Sunday, September 28, 2008

Failed pickups

I saw a very sexy young woman walking alone on the sidewalk. She looked like a young housewife who ventured outdoors for something, didn't bother to change, and hoped to get away with it because not much people was around. She was in shorts, not tight but brief, long legs on comfortable slippers.

I was in a rather new sporty car, casual suit for work. Instinctively I decided to try picking her up because of her legs. I did something like this, but not from a car, and the last time was a million years ago. It was a quiet neighborhood, nobody else was walking and the traffic was sparse. I don't know anybody there for a million miles.

So I stopped a few foot-steps in front of her, waiting for her to come to my passenger side window. She came up politely, straighten her legs and bent down so her head was closer to the window. I wished I was at her back side so much. Then I asked, "Do you need a ride?".

For the background, offering rides to strangers there happen all the time. I have seen that some girls do take up on the offers, but usually in pairs or groups.

She was surprised a bit. But what she did surprised me too. Find out at the end.
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I saw two young girls dressed for a night out, waiting at the bus stop. There were few people around and few traffic. I thought it was a sure thing they would take up my offer for a ride. Then it hit on me that I wasn't driving my own car. But I did it anyway. I have seen girls getting into barely working cars. But this car was different. The girls laughed cheerfully while shaking their heads a little. They aren't really laughing at me, but found the situation quite hilarious.

Find out here.


Pete from Cal said...

Very nice... too bad she declined your offer because from your description of her, sounded like a like MILF or just a hot housewife... yummy... :) better luck next time!

The Player said...

When I really use the past tense, it usually means that the action really wasn't in the recent past, in which I would have likely used the present tense. In where I live now, it's hard to find somebody walking around, unless they are jogging. But it will be hopeless even if they jog in a bra.