Sunday, September 14, 2008


Escorting is all about money. But I forgot from my own experience that very often money isn't the main driver. I can't find better words to put it but the sense of adventure. Obviously they are not desperate for money. They are bored and instead of settling into a seemingly boring or uncertain life, they choose to "see the world" for sure with escorting as the "ticket". (I mean physical traveling is a small or irrelevant part of "see the world".)

Shortie may be about 5'3. She is well traveled with her parents, have lived in a few parts of the world like army brats, but in big constructions or something like that. She is 19, in college, which not much of her classmates attended classes. I don't think she excels in academics because of her nomadic background. Her face is actually below average, and there's not much to look at when she's wearing clothes. Her body is outstanding - not in the proportion department, but in the touch and feel department. Overall, I grew to like her very soon. She is quite picky about her clients (some restrictions). But for those who manage to see her, she would do a lot of things, even gave me pleasant surprises. It seems that her escort odometer has little mileage on it, but I think she listens and learns a lot. After the 1st shot, she would shower, come back, hold me, and patiently wait for the 2nd even if I fell asleep.

I don't think she has big plans for herself, just to finish college, not thinking that it will do her any good or any worse. I don't think she would settle for average Joe because she did actually see the world a bit - multi-lingual, even know a little arabic. I don't think exciting bad boys will go after her - she is a bit plain. I think she can't give up handsome young men (relatively speaking) yet at 19, and settle for mature men as boyfriends. So she is a bit of limbo on dating (who isn't?).

In her case it's easy to become a call girl. If she expresses interest or asks around a little, somebody will get to her, she will be given the chance to try it out, and that she can be a little picky about clients if she doesn't worry about the money. I think her clients are more exciting than having average joes as boyfriends. She likes sex. I've been told (not her) that it's a thrill when some total stranger is at the other side of the door, ready to have sex with you. And her clients have money.

Chanel and a few of her friends, I suppose they want rich boyfriends that they actually like - they are too pretty for average joes. Chanel's face could pass as the trophy 1st wife club, but her body isn't near model types, but outstanding for a young hooker, for a while. She can get back to great shape any time but she didn't bother. Some of her friends appeared in printed soft porns briefly, and can be counted as internet models as they have websites. Don't know how much they get from it at all, but certainly having a porn site inflate their escort rates. (unlike real porn stars who actually have videos out.) Looking back, their body is great, but I was never tempted because they aren't that pretty in the face, so it isn't worth it when I can have Chanel without costing an arm and a leg. Chanel cannot show her face in public so she settled for less.

So they don't have everything, either just rich boyfriends, or just boyfriends that they like, or none. In Chanel's case, she kept her rich boyfriend as an option. Once in a blue moon, she told me that she would be satisfied if she has someone to talk to, meaning not only that she didn't like her boyfriend much, but she also found it hard to talk to him. It's not that they don't talk to each other. It's the sort of talk with your best friend, you open your heart, and feel good. I also think that they were being played before, or seen someone else being played, making them less hopeful for Mr Right to turn up soon.

It's interesting how their adventures ended, or moving on to their next stage. If she is telling the truth for once, Chanel married and had a kid. Her boyfriend hanged on for too long, pressured her to get married or else he had to replace her. What I heard from the others were decreasing specials by word of mouth or via agents, while still maintaining their expensive high profile in their public websites. One had a kid, still worked, with very much revised rates, but still not popular, appeared briefly in 2nd rate internet porns. One worked in a totally different industry that can make use of her personal skills. On her work website, she had her pictures on which looked very professional. But she also had to very subtly stated that she had been an escort. She sure knows that many people will still remember her.

Joan, Chanel's buddy, was still working and seemed to be doing well. Joan used to look up to Chanel but seemed that the fortune was reversed. Joan is not as pretty but can easily replace Chanel when first I met them, indeed I did them both on separate occasions. The difference is, Joan doesn't seem to have problems with the job, while I doubt if Chanel ever has regulars. She never did it full time. She came out to work when she needed money, and then disappeared until next time. Then she worked even less and changed her strategy. Before she married she should have at most a few regulars that she could put up with, but only barely I suppose.

Last time I heard from Joan (via Chanel), her boyfriend finished college, got a decent entry level job. Obviously she was still working. They were going to get a brand new Z3. Maybe I may still run into her, she is still a long way from 30.

More adventures to come if I remember somebody else.

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