Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The soaking wet massage

After the breast torture (last post), I decided to go for the soaking wet massage as she was a good spot.

"Don't do that at home" you always hear. In my case I forget to say on the last post that don't try it in the field if you haven't practiced at home first. At passionate moments mrs player did put my hand on her breast and wanted to rip them apart. "Don't do what you don't want to do", which is cliche, but I seriously mean it. There are always other fun things to do.

So I got up from sitting on her butt, got to the side of the bed, and started the massage on her lower body. It was pretty easy and effective to do. Anywhere on the spine, press, down to the tip between the buttocks. Squeeze on the legs until you feel the bones, up to the leg joints in the buttocks.

I gave her feet some attention but she wasn't at ease, and no encouragement was obtained. So I concentrated on other parts, plenty of work to do.

I started the happy ending at her inner tight, squeezing harder and harder, higher and higher. Even mrs player couldn't resist it when she had no mood for intimacy. When I couldn't get higher without touching her sex organs, I used the accidental naughty last fingers. I teased her pussy with my last fingers as if by accident, while keeping up the pressure on her inner thighs. Like mrs player, she didn't resist and I wasn't going to pretend anymore. Finally I just her a pussy rub, the female version of happy ending, until she was soaking wet, had orgasm.

Not long before, on top of the hour, I arrived at which must be one of the Agency's (California Invisible) safe house. As with any safe house, it's one block off the freeway (or main road). Turn right (or left if you drive on the wrong side) off the freeway (motorway), drive one block, 1st house on the right.

I paid for a comprehensive package so I assumed she would do a lot of things, but no specifics beforehand.

I saw her agency picture before hand. Well portioned, looked normal, liking having a real job for undercover, as opposed to looking like a porn star all the time.

Having a driveway leading to the front door, she opened the door semi-naked without worrying about being seen by neighbors. She was just what I expected, except that she was shorter than I expected, 5'3 to at most 5'5. 6' is tall, and 5'1 is very short. It's hard to tell unless you are standing face to face. Height is immaterial unless you are looking for a partner to have big babies.

After a little formalities she led me up the stairs, showing off her tight bottom, with me sniffing it two steps behind her.

I asked for the bathroom and held her hands to it. It's give and take in this world. In return, even some high priced escorts tried to jerk me off half way while washing my equipment. She just washed it. Though I got the hint that she wouldn't want me to move at all, the usual reason being not to get her hair wet, so she don't need to dry it, or she won't look bad.

It's a good sign that she washed my ass thoroughly, just in case. I reciprocated, just in case.

Before that she asked why I was smiling so happily. You can say it's drooling. I told her honestly because I was very happy with her everything. I wasn't thinking too much at the time. I must had realized that her breast is the all natural unbreakable type, somewhat fuller than Zoe's a few posts back.

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