Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secret agent's secret

I offered her a nude massage and she fell for it. After a few strong squeezes on her neck and shoulders, she was totally relaxed, laid flat with bottom side up, and convinced - that I was going to give her a nice massage. Both naked, I moved swiftly to sit on her butt, twisted her arm to her back, in a classic arresting position.

While she couldn't have struggled, I twisted and pulled her arm, lifted her shoulder, and twisted her body sideways and backwards. She couldn't tell if I was doing a legit massage. I couldn't tell either, though I have a lot of flashbacks on similar things performed on me.

I slipped my free hand under her breast, spread my fingers evenly to cover all of it, released her shoulders, allowing her to fall back flat on the bed. As if her life depends on it, I performed CPR on her back with my free hand, using my full body weight.

Since I'm holding her breast in one hand, not willing to let go, I also gave her the elbow grind, allowing me to rest in a more comfortable position not too far from her breast. If you haven't tried it before, it's like using vehicles with huge heavy rollers to compact and flatten the foundation during road building. Now substitute the roller with my elbow, and the road with her back.

Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I have had so many secret missions under my belt that many moves practiced on me are captured in flashbacks, of which I have no problem recalling given any naked visual simulations. She must had feel good because her arm was still twisted on the arresting position, even without me holding it.

Obviously squeezing her breast intensely wasn't massage, so I tried to cover up the sensation by pressing her even harder on her back and shoulders, so much so that the mattress bounces together with the bed and us on it, and I got a good stimulation on my balls at her butt. She might get my whole hand print on her breast, but she wouldn't be thinking about it at the time. To ensure that any hand print would be temporary, and that she wouldn't wake up from the trance, I tried not to pinch, rub, snatch or scratch her breast, or use too much of my finger tips in squeezing, spreading the pressure evenly, but intensely.

I stopped the back CPR before breaking her. I straightened her twisted arm to her side. Now, instead of one, I was holding both of her breast gently, kissing her back, a little suction, a little wet with tip of the tongue, some outright licking and slurping, a little biting, and then harder, but not enough to leave teeth marks. She was surely feeling my intense erection on her butt and between her legs.

As if following the lyrics of a song, I repeated the same on her other breast. I was sure that she was shaken by the CPR, indeed the whole bed was an earthquake zone, but she wasn't stirred or disturbed - she was in a calm trance.

Then on her I released my secret weapon, which wasn't some weapon, but my bare hands, some sort of maneuver ...

On another note, I was looking at some porn cover arts to spice up things while posting, but it proved hard to find something classy, with enough nudity, beauty and glamor. I also like models standing up straight, revealing everything from hair to toes, ready for a lineup, or cattle auction :). So here's just another pretty picture of a popular girl.


Sucre Bebe said...

Oh dear me!

The Player said...

Is that a compliment?