Tuesday, September 09, 2008

All back to, or going to, school now. All sort of ellite, semi ellite, or special classes, and not the money can buy types. It's the usual time for some perfect family appearance. Back in summer, we had some perfect family trips too.

May be finally my wife know how to treasure the things she has. A little late but still. This is related to call girls, but I will get to that in later posts. We had been to exotic islands, and exotic hotels within the islands that can only be reached via private boats. No, we didn't stay right there but we are the types that are welcomed everywhere. They pour enough fine sand to cover a whole bay, which I discovered has chest high clear water wherever you walk. It was a perfect beach but it meant nothing to me. I just went along. If now I could bring my kids there it would be memory of a life time for them. But kids are easy, it would be memory for a lifetime too if we went to the high Sierras. (Though they all have passports have frequent flyer accounts, not much point in it though.) We went to a picture perfect place for honeymoon too, but all she worried was her excursions. Imagine that? Excursions during honeymoon?

Whenever I hug my kids I want them never to grow up, time stands still. (I'm not thinking about me stop aging though.) On the other hand I wish they turn 18 tomorrow and can fend for themselves.

My thought is very different when my 1st kid was less than a month old. When I was changing diapers, I though sadly, "there goes my next 18 years". I was thinking my happy timing table of going out for side dishes would be greatly disrupted, and that I would be financially slaved to school fees and college funds and all that. I was so silly that I was thinking coming back to active player life after 18 years, not thinking that I would be too old by then. See? Everything is hooker related. Not that I wanted to retire from playering by then, but I was way more active at the time with multiple regulars.

Before kids I hoped my wife changed gradually, either changed from a part-time wife to a full-time wife, or quit altogether. By part-time wife I don' t mean that she cheats or something. It's not bad enough for me to quit - like some call girls, when she is good she is an angel. And I didn't want to lose half of the house. After kids, anything would be much more difficult. It's only a little sacrifice on my part to have a perfect family for them, if only for the short term.

If I can do it all over again, I would have kids when I'm fully ready, that means I would be financially sound for the next 20 years. No matter many couples have kids when they are so old, have no kids, or just adopt. The alternative is to have kids as young as possible. I have posted about the hot young single mother applying her lotions too close to me for my comfort. Both partners have more choices. And when your kids turn 18, you are still only in your 40's. Before that, you could at least able to feed them no matter what happens.

Funny my late father, in his 80's, still regret that he couldn't help out because of his health. Help out like getting a job. Some of his children aren't doing as well as the others, but all are old enough not needing the help of him in his 80's.

Thanks to my wife, we are a half way house, none of the above. She didn't want to have kids when she was young, and spent a lot of money on things like cars and travels. She just wanted kids when it's a good time go have one, and if she still didn't want kids, she felt she had to find something else to do, like getting a job.

On the bright side, I met a very attractive woman in her early 50's. (We all can have high hopes!) She can wear tight shirts and short skirts with her slim body. I looked at her legs! Her face didn't seem like it too, apart from the few wrinkles. I thought she is late 30's who looks old, or 40's who looked young. If she use more botox on her face nobody can tell. And I don't mean she is using botox. She has little make up on. She did say that she feel way better now than when she was in her 30's, raising three kids. Why would I hear all these, of course she was trying to do the couger thing - on me of course :-). Just to let me know so there would be no surprises later. Little did she knows I'm also approaching (slowly though ;) her so called half old club. I am hot for her anytime but it's not my nature to call her up and try the rest. I would rather call my "friends" to have a non complicted get together when the need arises. But if she contacts me I would say yes or anything she likes to hear.

My wife is even more brillant. A helper in the park asked my little kid, "where's your big sister?". My kid told the guy that she was his mother. If she started to have kids younger, I bet she would like to do the matching sister outfits, double dating, etc.

Once I told my favorite call girl (Chanel the professional lier) that her mother might be perfect for me. Seriously, as LV courtesan would say, why anyone want to be with some girls for the whole day? Chanel can be difficult, and I can imagine how hard it would be dating her, or anyone in their 20's for that matter. I though her mother will be perfect for dating if we can somehow start off on a fresh white sheet. She should be as attractive as Chanel if not more, and I had little problem being with older woman (30+) for any length of time. Her older sisters would be more than perfect but I would have no chance. When Chanel told me her mother was over 50, I was disappointed. But now I have different ideas. Of course it's not possible, as Chanel will not and can not introduce me to her mother. Just thinking how attractive she could be.

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