Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seven songs

I took a dip back into blogosphere and found that I was tagged again by AH. I normally stay off music because once it's on, it's hard to turn it off in my head. That means half a day off work. In contrast, TV & DVR is like an escort to me - you start it when you want it, and forget all about it after an hour. Also, music is a big give away - but I can tell you that I'm too young to be crazy about Elvis.

This one is for Chanel, who would always say "Call me" instead of goodbye, and then turn and walk away, not giving me the chance to response. The last time I saw her I managed to say some negative words at her back. I was very pleased with her that day but couldn't let go of the incident before that. I could hear her throat choked, wanting to get back at me but suppressed herself. Never saw her again.

This one is for Chanel too, who looks pretty in thrift-store-outfit disguise, and looks millions when it's worthwhile to bring her treasured gears out. But sadly, she doesn't like public exposures so I never went shopping with her. So she has to share this one with Jordan, who is the 2nd prettiest thing I can think of for my budget. We like to invade changing rooms together, and help her out not just with jackets, but down to throngs as well. There are a whole lot of others but their names don't come up to my head all of a sudden. They shared me too, the only double I did.

This is two for one from the same movie. This is for No. 210 and Rebecca. Girls can take their guard off when you cannot stalk them (if they don't try to rip you off that is.) I'm sure that they forgot that they are working, if only for a brief moment. That's enough for me to get the lovely feeling on the way to the airport.

Chanel hit me too for seeing other hookers or doing too much homework with Mrs Player. That was quite lovely even though she must be jealous only about the lost income.

I know few people like the song but it was the number one when Jordan fiddled with my car stereo system whenever she was on board. This is the only ring tone I ever downloaded and assigned to her number. She lit up my life for a little while one summer. We went places, pulled her thong in restaurants, sometimes with her hooker friends right next, received blow jobs in my car in dangerous places in broad daylight, invasion of changing rooms, called me in the middle of the night because she lost her car keys, and of course the double with Chanel. But sex was never good so there's no hard feelings when I dumped her.

The title and visuals bring back so many memories. I can remember cool ladies like Mila the Russian sugar baby who cheated on her sugar daddy, turned up at the door of my luxury suite with black leather pants and $200 hair, just for the blond color she told me. Emma the ex-flight attendant who came fully dressed up after receiving relatives from the airport. Helen who unzipped the jacket of her jogging suit to show her perfect abs when she knocked on my door. Nancy with the best looking pictures so far who always met with me in hotels at lunch near where we both worked. Isabel who arrives at the door with her sun glasses, and sexy outfits cool enough to be a racing queen.

And a number of dancers who actually dance on the bed like that, but anything more have to be a grand. And of course who can forget seeing Chanel for the 1st time. I thought she was a rip off who don't even dance. I thought she was going to take the money and ran when she asked me to take a shower first. I was in disbelieve when she joined me in the tub, washed my pennis, and sucked on it. Though I was paying her well that time.

This is pure mating call that I would use for making sex videos. And I did.

Actually this one is better with all those rhythms that suits my love making style. The lyrics are outstandingly funny too.

20 out of 10, this must be dedicated to Nikki. Instead of staying in the car, she followed me into a 7-eleven while I was looking for a pack of condoms. She's the cheer leader type with ass length blond hair. I can imagine that the boy in the store must be thinking that I am god or something. I asked him directions for the nearest motel too. Nikki is a doll. Put her in the tub and she would only hold her ass length blond hair above her head and do nothing else like a statue. I carried her out of the tub, thrown her in bed, and dried her, while she was still holding her hair above her head. She loves to learn. It's always multiple in all holes if I can manage. BBBJ OWO A level CIM, CIF, she tried it all. I knew she was learning because she wasn't that good in some and almost failed on others.


Sorry this isn't as much about music as it is about movies. I'm a fan of Richard Gere, since I skipped ID checks to watch American G (and his dick), while our groupies are too young to follow. (Counting back, at the time I must had been 10 ! LOL) Silly me, I just made the connection that his most popular movies were about prostitution. Since then American G I have been wondering why his movies are so few, does his bad not so good acting matters? He's getting nowhere after commercial success such as Officer & Gentleman, Pretty Woman. Maybe all the hit roles were rejected by John Travolta in the first place. Ideal roles for him such as Breathless remake were barely watchable.

I checked to see a few of my friends if they had blogged about songs and music recently. Nothing. So I challenge you to write about it yourself.


Aneris said...

Player, too too damn funny!

The Player said...

Hey, that was supposed to be romantic!