Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Two favorite parts

I was kneeling beside her on the bed to give her a massage, though I would prefer sitting right on top of her butt next time. I went all the way down her legs, until I spread my legs and sat down at the end of her body, with my private part barely touching her toes.

I bent her lower legs upwards for a foot massage. You don't really want an aspiring actress who is waiting tables, no matter how great her legs and other parts are. Standing for hours a day really shows on your feet. Her feet is smooth, on the small side, she with nice legs and delicate looking ankles.

I was giving her a great feet massage, but at the same time I was like holding a toy, a live one. Her feet are clean but I just gave her a few slight wet kisses here and there when I couldn't resist. Perhaps I didn't want to scare her away, or perhaps I am shy. While I was massaging one foot, the other would be relaxing in bed, touching my erection. When I finished the massage, I had two toys to please myself.

I don't know about you, but even with lots of lubrication, foot jobs hurt, and it really wasn't designed for that. But I had strong reactions when my private part gently touched her pretty feet. Since she was relaxed and not complaining, I rubbed her feet hard against my G-spot, somewhere hard below by balls, while playing with her other feet against my private part.

I rubbed harder and harder, lower and lower, until I realized what the feeling was. Then I guided her big toes gently lower down, until it "accidentally" touched my ass. She wasn't bothered a bit. So I played with her feet like a dildo, while using the other feet like a bath sponge cleaning my dick.

I don't mind insertion, but only with fingers. Once a well known local playmate wanted to insert a huge dildo into my ass. She failed miserably, but told me to come back, after practicing with squash! I didn't see her again, but not because of that.

It wasn't something I did or thought of before. I enjoyed it for some minutes and then ended the hour in a more conventional way. I didn't recall watching any porn like it. Though I would prefer girl-girl action, amen, one torturing the other with her big toes.

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