Wednesday, November 12, 2008

(continued) The problem with reviews is, you can't keep secrets. I had an eye on a girl's picture but didn't make the decision. I got a tip that she may kiss for regulars. That's the tie breaker.

When she opened the door, it was better than expectation. I did what I planned to do, I grabbed her GWTW style, and kissed her, GWTW style too. She was surprised as nobody else would do something like that, 3 sec into the first meeting. She submitted, hesitatingly at first, but I could read her mind - she thought what the heck - and then finished the kiss with flying colors.

Of course I was taking advantage of her too. If she refused, I might just ran out of the door. Nothing important would be lost.

I could tell she's rather new too, at least new to the agency. Her dress was somewhat sexy, but probably not because of the dress, but because of her body. She got high heels on, but cheap, not streetwalker cheap, but bargains. This reinforced what I read from her pictures. That was what I liked about her.

Very soon, everything about her was well done, hair, nails that I didn't notice before, shoes, dress, skin and all that. She looked a couple of years younger, still well above teens, and so I think we can stand each other for an hour or so.

I knew patrons showered her with gifts, because she didn't mind accepting it, and model it for you. This is not that common. For what she had been wearing you really want to give her something instead. Usually, cash is the best gift, giving her most freedom and you get absolutely nothing in return.

More than that, she modeled the merchandises for everybody. I didn't know whether if she didn't have the chance to change, if she liked to look her best for me, or if she wanted to invite competition. Once she wore a gorgeous below-knee dress , with matching heels, proper heels. I don't like long dress but that did look good on her, and must be expensive too, for the material and complication. But she did take good care of her gifts. I had to wait VERY patiently for her to take off her dress in several pieces, fold them neatly and put on a chair.

As time went on, she was less keen on kissing upstairs, but compensated on kissing downstairs instead. I have a theory that they rather do something else to compensate than deliver a bad kiss when they are not in the mood to.

When she was new to the agency, she was rather accessible. So I booked her in the morning. She told me I was her first - of the day. And obviously she was in a good mood too. I was rather rough on her and she seemed to be enjoying it. Not that she was orgasmic that sort of thing, but she wasn't holding back anything, I was free to roam, and she was encouraging.

When I pulled out and asked her to turn around, she had a wicked smile on her face. "Doggie?" she asked. When I nodded, she said, "I liked doggieeee", and was like jump at the chance, and fall into position.

I tried my best to meet her expectations. I poked her harder and harder and she was cheering me on all the way. Then I ejaculated, prematurely. May be it was all a trick - so she could throw me out early. But it wouldn't matter. I didn't want to disappoint anyone, who asked for it, even though I know my risk.

That was the last time I saw her. On the phone, I could sense that she wasn't that keen to see me. She quit the agency, and if not, I was trying to talk her into private outcalls anyway. The problem was she lived quite far from me, and at the time I didn't have the luxury to drive far. She didn't really needed me. However, I think the premature thing had something to do with it.


Sarah said...

Some girls don't enjoy the job. Some girls will openly encourage you to finish off in doggie because they know you will cum quickly. It's the oldest trick in the book; but please don't tell anybody I told you!


S x x x

The Player said...

I easily lost my mind DFK and easily lost control if I do two things simultaneously. That will be faster than any doggie. But it rarely matters because not many girls will do it, and I wouldn't want to do it to many. However, sometimes I tell them the secret and they might try to see if I'm telling the truth.

The English Courtesan said...

You are too hard on yourself LA Player. Believe me, you're absolutely not alone in the premature moments. That happens with me from time to time and I always take it as a compliment!

Waggling bottom doggily at you,

Livvy xxx

The Courtesan said...

I absolutely agree with the English Courtesan!

crista said...

Love your honesty. Added you to my blog roll hope you don't mind

The Player said...

You are welcomed, my new and old friends. Livvy, I was indeed too hard on myself that day. The other thing I can't stand (for long) is waggling bottom with curling toes in anticipation.