Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What pictures to put in an escort advertisement

Actually I wrote something already, labeled escort 101. Not mentioned there is that there are too many tricks to lure clients to see you, and worry about the consequence later.

So I'm not looking for the prettiest or best pictures in some way. Unconsciously, I'm looking for some truth in the picture that I can count on, being the bottom line.

Like this picture I just saw on my blogroll, this picture can hardly be used to identify any person. Still there are some personal touches that make it not looking like stock porn pictures. I doubt if I can see anything differently if I'm on the spot, maybe the hair a little longer or shorter. But like I said on the other advertisement post, hints with pictures are more powerful than words. If this is really used on an advertisement, I would be very disappointed if the dining room is not open.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to write an escort advertisement

I spotted a keyword search for the title a couple of times in the past. I think I wrote about where to advertise, but not about what to write. I don't know, but I know what works for me and what not.

Pictures - there's no excuse not to include something. A vague silhouette still tells people what you are about, unless you want everybody to dream up their own images.

Keep the description of your physical description to a minimum, and leave it to the pictures. Hair color is OK as somebody may be using simple keyword search. But there's no point to pick hair color unless the city is spoiled for choice, in that case there will be proper search functions. Height is OK because you can't lie, not for a few inches. Other numbers are quite useless because I don't think you will honestly write down exactly what is on the scale, or your 3 dimensions. Again if you want to flaunt your perfect dimensions, use pictures; the numbers are quite useless in comparison. Adjectives have no effect on me any more.

If you want to be all things to all people, there's not much you can write, without contradicting yourself when all your ads are tracked and compared over time.

The other important things are what you would do. I know it's a difficult area, especially when it's illegal. The big no no is to write a lot of don'ts, unless you only like clients looking for DOM's. Don't write down things that are generally expected. Use creative images may be a good way instead of writing down something awkward. Some girls say more intimate things are at their discretion, which works for me. Personally, I won't be offended if I don't get it. That will be a challenge. The extras aren't supposed be mechanical, routine. And that she will not be a germophile, allergic to any skin contact. If you really like to see an escort regularly, there have to be more intimacy (not necessarily "GFE"), which some girls cannot manage.

If you want to show off your inner beautiful, it have to be a link to your blog. It's useless to drop some adjectives and expensive labels in the ad.

Some code words:
I prefer gentlemen over 40 = I'm over 45
open minded = me haven't got a clue, perhaps a rip-off

I don't think long ad's are useful - I don't remember any ad that are particularly good.

Background information will be useful, where you grow up, where and how long you lived, your previous jobs. It's hard to lie about these, tell a lot about you, if you don't mind disclosing. Favorite songs and movies are probably not important. I don't think anybody will write down Texas Chainsaw, and that I'm not looking for a date, and I probably won't want to see you if you like my fav songs and movies - perhaps it's useful to write it down after all?

If you are picky about your clients, do it carefully if you rely solely on the response to the ad. I don't mind, it's your own pussy, but this may start flame wars. A good way is to ask for a description of the client. The excuse is to be certain to expect the right person at the door, the CCTV or the hotel lobby. A phone conversation gives you the non-visual clues.

Once on the phone I was asked what do I do for a living. One of my response is "I make chips." "Can you afford it?", she asked after hesitated for a sec. I think she is British or European. She thought I mean "I make fries".

If I think of anything else, I probably update. I probably write one for pictures.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sex, alternative, massage

That's about all the things I wanted but always couldn't decide on. It's not too hard to find a girl who is good on everything, but once she offers sex, it's totally not worthwhile to spend time on massage for example, unless you pay her the same rate (or higher!) whatever she does. It's always better and cheaper to split the work with two different girls. But booking two girls back to back is a nightmare and different providers tend to occupy different areas or cities.

Ideally a call girl should be attractive, available, adorable, affordable and drama free. That's what I spend my money on. Availability means that I don't have to drive far, and she is a local that will not disappear all of a sudden. She will have time for me when I call her, or better still, sitting at home waiting for my calls. But if she wants to charge a lot, it's only fair, though I would be thinking of spending money on big ticket items once a while, timing and distance become not issues. I still didn't now why exactly I dumped a girl, who were all of the above, but tried to stop accepting money. She did brought some drama once, starting to behave like a girl friend. I dumped her immediately and didn't miss her a bit. I didn't know why as she is all that good otherwise. Perhaps we never kissed, and cuddling is a bit routine. No, it's not because of GFE, and I adore girls who treated me not that good. A girl had to take a long phone call, she unbuttoned herself and signed that I can start.

Ideal paid sex is so hard to find (not surprising) so I have been searching over and over. And once you found it and then lost it, it's harder next time. That's why I settled on other things from time to time. But really I constantly fight against anything but sex, because if you don't use it, you will lose it. Getting too much hand job will not help your sex life.

Masseuses do better jobs when they do not provide happy endings. Again it's arithmetic. My number one masseuse pockets $40 per hour plus tips, which is another $10 to $20. Since she doesn't offer anything else, she told me she is happy if she gets two clients a day! That will be way better than a 10 hour shift in MacDonnalds, with all sorts of deductions and taxes. If she has no bookings she can stay at home or go shopping. So she's happy when I booked her, then she will drive a long way to the "clinic". She would put me in the locker room if she can, so nothing will disrupt us, not door bells, phone calls, other clients and masseues. Whatever all hell broke lose outside, I would be half sleeping in heaven for an hour.

Once girls like her start offering happy ending, people will lineup and the only thing to do is to process them like a factory every half hour. The massage part becomes hard labor. But things are not as simple as it's not a market with open information, and it's illegal. When some girls like my masseuse doesn't get two or even one client everyday, they might start to offer a handjob for regulars after the same good massage.

Alternative to sex, including happyendings, become interesting because the girls use all their imagination and all they have got to keep you interested, without offering intercourse. Locally, there are large numbers of girls, who instead of being strippers and hooter girls, worked more privately as masseuses. Once I went into a "clinic" with a spare room for doing homeworks, complete with table, books and stationaries.

Of course there are the sensual massage providers, which are very similar to escorts, including the price, who doesn't go all the way. I met very attractive twenty to thirty-something aspiring actress sort of girls. Very nice but it's not difficult to fight the desire to return. They are anything but cheap, and I didn't want to get rusty on my skills.

One of my favorite is playing dolls. Once I returned to a clinic to get a decent massage, hoping that the owner didn't remember me. They will be broke if every client visit once in 3 months. But she remembered me. She sent me a gorgeous 19 year old sort of girl but put me on half hour without asking. Her massage was pretty bad, or half hearted, unusual for a pretty girl who relied on massage but nothing else. So I asked if she provided extras, and she said yes in a very natural sort of way. She had perfect big natural breasts, with a curvy waist to go with them. She was even tall, ideal height for me sitting on the massage table playing with her twins. She was even pretty, not intense without makeup that sort of beauty, but pretty doll sort of way. She would stood still, let me roll up her vest, pull down her bra, and do whatever I wanted, as long as I wished, until I put her hand on my dick. I kept fighting myself not to return just to suck her breasts and a handjob, but failed for a couple of months.

There are more unexpected fun before the rules are tightened. (And when the massage rules are really tight, it's easier to find sex.) Girls may entice you until you beg for a handjob, parting with whatever reasonable tips they ask for. There are times when I decided not to give in no matter what. But that was the time when I got perhaps the best handjob. She got me into a huge erection without doing anything illegal, and then finished me off without asking. I never drove near that place for a while, for fearing that I would prefer a handjob to sex.

The other time I met a masseuse by chance, who went to work in a brilliant white lab coat covering her knees. Inside she wore very sexy clothes, even a cheer leader uniform. She was more like 29 than 19, but similarly shaped, that I would prefer any day. I thought it was a sure thing when she rubbed all the right places without being illegal. But then I found out that she wouldn't cross the line. That's how the place was setup. I couldn't touch her and she wouldn't touch me at the critical places. What can I do? She wanted me to masturbate without saying it. And so I did, with all the encouragements that she could offer. I wasn't that afraid of her and wasn't that afraid that I would love masturbation too much, I returned a few times to see if she would be more flexible, vowing not to give in to her demands. She didn't make any concessions, as it's not her call but the owner, but still I ...

One of the disappointing moments was when I wanted to get laid while my friend was on that part of her cycles. It wasn't the best of times and best day of the week. You know you will very likely be still wasting money after doing a lot of rush homework on the net, until you lost the appetite. So I went to a place I've been before hoping for a sure thing, while still saving the sex for my friend later in the week. The masseuse was disappointing, totally not the doll type. Her massage wasn't that good either. Even worse, I didn't manage to touch her in a gentleman sort of way, and she wouldn't massage anywhere near my dick. I knew it was hard luck. But I thought long and hard: "Is this woman I would flag down on the road and expose myself to for the weird fun of it?. Would I pick her up in the mall and ask if she would watch me playing with myself?". The imagination worked for me. I hinted to touch myself, and when she saw what my hands was going, she nodded in an understanding sort of way.

Usually girls look away, look at something else even when they are facing it. They will continue massaging the other sensitive parts to help along. A weird thought in my mind was asking her to actually watch me. But when my hand started to warm up, she disappeared into the back of my head, sat down and kept massaging my shoulders. That's perhaps the only time I finished anything ever, without looking at a woman.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Two favorite parts

I was kneeling beside her on the bed to give her a massage, though I would prefer sitting right on top of her butt next time. I went all the way down her legs, until I spread my legs and sat down at the end of her body, with my private part barely touching her toes.

I bent her lower legs upwards for a foot massage. You don't really want an aspiring actress who is waiting tables, no matter how great her legs and other parts are. Standing for hours a day really shows on your feet. Her feet is smooth, on the small side, she with nice legs and delicate looking ankles.

I was giving her a great feet massage, but at the same time I was like holding a toy, a live one. Her feet are clean but I just gave her a few slight wet kisses here and there when I couldn't resist. Perhaps I didn't want to scare her away, or perhaps I am shy. While I was massaging one foot, the other would be relaxing in bed, touching my erection. When I finished the massage, I had two toys to please myself.

I don't know about you, but even with lots of lubrication, foot jobs hurt, and it really wasn't designed for that. But I had strong reactions when my private part gently touched her pretty feet. Since she was relaxed and not complaining, I rubbed her feet hard against my G-spot, somewhere hard below by balls, while playing with her other feet against my private part.

I rubbed harder and harder, lower and lower, until I realized what the feeling was. Then I guided her big toes gently lower down, until it "accidentally" touched my ass. She wasn't bothered a bit. So I played with her feet like a dildo, while using the other feet like a bath sponge cleaning my dick.

I don't mind insertion, but only with fingers. Once a well known local playmate wanted to insert a huge dildo into my ass. She failed miserably, but told me to come back, after practicing with squash! I didn't see her again, but not because of that.

It wasn't something I did or thought of before. I enjoyed it for some minutes and then ended the hour in a more conventional way. I didn't recall watching any porn like it. Though I would prefer girl-girl action, amen, one torturing the other with her big toes.