Thursday, October 09, 2008

First they came for the street workers... | Sex In The Public Square

First they came for the street workers... | Sex In The Public Square
Well said.

Instead of replying to comments, I can just as well add to the post. This usual "First they came ... then ..." got me thinking. Do we all have trouble drawing the line between sex workers all the time? When everybody have a blog, I had to limit my blog rolls to penetration sex, while keeping entries on my old blog rolls. Some ex call girls who turned into something else caused more confusions because I listed them as ex call girls. My thinking was, why bother too much about the line? Seriously they are coming for you all anyway, even porn.

I feel that a lot of sex worker activists are strippers (maybe I'm totally wrong). And in my area, and I would think most areas, strippers do not provide sex. A lot of clubs do not allow touching, and you may at most get your pants wet in many others. I found it puzzling that they identify themselves along side with escorts.

Can I support street walkers? I am always against prostitution in residential areas, if practical everybody should be limited to do it in hotels. So I can't support SW's around residential areas and can't support residential incalls. I have seen over the world less desirable buildings being taken over by sex workers, when underprivileged families have to rub shoulders with patrons. Now I heard in the news a short while ago that desirable trendy flats in London are at risk too.

That's my principle. But I have no trouble going to incalls in nice quiet neighborhoods, and that neighbors aren't staring at you. Because making laws exactly what you wanted without loophole is difficult.


Aneris said...

Because there is not sex as we define it, there is only play and bating, D/s activities will always fall into a shaded but kinda safe area.

This is just the latest revenue hunting/gathering, until money loosens up.

People may not like S&N but they can just frown and call the participants kinky freaks.

Other types of intercourse have a different response.

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