Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bipolar 3G

Wow, imagine that, picking up three generations of bipolar's to deal with. I was watching some saved TV on my DVR - I think there was something about bipolar in it, but not a documentary but drama. Of course I vaguely know about bipolar before, but it dawned on me that I could be dealing with it, three generations.

Certainly I'm not trying to diagnose anything via a TV drama, nor I'm going to read everything of it on the web. Obviously something fits (what doesn't), and many don't. It doesn't matter. For your benefit you can imagine that at times I'm dealing with something like that. Imagine at home you see at play sometimes bipolar vs bipolar, or bipolar vs ADHD (which could be a misdiagnosed bipolar).

Maybe I should join some victim support group, because the whole family is the victim, not just the patient. Maybe the wrong group, at least I may learn something to deal with - "spending spree", "irrational behavior". (That's my theory - there's always some disorder that fits some of you.)

But there are other ways - like seeing callgirls (I sort of prefer hooker if that doesn't offend anyone). Really I don't see how a game of golf is more fun than spanking something beautiful or playing illegal games that you can't even tell others. An hour of theraputic massage is theraputic - going blank for an hour is enough to recharge for another day or week.

ps. spell check is off for some reason, get over it


Sucre Bebe said...

A game of golf is not better than playtime with your favorite playmate!

Sarah said...

Perhaps you should see a hooker who offers a Bi-Polar service.

You may even enjoy the propect of returning home!


The Player said...

I can see the promotions coming:
Make love, not golf! Bipolar can be beaten!