Thursday, December 04, 2008

Scientific American Article: why do men buy sex?

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While catching up on random blocks on my list I came across the article from LV Courtesan.

The article has no surprises, not even that 90% of Thai men had sex with prostitute. Why can't everybody accept that the issue is complex, diverse, and all of the above? We can't be all sex addicts, can we?

The surprise is:
As if to continue their “relationship,” many if not most johns prefer to go back to the same prostitute over and over again. According to Kleiber’s study, more than two thirds of devotees used the services of a particular prostitute more than 50 times. One in four had sex with the same prostitute more than 100 times.

I don't know how they carried out the study. Surely I prefer to, but I don't most of the time. The reason is simple, have to be comfortable to my eyes and to my pocket. Perhaps I should not live in US.

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