Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Olympic Cheerleaders Coverage by Sports llustrated

More cheerleaders, nice pictures from SI, best viewed at Vimeo with full screen 1280x720:

Cheerleaders by SI from The Player on Vimeo.
Alternative hosting at Youtube:

But SI is doing a pretty bad job. Technique is of course OK but subject matter is poor. Compare with my previous post. Do they have no budget for decent tickets, or are they being offered free tickets for 2nd class stadiums and events?

As a general rule, when watching pretty pictures, you don't want users/readers/watchers to engage one hand on the mouse clicking, while the other hand, well, say, holding a bottle of beer. The SI picture gallery is therefore miserable. (They do have pretty vids, but small.)


Chus said...

Sexy photos!: Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders

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