Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bring your own sin to Las Vegas

Since I have already bad mouthed Nevada (brothels), I should just as well bad mouth Las Vegas too. Yes, bring your own escort to Vegas if you need to. Since I don't think I can make a dent in the tourism industry, I don't care what I have to say.

I'm sorry, if I have the time (and of course the ticket), I'll sure fly to Macau if I like to gamble. Illegal prostitution certainly cannot compete against free market.

For international or domestic jet-setters like Lara, if they need a home, it's OK to be in Vegas as most people there are tourist anyway. So it makes little difference when you are at home or travelling. Some working girls are not suitable for main stream work, and they are wise to work in Vegas.

How bad is Vegas? If you count the number of advertisement of, say, independents in Vegas, it's a fraction of other metropolitan areas. You may say Vegas operate differently to cater for tourists. Precisely, the worst thing you can do is to be a tourist in US. You don't expect your client to see you again ever, a year, or a couple of months, right? There's no incentive to give service beyond the normal duty. In other parts of the world, you can do what the locals do, and you can't get too far off. Clubs and agencies have reputations, and perhaps escorts have local reviews. In contrast, what is normal in Vegas can be regarded as rip-off in other metropolitan areas.

I'm trying to make more sense here. Think about this. Many if not most johns in Vegas are tourist, never dared to do anything in their home town. They are easy, or trouble. Many girls are transients, themselves tourists, because there are lots of people and lots of opportunity to solicit - say, just walking around in the casinos and hotels. They are not there to provide outstanding service hoping to get a reputation or to get you to see them again. If you work in Vegas, you are likely to be working full time, going after the tourists.

So in some circles, and for example in LA, girls have a price menu for going with you to Vegas. It's a wise option unless you get a lot of thrills just by being with compete strangers every time, and couldn't care less how they response. Of course there is the understanding that you don't lock them in the room and go at it 24 hours. And of course working girls get bored at home too. Weekends are slow and it doesn't hurt to have fun for a day or two, with the benefit of making some money too. Of course it have to be some specials for regular patrons. If they charge by the hour we would be better off flying across the globe, several times.

I love the adrenaline rush by doing over 100 all the way. Surprisingly I never got caught on the way, though I had several near misses, and I'm nearly banned because of speeding points back home. With all the adrenal still within your system, you really need somebody to be there with you when you check-in. Picking up the phone is too late and a waste of the adrenaline built-up.


Las Vegas Courtesan said...

Though I see your points on some things you mentioned since everyone is a tourist here and some of the girls are tourists themselves... I think you're missing a big point of why men or women get escorts in Vegas. A vast majority of people who call agencies and know that they are notorious for having a bad rep call anyway because they are living in the moment and want to try something they have never done before. Hopefully the girl makes the guy have a good time (I know I do) but yes a lot of girls don't care because the regulars are non existant here. Either way... men come to Vegas to live in the now and do something risky they would never consider back home... that reason alone makes the popularity of calling such agencies and seeking "freelancers" in casinos soar. These same men would never be caught dead at home in St Paul, Minnesota trying to seek out a nice streetwalker or search the local paper for an escort. So bring your own escort if you like but... gosh I couldn't imagine being stuck with some girls for more than an hr :)

The Player said...

I'm trying to say the same things too. Your comments fit quite well into parts of my post.

Except for the "vast majority" of people who call agencies (in Vegas or not?) know that agencies have bad rep. I have no idea about that. Maybe everything is a gamble in Vegas?

Your last comment made me LOL. It's so true! I will have to write about that. Until then, bring you own sin if you can, as long as you know that you can put up with each other for at least a few hours.

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