Friday, October 31, 2008

Back to pretty woman from Prop K diversion.

Remember a while ago a self proclaimed attractive woman asked in public about why it's so difficult to find husband in the above 500K income bracket, when many of these men have plain janes as wives?

Nobody wants to be loved because what he earned. It's related: if one only aims at 500K, he will take it easy once he get there waiting for retirement, he's not likely to be given that position or get his business there in the first place. Plain jane isn't that bad. Everybody can be glam up a few notches, like stock escort pictures and porn stars on DVD labels. Knowing somebody for a long time has it's advantages, like childhood friends and high school sweethearts. Attraction is a strange thing. I had a slightly painful erection, skins being pulled too hard by the pressure, when I saw a woman who wasn't even on the top of my "conquer" list. How about Prince Charles?

I don't want to be some hooker's only way out. It helps if she is doing well herself, and have a lot of rich suitors. I don't want to be somebody's stiff toy only, there's plenty around.

Similarly, I don't think hookers would want to have boyfriends that are only after free sex. Or, they expect that (ex)hooker girlfriends are willing to offer more sex and more kinky sex than others. Or, hookers don't want to be just trophy wives. I mean beauty is skin deep and can vaporize at any moment.

A rich man wants Anna Nichole to be his wife, that's perfectly OK for me. But I mean both parties will usually want more than that, because there aren't that many Mr Smith. Also, a mail order type bride will be less risky?

What a hooker wants from a relationship? It really isn't different from anybody else, depends on individuals. Often people who suffer more hardship early in life works a lot harder and achieves more. If they are not getting anywhere they want more security from others. I once had a crush on a girl (she isn't a hooker and that was ancient history) who is poorer to start with. She worked very hard in a summer job for spending money. The joint went burst and didn't pay her a cent. She never took risk even before that, including me, and her choice of boyfriend is totally predictable - middle middle class parent, has a stable boring job and qualifications when her peers are only starting. Plain, boring, but sent her flowers. (Oh yes, maybe I'm jealous.)

I had a hooker that obviously had some abandonment complex. She actually joked that now I a nice house, nice car, nice job, and what do I do? Play hooking. I think somebody dumped her before and I'm sure the last thing she wanted is a rich playboy friend.

Another hooker told me that she wanted somebody who she can talk to (among many other things!). I'm not sure that she enjoyed all the gambling, drinking and smoking. I think she just like to be surrounded by friends, and often talked through the night with a few of her closest. As a man with few words, I was very alarmed that we spent a couple of hours in the hotel room, mostly post sex talking. Then we went to the restaurant for a couple more. I'm sure she likes to talk to someone who knows her job and respects her. It could be a trap, or nothing, but it's trouble anyway. I didn't see her for a couple of months.

Looks really doesn't matter much, and if you don't believe me watch more porn (with fat ugly studs). But there should be some minimum standards. I had a barely legal girl who avoided walking along side with me, staying a few yards in front of me always. That is unusual ;) One day she took down my sun glasses, told me I looked better, and the sun glasses were terrible, reminded her of some scary discipline masters. She must be a trouble maker back at school! I am so proud of her because another one told me that I needed some eye bag removal. At the same period, yet another one grabbed my arm tight, walking together on the streets. She asked me if we looked like lovers. I tried hard to duck away, at last saying that we needed a mirror. I know she wanted to see me again (as a client), but she could have found less awkward things to use. I blame my genes. I'm not going to get love handles, and I have to wait a few more decades than others to get my salt and pepper. Believe me, it isn't good at work.
Prop K: Since I can't vote there, I wasn't going to subject myself to painful spins. However, because of the interesting subject, and the exposure, I read a little more.

It's painful to read and watch DA Harris to spin off the subject. There are also subjects that the proponents touched lightly. There should be voter submitted questions made into FAQ section.

I would think getting it to the ballot box is an achievement. It can be a landslide as up to 70% (substitute your own figure) of men will have some experience with prostitutes. For current patrons the price will come down, for future patrons, they will not be prosecuted if they dare to try.

I very much agree that it's a human rights issue - should you be prosecuted by attending a wine tasting party? It happened before, you know. Human trafficking still doesn't make sense. The international trafficking excuse was shot down, now they bring out the domestic ones. Did someone said that the fear of prosecution because of prostitution is the main reason these victims didn't try to run to the authorities?

If someone setup a sex slave brothel in downtown SF for half the price, it might have a long line and everybody knows about it, and it will be busted very soon. The price will be more or less the same. It takes a moron client not to notice the difference, and most will avoid that sort of thing. Most clients are not eligible anyway because of the risk. So far someone said international trafficking is zero in SF and I say domestic trafficking is a rare event not in big cities like SF. What happened in the news is that they imprison victims in the middle of nowhere, the small number of clients (if any) are willing to keep the secret because of no real alternatives.

Good luck with the zoning issues. I don't know how it works. Prop K isn't legislation, just to tell LE stop wasting time with prostitutes. How to deal with street walkers? They are much more mobile than a illegal hot dog stand. How to deal with a high traffic brothel in a residential area? Or commercial area? US laws is quite lax on prostitutes. You get warning and then tickets a few times before you get jail time (varies greatly for locations). It's a lot more difficult to clean up the streets by charging them with something like selling hot dogs illegally. It's also difficult to get rid of incalls with lots of visiting friends all day long. The threat is more of harassment, the biggest being outing you when you try to keep it a secret. LE can (?) threaten your assets and custody of your children.

Since EU relax immigration laws and adopted the US cheap labor model, Europeans got a glimpse of what will happen if US prostitutes become not so illegal. Targeting prostitution such as in Amsterdam seems to be the natural reaction. SF would be really in the fore front to show the world something.

The rights of minorities (occupation) and the pursuit of harmless pleasure should triumph everything else. Let's see how it goes.

But it will be happy times, I would go to SF rather than LV. I'll do careful screening and then do it at upper floors at Grand Hyatt,, on the floor at the glass walls, or a little bit tricky, on the thick walls at the glass windows.

Trafficking wouldn't make any difference as it's a rare even if any. Victim can go to LE without fear.

There won't be more brothels as all exiting strip clubs will be brothels. Income will be down because of competition, and some strippers will be forced out. Some previous brothels, now empty properties, will be reopened. It will be like good old times when the numbers in SF are near saturation, so there won't be noticeably more.

There are always secret flats in the most desirable areas. People feel safe there and you can charge more. I know one private apartment in a small complex that you can only get to via toll road. The toll cam's have your plate numbers if anything happens. The high rent also favors sharing, for people with connections who have streams of girls visiting from overseas or from the other coast. (The same principle that pets don't shit where they eat.) After prop K they will tighten up the schedules and less worrying about people getting lost and press the wrong doorbells.

There are happy ending factories in almost all desirable locations already. Many are now clinically clean in medical plazas. Again there won't need to be more, just more places will allow happy endings and more. There will be winners and losers, like strippers, depending on what how far they are willing to go.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's amusing to be philosophical about porn. But do you think lesser of the girl if she is covered with cum after a burakke party? She has lots of money, can't sing, can't act, too pretty to be a waitress, and don't know much to do anything else.

I was visiting a massage therapist for about a year, who is pretty enough to join the 1st wife club, that is, you don't mind seeing her everyday. Never tried to ask her out because of her metabolic rate, she can never be a thin model (she told me she consulted doctors). She isn't fat or thick, just no point to show her off, rather stay in her massage room instead. She wouldn't do anything sexual, she made it clear on day one. No foot massage, may be a little thigh massage not too high up. I never pushed, it's complicated on both sides. But certainly, it's not because she was watched by her boss. She hid me in the most private room available, just short of any underground boiler room. She liked to be stared at while doing the chest massage on me.

There are those who tease you with everything within the law, until you submit to do it yourself, sort of pro dom in massage. And then there are those who do happy endings with no hesitation, as someone new said here that it's the easiest money ever. Some pride on getting you off without you touching them at all. As much I love the massage and the good feeling of a happy ending, I rather have two back to back sessions, which cover all my needs.

It's hard to refuse those massage girls who need money, but not a lot. They don't go all the way because they are totally young and beautiful, and they get enough money for that. Many of them are too delicate to handle clients on their own if they take in/out calls. Once you start grabbing and sucking, it's hard to save yourself for another appointment, and it would become economically uneconomic.

I was so paranoid that she would run away with the money while I was taking a shower she asked, Chanel walked in the bathtub after finishing her call, grabbed my dick causally like it is a innocent toy, washed it, and suck away. It seemed like the most natural thing to do. Later I found out that she wasn't good at it because she doesn't like it. She later put on the cover because she thought that she shouldn't give away too much for the bargain. And later she would give me enough BBBJ to please me, but no pretense about it. Unlike, Emma, who seemed to have a field day every time, blow it, cool it down, repeat, until I couldn't last any more.

Do you sometimes it's like bribing a kid with candies to do chores? I know the size of the bribe and the chores are very different, but that's just something to get use to - the porn philosophy? In the beginning I can't stand hard core porn, prefer soft and censored porn where in your face cocks are blurred. Now it's the opposite, call it progress, just as anybody else. I also hated ugly fat guys, but now I can appreciate the dramatic effect. Also, I can overlook it and concentrate on other things.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pretty Woman?

I don't see how a woman politician can comment on the subject. Has she been a hooker herself? Or not that far by being a politician? Thinking about it, I am as qualified as many others, who see hookers who enjoy client sex, and who hate it, who think they are doing something wrong, and who think they are just doing a job like any others.

Can you love a hooker? You can easily make your conclusion by watching lots of porn with angelic stars doing XXXXX stuffs with ugly fat studs. You don't want your woman to do that sort of things often? How often is often? I knew a girl who told me she experimented by the book with her ex-boyfriend before she became a part time hooker. I would think sugar babies of older gentlemen are pretty easy work. Where to draw the frequency line?

Some hookers draw the line on kissing, etc. It's bullshit saying it's reserved for boyfriends. Though sometimes it's stupid rules set by boyfriends. Anyway, where do you draw the line? In some cultures, you have to be killed if you are not a virgin at wedding. In others, virgins are sought after and expected. But if these guys spend a couple of months or years in the West, they don't care any more.

There are many reasons for not kissing, simply don't like it. One reason is that you can't fake passion as in real DFK. So some girls simply don't try. However, those tongue-tongue DJK's (not F) seems good for all party involved, and don't need much passion on both sides. It's simply some service that make the client feel good.

Down the line, tea bags, cock to mouth, CIM, CI anything, doesn't seem so unacceptable to boy friends. Does it matter where your girl friend uses her lips or tongue? Does it matter what's being put in her mouth? (All risk being equal or safe.)

I know some girls hate many things. But a few like to suck any stiff cocks, naturally they are not afraid of pre cums and cums. And after in the job long enough, girls are pretty insensitive what the tasks are. At least they can talk about anything like routine tricks of the circus, while some clients are too shy to ask.

Sure many hookers do not enjoy client sex. But to some, perhaps newer ones, it's just natural reaction. They can't stop juice flowing, nipples stiffening, moaning, back scratching, neck holding, and of course the big O. Some girls actually try hard to fight it, so they don't give away too much for the price agreed upon. And they don't want to give some clients the wrong ideas.

Having said that, a retired hooker is preferrable. I'm so jealous when my fav hooker leaves my hotel room to see her next client.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

San Francisco Prop K

Sex sells. If you want public attention, I would suggest to hold a sexy street party and parade, that sort of thing. Give it a Halloween theme so sex workers can hide their face and ID, so hopefully more attractive people may come forward. A masquerade street party maybe? Handing out mask on site so patrons or potential patrons may just join in for the fun.

As for the prop itself, I'm not so sure. Say I would let them investigate, so they will concentrate on trafficking if they can find any. If there's no checks and balances, SF, being in America, has the potential to make it as in your face as Amsterdam, but with the scale of London.

SF is lined with pretty historical buildings (relatively speaking) everywhere. There are many small apartments with huge windows close to street levels.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bipolar 3G

Wow, imagine that, picking up three generations of bipolar's to deal with. I was watching some saved TV on my DVR - I think there was something about bipolar in it, but not a documentary but drama. Of course I vaguely know about bipolar before, but it dawned on me that I could be dealing with it, three generations.

Certainly I'm not trying to diagnose anything via a TV drama, nor I'm going to read everything of it on the web. Obviously something fits (what doesn't), and many don't. It doesn't matter. For your benefit you can imagine that at times I'm dealing with something like that. Imagine at home you see at play sometimes bipolar vs bipolar, or bipolar vs ADHD (which could be a misdiagnosed bipolar).

Maybe I should join some victim support group, because the whole family is the victim, not just the patient. Maybe the wrong group, at least I may learn something to deal with - "spending spree", "irrational behavior". (That's my theory - there's always some disorder that fits some of you.)

But there are other ways - like seeing callgirls (I sort of prefer hooker if that doesn't offend anyone). Really I don't see how a game of golf is more fun than spanking something beautiful or playing illegal games that you can't even tell others. An hour of theraputic massage is theraputic - going blank for an hour is enough to recharge for another day or week.

ps. spell check is off for some reason, get over it

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inspired to Blog: The Comfort Zone

Inspired to Blog: The Comfort Zone: "Someone ( a man of course) sent me this today and it made me laugh a lot. It kind of takes the piss out of this industry too, and I think we can all get too serious at times so here goes..." Never thought of it this way.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

First they came for the street workers... | Sex In The Public Square

First they came for the street workers... | Sex In The Public Square
Well said.

Instead of replying to comments, I can just as well add to the post. This usual "First they came ... then ..." got me thinking. Do we all have trouble drawing the line between sex workers all the time? When everybody have a blog, I had to limit my blog rolls to penetration sex, while keeping entries on my old blog rolls. Some ex call girls who turned into something else caused more confusions because I listed them as ex call girls. My thinking was, why bother too much about the line? Seriously they are coming for you all anyway, even porn.

I feel that a lot of sex worker activists are strippers (maybe I'm totally wrong). And in my area, and I would think most areas, strippers do not provide sex. A lot of clubs do not allow touching, and you may at most get your pants wet in many others. I found it puzzling that they identify themselves along side with escorts.

Can I support street walkers? I am always against prostitution in residential areas, if practical everybody should be limited to do it in hotels. So I can't support SW's around residential areas and can't support residential incalls. I have seen over the world less desirable buildings being taken over by sex workers, when underprivileged families have to rub shoulders with patrons. Now I heard in the news a short while ago that desirable trendy flats in London are at risk too.

That's my principle. But I have no trouble going to incalls in nice quiet neighborhoods, and that neighbors aren't staring at you. Because making laws exactly what you wanted without loophole is difficult.