Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Inspired to Blog: What's all the fuss about?: "The old car? Gone to a new owner who will love it, just like I still do......"

Unusually sentimental for an escort, what do you think? When I was little, we moved for the first time. All the brothers went back to the old empty flat to camp for the last night. I don't know what happened to my wife, since our roots weren't that different. She didn't like to see my old pictures at tough times, with hairs like a rock star, or the young Blair, when I was proud of it. She also wanted to erase the memory of our 1st rental flat, with holes in the wall. For me it wasn't sad, we only stayed for less than a year I think before moving to a brand new house. Once in a blue moon when I was sentimental, and say something like the above, without appearing sentimental, she would ask, "what are you trying to say?".

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