Monday, December 31, 2007


I avoid taking my wife out at all cost, except for the rare occasion that she forces me out at gun point, when she has a new group of friends who joke that her husband doesn't exist. So she played dress up at home over Christmas.

We uses the dinner table for dinner at most a few times a year. This is a compromise, which is another long story. She put on a little black dress and stripper inspired shoes. Did I mentioned that my girl next door wife turned into a trophy wife? She is still keeping count of the times she gets carded when buying wine, even with the kids around.

I had an instant hard on, and stayed on. But she wouldn't let me get close enough to touch her. When I managed to sneak pass her defenses, I checked the label. I wanted to add her label to my gift list. Leg Avenues is becoming boring, and this designer sure works for me. It was a Versace. Oh well, I got taste, but I will be sticking to giving away Leg Avenues. But since she got me on this new dress already, I was hinting her to repay the favor big time. She assured me that it wasn't new. OK, then I was hoping for the last installment.

Anal once cost me 3K, and delivery is not guaranteed.

I requested in no uncertain terms to finish dinner and go to bed quick, she keeping everything on. When everything was cleaned up, she had already changed into her ragged pajamas. I begged her to change back, but she handed me her pair of delicious shoes instead, telling me that I could have it if I were desperate. Anyway, I checked them out. It had Delicious written on them. On top of the shoes, there were some metal jewelery, which are sexy after ankle chains, but without the inconvenience.

I lost my erection, and the mood to go with it. I went to sleep right away. Soon my wife came on the bed, and attacked me naked. I couldn't fend her off. She wouldn't take no.

It wasn't fun, and I doubt if she knew it. I don't mind whatever shopping she does. In return I only ask very little, wear them in bed, the most important place. But she wouldn't. That's why I am not at all keen on taking her out to show off her shoppings. Let them rot in the closet. Though she did get her orgasm. Wish you had a happier Christmas.

Now I can see the bloody rare steaks in the fridge. It works for me every time. But I rather have the little black dress. Happy New Year!


Pete from Cal said...

Funny post. Thanks. No wonder we all deal with providers because they tease but also please unlike gfs or wives who just tease and no please. Interesting how your wife is allowed to shop if she pays you in bed; 3k for anal? That's expensive! :D So sad your wife forget to do some foreplay before attacking you. Does she just assume you're always in the mood? Guys like foreplay too and what's better than for her to wear that sexy black dress to seduce you, right!!?! Women!! :)

The Player said...

It usually goes like this. She informs me that she is going to get a watch. It's a courtesy notice so I will not use up the available credits on the cards all of a sudden, not a request. In order to savage something out of it, I will ask for something in return, depending on the amount. She will happily accept the terms, but I have to get it with persistence like a loan shark, or none at all.

Provider are better as you say, but not all of them. Once I was frustrated enough to tell that girl "you are just like my wife". Then she got the message and reluctantly put on her shoes and got into bed. Still she wouldn't allow me to get close to them, saying that her lower legs don't look too good in heels, at close range not standing up. It was her old shoes and she charged me for it. I paid her for new ones but she didn't have time to go shopping.

pete from cal said...

Now that sucks if wife spend money yet you get no loving in return. Why can't wives perform their wifely duty such as provide bbbj, cim w/ swallowing, learn to love anal and maybe even give a good massage? Is that so hard to ask? :D

In response to your second paragraph, if any provider acts like your wife, it's definitely time to dump her and move on because you already have a wife at home so you need another one to act like it. And besides, isn't it a provider's duty to please and not bitch or complain since most of them are paid handsomely for what they do.

The Player said...

Wives and hookers have in common is the unwillingness to give in to your demands. They are afraid that you will ask for more.

Actually you can see the difference. The wife is indifferent to complains. The hooker did go to bed with shoes on, and she will do more harmless things if I pushed persistently like a loan shark.

The English Courtesan said...

I take my eyes off your blog for 10 days LA Player and what do I find on my return? That you're doing bad sex with the trophy wife and making googley eyes at steak in the fridge!

All I can suggest is that you pull yourself together at once and get booked in with Flavour of The Month pronto. Now say after Livvy 'I am going to see a nice hooker! I deserve a nice hooker! I do not need to pay $3k for anal! Versace doth not a real woman make! I am going to see a nice hooker! I deserve...' etc.

Are you paying attention to me, LA Player?

Livvy xxx

The Player said...

Oops, the lump of meat in the fridge is just the evil wife's plan to make the Player rise up to any occasion like a Spitfire. I didn't do anything indecent to the lump other than swallowing it.

Livvy, you should book a football stadium and sell expensive tickets to disgruntled husbands for them to chant after you:

We don't need no Versace
We don't need no 3K watch
We deserve a nice hooker
We are going to see a nice hooker

What a release! Thanks for the "moral" support!

I don't know the South African Pronto now comes with flavor of the month? I have a collection though reserved for threesomes, and forthsomes, and ... ;-) My gun goes in and out of holsters like I am the faster gun slinger of the West. By the way, they are also good for quickies too before somebody changes their mind.

AH said...

No wonder so many women want to get married! If they can live in the manner of your Mrs.... heck, some girls just may even consider polygamy to get a piece of the (non-active) action.

The Player said...

I heard someone said Princess Syndrome before. But Mrs Player wasn't like that at all when she was like 16. I would say it's something more broadly known as Fairy Tail Syndrome, building up gradually if not born with.

Anonymous said...

If you had know Mrs Player since 16 years old, I don't think she is trophy wife. And plus doesn't she have all these university qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Would you be turned on if she wore Jimmy Choo Snakeskin or Dolce Gabbana platforms to bed? It's an easy deal for her, she should just do it! Ah, wives... they are hard work aren't they?

The Player said...

Trophy is relatively speaking. A couple of days ago she had something coming up, so she had to go to the same grocery store but at a different location. She got carded again even with the kids around. And she promptly reported to me as always.

Women at her age who want to be carded have to spend an awesome amount of money on plastic surgery.

I don't like snake skin, indeed I like to see bare skin as much as possible. That's why stripper or Cinderella shoe's are good for me. Slippers or flip flops are good too but slipper like platforms are best - bare as slippers but force the feet and body on some sexy posture.

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