Friday, October 31, 2008

Back to pretty woman from Prop K diversion.

Remember a while ago a self proclaimed attractive woman asked in public about why it's so difficult to find husband in the above 500K income bracket, when many of these men have plain janes as wives?

Nobody wants to be loved because what he earned. It's related: if one only aims at 500K, he will take it easy once he get there waiting for retirement, he's not likely to be given that position or get his business there in the first place. Plain jane isn't that bad. Everybody can be glam up a few notches, like stock escort pictures and porn stars on DVD labels. Knowing somebody for a long time has it's advantages, like childhood friends and high school sweethearts. Attraction is a strange thing. I had a slightly painful erection, skins being pulled too hard by the pressure, when I saw a woman who wasn't even on the top of my "conquer" list. How about Prince Charles?

I don't want to be some hooker's only way out. It helps if she is doing well herself, and have a lot of rich suitors. I don't want to be somebody's stiff toy only, there's plenty around.

Similarly, I don't think hookers would want to have boyfriends that are only after free sex. Or, they expect that (ex)hooker girlfriends are willing to offer more sex and more kinky sex than others. Or, hookers don't want to be just trophy wives. I mean beauty is skin deep and can vaporize at any moment.

A rich man wants Anna Nichole to be his wife, that's perfectly OK for me. But I mean both parties will usually want more than that, because there aren't that many Mr Smith. Also, a mail order type bride will be less risky?

What a hooker wants from a relationship? It really isn't different from anybody else, depends on individuals. Often people who suffer more hardship early in life works a lot harder and achieves more. If they are not getting anywhere they want more security from others. I once had a crush on a girl (she isn't a hooker and that was ancient history) who is poorer to start with. She worked very hard in a summer job for spending money. The joint went burst and didn't pay her a cent. She never took risk even before that, including me, and her choice of boyfriend is totally predictable - middle middle class parent, has a stable boring job and qualifications when her peers are only starting. Plain, boring, but sent her flowers. (Oh yes, maybe I'm jealous.)

I had a hooker that obviously had some abandonment complex. She actually joked that now I a nice house, nice car, nice job, and what do I do? Play hooking. I think somebody dumped her before and I'm sure the last thing she wanted is a rich playboy friend.

Another hooker told me that she wanted somebody who she can talk to (among many other things!). I'm not sure that she enjoyed all the gambling, drinking and smoking. I think she just like to be surrounded by friends, and often talked through the night with a few of her closest. As a man with few words, I was very alarmed that we spent a couple of hours in the hotel room, mostly post sex talking. Then we went to the restaurant for a couple more. I'm sure she likes to talk to someone who knows her job and respects her. It could be a trap, or nothing, but it's trouble anyway. I didn't see her for a couple of months.

Looks really doesn't matter much, and if you don't believe me watch more porn (with fat ugly studs). But there should be some minimum standards. I had a barely legal girl who avoided walking along side with me, staying a few yards in front of me always. That is unusual ;) One day she took down my sun glasses, told me I looked better, and the sun glasses were terrible, reminded her of some scary discipline masters. She must be a trouble maker back at school! I am so proud of her because another one told me that I needed some eye bag removal. At the same period, yet another one grabbed my arm tight, walking together on the streets. She asked me if we looked like lovers. I tried hard to duck away, at last saying that we needed a mirror. I know she wanted to see me again (as a client), but she could have found less awkward things to use. I blame my genes. I'm not going to get love handles, and I have to wait a few more decades than others to get my salt and pepper. Believe me, it isn't good at work.


Sarah said...

At the risk offending the author, he talks about hookers as if we are a different species!

I'm just living a life.......

The Player said...

Complaining? You know what I'm talking about? I don't :)

Sarah said...

Never mind. We might be a diferent species, but the planet is the