Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To be or not to be - an escort

Recently, there have been a few posts directly and indirectly about this topic, and some more will be coming too. This happens to be appropriate if I continue on the handbook (or escort 101) series - the beginning of it all. Not that I'm going to write a lot more, just that I don't want to do other things much today.

The so called prom-mis-cure-us (the spell checker can't help me here), is a good quality. Morally, you don't feel guilty about the job, that's quite necessary. With all the experience, you are not afraid of being hurt easily, and you know how to please. Experience is the same thing, but one needs time to acquire experience. If you are 19 and you have seen and done it all, I would say it's more of prom-mis-cure-us than experience.

If you are well qualified, you may not know that some newer girls are quite funny, regardless of age. You know some experienced and more delicate girls can lock you with their limbs and bodies so you couldn't charge much and couldn't do much damage. They will only open up when they feel that you are not too rough. This is the first things that newer girls learn, together with the overuse of lubrications, directly related to the size of your penis. They would rather do quickies, don't care if you come back or not.

I had a good girl Nikki, 19 year old, very juicy on a good day, but she preferred anal, and she charges extra for it of course. But I think she likes it, perhaps not with every (or all) patron(s). And of course Emma who have an oral fixation, which is not an urban legend, I can vouch for it. They like the job, at least while I'm in there.

Then you need a reason, which is of course the money. No matter how much you like sex, you don't need to be an escort to get a lot of it. We are talking about having a choice here. The saddest thing I heard is that mothers or daughters want to keep the whole family together. That is, to avoid social services taking away they children or siblings. It can be terrible in some areas, children are lost in the system, and at least one died. And of course the usual foster stories, for profit, for cheap domestic labour, for abuse and all of the above.

On the other extreme, I read somewhere recently, that I can't recall the origin, that someone dressed and accessarized like they have a trust fund, or ivory league graduates. Instead of having a trust fund, or graduated from ivory leagues, some went into escorting to get the same things. Personally I don't think it's worth it to sell sex in order to be somebody you are not. But then there's little difference than some poor girls, when they are 19, decide that they don't want to suffer any more, want to buy, say, an ipod, iphone or a working car, when they want to, like all their other peers. Who am I to judge?

In between, there's the usual keeping up with medical bills, mortgages, etc. Basically, moving down the social scale can be terrifying, because of the unknown, and that you are likely to loose your friends on the current scale. But I would think bankruptcy, moving to a small house, or renting isn't the end of the world. You can always make a comeback, probably easier than if you try to hang on to it no matter what, losing more on the way. And if you can't, get use to it, there's a whole new world down there. Of course if you are close to homeless or need food kitchens, that's a different story.

It's useless to say "don't do drugs". Many are driven into prostitution because of it in the first place. For social users, if you think there's such a thing, I pray for you. I hope to be a social smoker too. But either I chain smoke myself to death, or I don't touch it at all. Genetically, I will fall asleep before I get drunk.

For any reason, I hope you are on the top of it. Naturally, patrons buy happiness, or smile, if they can afford it, if only temporarily. If you are miserable to start with, it will likely be a fast downward spiral.

It's refreshing to see that exit strategies are often discussed. Ideally you have a career job and a side job to supplement your income. When you want to or forced to retire you have something to fall back on. But often it doesn't make sense when you work a lot less hours and earn a lot more on your side job. Earning your way through college is similar. Your 1st graduated job may be a lot worse money wise than your escort job. It's temping to go full time instead.

The happy situations I come across are summer jobs, in safer and/or a lot richer places other than your own. Or waiting for the occasional call after your day job, mostly out of town business travellers (without their wife). And of course some flight attendants, not that there are many escorts among them, but their job fits part-time escorting well.

If you escort full time, I would think when you have enough to retire, it's easier to go into personal investment or start your own business. You don't need somebody to employ you but still you need time to learn, and prepare for the risk, such as extra money to lose. Nowadays, a few years (in escorting) is a long time that your exit plans have to adapt. You don't want to unretire.

Of course looking for someone to support your retirement, like marriage. But well, you have read about difficult relationships. And gold digging for example, is best when you are at your prime, which is also the time you can earn the most - contradicting.

A main risk is addiction to money, or some would say lifestyle. You buy what you like. This is worse than credit card addiction, which I bet most people suffers. This addiction is what drive some from part time into full time, from with an exit strategy to without.

How long will you last? With modern technology, easily a decade or two physically. If you want to stay all natural, not even laser skin enhancement, you need to watch your window of opportunity. Catwalk models start younger and younger, because some girls look their best (slim model wise) at 16, some 12. Their prime time is short lived, if they start their escort job at legal age. On the other hand, some skinny girls for example, looks sexier after 30 with some meat on the bone.

I'm sure there are a lot more that could be said, but they are not in my head now.


Sarah said...

I always think it is sad when I see ladies come back on the scene years after they have retired. They obviously didn't do it right the first time around...

The Player said...

Looking at the bright side, I would love to have such a job to fall back on at an instant. And some are just bored after raising children, etc.

Alexa said...

I have a well-defined exit strategy articulated in my posts on my blog.

I tend to agree with Sarah, though I do know of one instance where the re-entry was for a very good reason (Amanda Brooks).

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