Thursday, August 27, 2009

This the current trend of shorts here, hookers and house wives alike, school girls are wearing something tamer, but not a lot. Ordinary people like Mrs player wears slippers (and of course something on top of the bra). 4 inch heels are only allowed and encouraged at home. If she goes out like that, it has to be over my dead body, meaning she has to kill my erection first.

She liked to show off like a hooker before she went out. I have been known to call her up and told her to come home early for "the" emergency. She would put on the heels waiting for her, post around the mirrors under my directions, and let me do the quickie on her. No foreplay, but usually a lot longer than "quick".


Sarah said...

The only time I wear the norty stuff is in the confines of my flat. The rest of the time is boring mum type stuff so no-one suspects a thing.

It's like living two lives and it is great!

The Player said...

I had been turned on by boring mum type of disguise. I was being "interviewed" at the underground parking lot before being allowed into mum's apartment. Another one approved of me because I looked like "business", and let me walked straight into her studio apartment above her interior designer business. Usually I would find her in her boring mum outfit or boring working mum jackets. I had fond memories of what lies behind their "dressed like an angel / a saint" disguise.