Monday, May 26, 2008


According to the well known, Kinsey's report, 69% of white males had at least one experience with a prostitute. The society is a lot different since 1948. Since we have Internet, I would say that the majority of men has at least some experience with a prostitute.

So when Melissa Farley reported that in her survey 83% of johns admit that they are sex addicts, what do you think? Lying cunt of course. I'm not saying that she made up the answers, but she knew that the results are meaningless.

A news site skillfully stated that they use young woman to do the IRL survey. Now another news site said the johns were give $40 for an hour or so interview. Do you wonder what sort of people they attracts? I can think of the 1st (?) of 12 step - those who want someone to listen to their admission.

According to some reasonable sources, quoting some "experts" as usual, the number of sex addicts in US is estimated to be 16 million, or roughly 5%. Those includes all sexes and all sorts of addicts.

Let's say 50% of men have some john experience, and that all 5% sex addicts are addicted to prostitution. We have 10% johns who are sex addicts. This is nowhere near the 80% in Farley's survey.

To be a successful addict you need the factor of compulsion. Most people go to Vegas regularly for gambling fun, and for other things. And of course there are people in different degrees of compulsive gambling. What's wrong if gamblers spend most of their vacations there? If you take away the hurt(money), it's like playing marathon Monopoly with friends, can you call it addiction? I would think if you can't stop when you can't afford it, it's addiction, right?

If there are so many sex addicts among johns, prostitution should be a recession proof business, right? It is, but not that much proof if you see the degree of specials nowadays.

If you think prostitution is bad, call the addiction something else, like prostitute addiction. This is very true and the psychology is somewhat different than other sex addictions, which are different things on their own. Some addicts must be compulsive cheaters, serial adultery offenders, extraordinary acts, etc. I would think sex itself is good, watching sex (porn) is beautiful. If you pair two 'sex addicts' who fit each other's needs, is it just a long game of Monopoly?

I can't admit it, before trying to cure it, and then to find out if I have a problem. Is that religion?


Aneris said...

Hahahha, yeah, that is a strong component of religion.

Only 40.00? Where was I? I will gladly fill out that survey 5 or 6 times.

Prostitution can't be recession proof, for one can look at the back pages of the Voice and get a woman for less than a good meal costs.

I think that some of our white tower worker bee friends have nothing better to do than waste time with faulty research.

CollegeHookerBoy said...

Prostitution is an ever growing buisness. There may be minor recessions - but for the most part they are only caused by an increase in the supply.

I believe sex can be addictive. Just like sleeping...

God I always gotta sleep at night. Always! I'm an addict!

The Player said...

I remembered some years ago I got 40 big pounds to help SAAB research. You have to walk around going in and out of SAAB, BMW, MBZ cars for each question answered. There was a lot of questions and I refused to do any paid or unpaid market research ever again.

Yes, I should be looking out for Melissa's Craig list invitations too. It's fun talking to young women for hours about sex, with or without being paid.

Yes, to me sex is as natural as sleeping. So we have been doing well without expert help for millions of years.