade for me. On the whole, it wasn't too big a blow. Then things starts to go down hill. But I saw wars, births, deaths, SARS, now a possible pandemic, and of course the financial meltdown. I can take blows one or a few at at time, especially with my adorable sexual punch bags.

My childhood is pretty much like others with parents of working class/small business owners. But we never worry a thing, and that I have my parents to thank. On my own, I also had clouds over my head for years, but I got out of it. Basically I have been very at ease and at peace with myself.

Married a drama queen is another matter. I had no idea of what I was getting into, and I didn't see it coming. If only she went to shop, while I went to work, all would have been perfect. Even at the best of times, she always see that something is not right, demand fixes, ask for something, as if everybody else owe her.

I love some of my old public housing friends. (BTW they have more disposable pocket money and some are rich faster because of the cheap housing.) They appreciate things a lot better. The girl that I had a crush on went to work all summer, didn't get paid because the joint went bust, and she just managed to loot a radio for the only compensation. And she put the radio in the living room to enjoy. I had no chance with her because she started work early, wanted a secure future now and then everything. Her brother told me she had a boy friend with parents doing OK, and he had a decent job and decent car. That's not bad when we were still studying. She would be in heaven if she waited for me. She's probably the ones who do budgeting, financial planing, while I just play computer games at work and at home.

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