Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I accidentally got into the history book (again). This time a geeky version but not really about technology that much. I can't tell you anyway for now. Just busy.

A while ago I recall reading a guy ranting about Princess Syndrome. That it can happen to any woman at any time and may never come out of it. From that I can see that it's everywhere and cross-cultural. I would say it's unfair to woman but of all places USA has plenty of woman proud to be stay at home moms while the working moms with kids in the same classes avoid them like plague, and I can understand why.

I would generalize that given half the chance, people deviate into their own parallel reality and don't want to get out. Women do have more chance to be shielded from the reality, avoiding to deal with it. Some salesmen managed to sell swimming pools to many houses in the neighborhood not long ago. If Mrs Player could put it in the credit card, we would already have built one. Over my dead body.

From shop keepers, it's very typical that the wives look a lot for nice things, but the husbands immediately look at the price tag.

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