Thursday, July 03, 2008

Toes research

You may have known this already, but I don't, with good reasons. That straight 5th toes are genetically dormant. By 5th I mean the smallest, the wee piggy that ran all the way home. By dormant I mean, like some hair color, eye color, if you cross breed, those genes seemed to be hidden or disappear altogether.

So this explains that many sex workers do not publish pictures of their feet. Oh yes, this is another rambling about pictures. Why not? I look at sex workers' pictures everyday.

With this out of the way, why can't people include feet in their body shots? You don't need to be perfect. Crooked little toes like a deformed pea can be sexy (not really). Really, Japanese girls with large crooked teeth in the middle front can be sought after, all other things equal.

I didn't observe this before because I have straight long toes, all 5 of them. I even have good sized straight nails on all of them. You can see that a couple of blogs back. There I tried not to focus on feet as if I was obsessed. But it seemed that I never got to finish. OK, no more mention of perfect breast, they are a dime a dozen.

I had poor foot arch, so I was being laughed at since I was little, though only in the family. One side of the heels of my shoes wears down much more faster than the other side. I thought my feet are bad and never pay attention. But with shoes on, the arch become immaterial, also immaterial when you are not standing straight, as in bed. And I have seen girls with poor arch walking on flat flip-flops. It can be cute.

Flaunt what you have got, so I'm not saying what is must have in pictures. Here we are lucky if we have pictures that can see skin textures. Face shots are rare. Once I was abroad confronted with a website full of slim lingerie wearing girls not hiding their beautiful faces, I didn't know what to do until I instinctively look their toes. Two passed the filter and I hit the right one. Even though she was wearing a moderate dress on the picture, I couldn't go far wrong. In real life, she has Barbie doll proportioned limbs, tall, and pretty as in the pictures.

I understand it's a lot of work to makeover your feet, especially if they are not perfect. You prefer to cut it off in the pictures. You makeover your hair, your face, your nails every other day, but not your toes. Because you have to wear shoes. But in Socal, you don't really have to. There are plenty of woman who have immaculate pedicure everyday, including soccer moms, and female workers (sex or otherwise). Precisely if you wear sandals to formal work, you have to be clean and neat down there, the same that you normally require some makeup. Though as a general rule, professional women (not sex workers) have shorter nails. Sugar babies or anybody else who doesn't need to work have long nails impractical for any shoes other than sandals and flip-flops.

Maybe this is the reason that this internet model almost always include her toes in the pictures. Like many woman in my area, their nails are never far from perfect, taking photo shoots or not. Very naturally the photographer will include the toes. I don't think she deliberately tell the photograph to do this or that. Because I chatted with her (along with hundreds in a chat room). I told her that her pictures are unusually toe friendly and she agreed after some thought.

But I didn't tell her that the other reason may be that she is tiny and short. For some unscientific reasons, the photographer thinks it's easier for the camera to include all of her in every frame.

It is somewhat annoying for a girl who has a perfect body, down to ankles, cut off her feet in the picture. While many pictures are bizarre for those who want to sell foot fetish, notably on Craigslist.

I agree that respectable working girls try to avoid mentioning anything fetish. The fetish ads seem a bit desperate, and quality girls don't need to target a smaller market. But if you have a beautiful pair, why not flaunt it? I would bet you don't mind mild toe sucking if you include your bare feet in your pictures. Well, as Compartment would say, most clients finish within 5 minutes, what to do with the other 55?

Some girls include a close up picture of their feet. That's the problem. I have complimented a local girl about her feet - she is an all rounder. Against the wrath of some jealous clients and girls, she quoted me (not as The player), and put up a close up of her feet on her webpage. It is an artistic one rather than one that shows any skin pores. So it can't be bad. The bad ones are numerous.

Don't take pictures of your feet yourself. That's about the worst angle you can have. Your legs and feet look thick and unappetizing. The exception is when you have perfect toes that got all the attentions, see picture a few blogs back (NO!).

Stand up and wear a pair of shoes. Feet are designed for standing up for millions of years and shoes are designed to compliment the feet for hundreds of years. You can't do much wrong with a suitable standing post and a pair of shoes that fit your feet. You can go all bare as in stripper shoes, or with a tiny strap just hiding your crooked little toe. If you are not standing, there are many angles that look good but equally many that look bad if your feet is not that good. The standing pressure of your whole body working with designer shoes bring wonders.

I don't know too much about foot fetishists, don't stretch your toes in picture, and don't show that angle if you toes look like peas. No fancy decorations, which look dangerous (if swallowed!). For the same reason, I prefer eatable colors or just semi-transparent as in natural nails or french. Dark or metallic color look cool but I will avoid them like plague. There are numerous skin and nail diseases.

Come on, most people don't have long straight 5th toe with decent sized flat nail facing the sky, but it's easy to be sexy.


Aneris said...

Thank you, Player. I love the way your mind works.

The Player said...

Equal opportunity from head to toe?

Ai.Love said...

Hey i just wanted to say Im really finding your blog intersting, so many random facts and tidbits! im really enjoying it. IM NEW TO THE INDUSTRY soooooo, im trying to read all the escorting info i can!!!!

The Player said...

And you will have a busy time catching up with the regular contributors in the rolls.

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