Monday, September 07, 2009

GFE or dolls?

It dawned on me that I have been looking for dolls all along - pleasing to the eyes, choice of positions, choice of accessories, simple buttons to push such as open, spread, or tongue out. Simple sound tracks and implanted programs are sufficient as long as they turns me on.

Sophistication is desirable but there is the possibility of virus, having a mind of it's own. It's only worth taking the risk if you want some better genes to pass along. A financial independent doll is good for your wallet, but you can always go rental, by the hour if necessary.

From my experience, there aren't anything in particular that an escort should look like, but what haunt me most are two beautiful girls. Cute and pretty can only go so far, but stealing your heart is another matter. One beautiful girl is a masseuse, whom I never touched except for a light hug and a perk on the face after every session, months and months of them. The other is Chanel, whom I spent a lot of time inside.

I met an older woman, not older than me type of old, who must be going downhill. But looking at her face, I knew she had a lot of mileage left. My mind was struggling whether to see her again, but when I got there, seeing her in an elegant black lingerie that looked like a body suit, my pant made me very uncomfortable because of my erection. I had been thinking of what I was going to do to her along the way. The black outfit was the last trigger. It didn't help a lot after I dropped my pants. Some skin tissue down there were being pulled harder than usual.

There was another woman who must be in her 30's or more. She is average in all departments but she knew how to take good care of herself, staying in shape. She has an incall location in an upscale apartment complex, with retail spaces for nail, hair and beauty salons. She loves these things and it shows on her. I could have an erection looking at her sitting down answering the phone, wearing a simple dress and healthy sandals. I like her subtlety - zooming in, what she wore were sexier than lingerie and high heels on her.

Now the visuals. The Real Dolls website used to have some pretty pictures a couple of years ago (?). From the current models on offer, I think utility won over artistry. In contrast, there are at least several companies in Japan, specializing in different things. The company who made this doll seems to only care if the lips are beautiful, rather than whether the mouth can be opened wide.

I prefer hair styles that enhance the face and body, rather than distract and distort. As a general rule I prefer straighter, simpler but feminine styles. Long and high volume are sure things. Nothing can beat those ionized volume-less straight hair that hangs like sand in the wind, if you look beautiful in that. But since the style cannot survive overnight, practically you have to live over the hair salon like the woman above, or have plenty of time like Chanel.

I prefer style over color, and that brunette goes well with most skin colors. If blond goes well with you skin tone, red is probably better. Long live the Scots! I don't like color strips and hate visible new hair roots that are not yet dyed the same color as rest of the hairs. But as long as I can pull and shake, I don't mind anything.

That's only for the hair... wait till the toes.


Sara said...

I just got a G.F.E. Doll delivered to my door for $500 from so i guess in the 21st century you don't have to pick one or the other. Interesting article though. I think many men in our society are being deprived of sex which is what has led to this kind of thing being pretty big.

The Player said...

If you want more dolls like that I can sell you with deep discount :-)