Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Inspired to Blog: The Modus Operandi of the working girl: "If the punter becomes a regular and starts crossing boundaries then you do have the ultimate choice of saying NO next time he tries to make an appointment. What a shame when you have built up a rapport of sorts and feel safe with him.

Sometimes you may see a guy, who has a really good time, and those feelings extend both ways, simply for him to end the session abruptly to the point of rudeness, only asking questions such as 'can I use the bathroom', and then he is gone without so much as a thank you."

Crossing boundaries - I do try to ask for more if I'm regular, otherwise why would I keep seeing the same woman, not that I know her well anyway. Some girls kiss or do something else once you see her the 2nd time. Some are YMMV but I can't stand it if my mileage are less than the others, knowing that there's nothing particularly wrong about me. Ah, you can say we want more mileages as regulars. But I'm not thinking about crossing boundaries, whatever it means. I tried to probe Chanel as to what she didn't mind to do. If she doesn't like something we can find something else. Initially she didn't seem to understand. Instinctively, she rejects anything other than straight sex (multiple positions). Or wasting my time telling me that she would do it some other time, hoping that I forgot about it. We had a lot of miss-communications. I brought her sexy clothes she didn't wear just because it didn't fit and looked good on her. She didn't want me to touch her toes because it wasn't done (and cleaned) professional. She did enjoy it eventually. Good for her, and I doubt if anybody ever wanted to suck her toes again. For some reasons she didn't want me to suck her fingers, which would be kinky. I did it once and forgot about trying it again. She promised me to do toys, proper toys, but I still didn't know if she really meant it or trying to waste my time again.

Rude departure? - I didn't know that we have high expectation on us ;) I would think a quick premature exit is always welcomed? Really I would think going 10 min early is about 17% tips? Rolling over right after, asking for the bathroom, dress up fast and get out of the door without coming back to the bedroom to say goodbye - wouldn't that be fantastic? Normally I would stay in bed resting. Some would cuddle. Some would retire into the bathroom and I know that's it. When she cleaned up it may not be a good idea to hug or kiss goodbye - her dress may be delicate and so may be her lipsticks or make up.

Once a girl watched me putting back my clothes on. She asked if I always button up that quick. (not always) I LOL because I didn't realize that. Call that "professional" sickness. I don't spend time on routine non-pleasure things. The less time I spent away, the less is the suspicion.

Another time I regret that I had no choice but to say to the girl naked next to me in bed, "you can go now". I was late, got no time. I was trying to say it in a way that I was doing her a favor, by telling her that she could go early. It could well be the most romantic session, with a stranger that is. She got the message and get up to put on her clothes. She wasn't happy. Maybe because she asked for later dates in the same evening, subtly and then unmistakably. I had commitments, couldn't go whatever the price was, and ducked. I let her believed that I would be there for the week, but actually I would be flying the day after, with no more play time. Now she was certain that she got no dates, but not because I was leaving town. I felt she felt rejected. I gave her a good tip and she didn't response. But then again it may just be a trick. If she DFKed me goodbye I might have saved myself the tip if she was convincing. And I wouldn't double the good tip just to get her smile and feel good myself.

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