Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pushing the envelope

I'm telling you probably you will hear less and less of me unless I find something to push here. A decade ago it may be fun to write about reviews and blogs about it - before it was called blogging. Now for sure they are not going to prosecute cyber johns no matter how well they confess their crimes. Blogging within brothels? That's a good idea.

Maybe I would finally write some more about escort 101. But you know what to expect. For example, get a hair done that is impossible to go to civilian work and impossible to see two clients a day. To top it off, invite your client to inseminate your hair, making sure that you have to wash it and go home. That's a lot more convincing to say that you are classy, or see few selective clients occasionally. And if you are the short of time type, obviously you can just do the opposite, having a short cut that can't be messed up and even dry in 5 minutes.

Maybe to push the lame duck 2257 off the cliff? I'm fed up with these sneaky legislation that borrowed a good cause for their own hidden agenda, as in trafficking. I'm fed up because people who know nothing about it buy it, including myself.

So I'm calling all retired citizens of the united states, who have plenty of times at their hands, flood the net with explicit sex videos, which include genital to genital actions, or at least display your own genitals in a big offensive way. Keep a file of your ID at home, which should not include anything else, even your prescription records may get you 5 years of jail time. Then put your home address in every video and image you upload to whoever willing to host it. If the FBI don't visit you every month to check your records and your age, tip yourself or your friends off with whatever excuse you can find.

Haven't you see the openings of the Olympics? It's worth watching even if you are in the torch snatching camp. It's a coming out party of the technology of lights - LED's. As the commentators said, it's unlike anything else - dancing and painting at the same time, on the world's largest LED screen. Dancing and kung fu simultaneously, dancing and flying around simultaneously ... But I find it a little awkward that the commentators are too enthusiastic to read what PR have given them - the history of paper, the press, and giant fleets much earlier and bigger than Columbus.

What impressed me most is that they lineup the whole 91,000 stadium with energetic, good looking cheer leaders. It's not much but in any televised American ball games you only get to see them for a split second. Now there's no way you can't see them on camera. I can overlook the boots as I can imagine the effort to produce so many. I don't remember any other time that I watched the whole parade of nations from begin to end, with pleasure, learning the history and population of many countries.


August said...


This is August over at We love your blog, and we have linked to your content on our site. We'd like tell you more about our story. Please follow this link to a letter sharing our strategy behind the BuzzNoir brand. We welcome your comments, advice and pearls of wisdom. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to read your blog for a long time but can never get past the first few graphs before I get lost on what you're trying to say. Can you try out some grammar editing once-in-a-while?

The Player said...

august, I'm no internet porn expert, at least not Western porn xD. I don't mind helping but I can't do more than link exchange without creating conflict of interest as it is.

anonymous, if what you said is true you qualify for my number one fan xDD. Grammar is mostly redundant and that's not the issue. French singers all flopped if they try to earn some dollars or pounds. English versions of some modern musicals distinguishably sucks amongst other European languages. I'm not complaining. The beauty of English is that few Vietnamese speak French.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog a lot, but you are strange sometimes. Stick to the stuff about the ladies.

Anonymous said...

So English isn't your native languge.

Anonymous said...

May I add that part of the beauty of language and grammar is that it doesn't need to be perfect in order to draw meaning from it. I love Player's blog and totally get it. I'm in law school too and love Player's insights!!