Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Doll House

Somebody said it's a statement on prostitution. I would say further it's shameless promotion of prostitution. The beauty of it is that even though the subject is so obvious, even I tended to overlook it, taking things in without realizing that it's all about prostitution.

In the first few episodes, very little of the hired roles involved sex. How many anti-prostitution people were drawn in and followed the serious? How many who never thought too much about prostitution became philosophical about it after several episodes?

Even the initial episodes not about prostitution were making statements. Is a professional assassin deserve any more glamorization than a prostitute? It's OK to glamorize assassins because not many people are willing and able? Is your job any better? Apart from trafficked victims and the desperate hookers, prostitutes have more choices than you think. In the beginning I was hung up on many times because I didn't pass their screening, saying the wrong things. Others wanted employment verification comparable to credit card application procedures. I have little choice about my clients as long as my boss is pleased, just like, well, Echo.

Once Mrs Player commented that Echo's outfit was odd, but obvious it was interesting to her enough that she watched from the middle of the episode. Then it dawned on me what it was. That outfit must be what her client ordered, for a very expensive S&M section with costume. That scene lasted for a few seconds so I almost forgot about it, but I instantly knew that it was a work costume for prostitution. At first glance her outfit looked like coming from a Laura & Ashley spring floral collection, complete with a very virginal cardigan. But the dress was very short, just long enough to go places and shoot action movies without exposing her panties just by walking around. Then there was the thigh high socks, well made with fancy floral patterns that looked like hand-knitted. There must be high heels too, but too demure for me to notice, and also because her feet were covered.

I have to applaud the choice of that outfit for national TV. I like Leg Avenues for sure but if I have money I probably will order that sort of outfit. It works on me all the same but classy girls will be more willing to wear that. Mrs Player refuses school uniform most of the time but she will love to try that outfit on, and go around town too.

It's very good education for the public - Echo has no choice about her work, the madam, the pimps/handlers are all there.


Aneris said...

You always go right to the heart of the matter, don't you?

Assassins are more palatable, because while being a sticky job, they only go after the baddies that deserved it.
Whereas with paid 'bad girls', there are too many variables to consider.

The Player said...

Come to think of it, are both supposed to take payments and then deliver, irrespective of who pay them? There will be trouble if they pick clients.