Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Present

I was kicked out of the house to make way for a kids' party. I'm a conversation killer with strangers. The other problem is that I sometimes get unprovoked solicitation from little girls in the parks. (They like to play with me and order me around so as to give them undivided attention.) And little boys treat me with hostility. (Time and time again my baby girl had to say "this is my dad", or "this is just my dad", so they will not get so jealous.)

The chance that you get your ideal girl is zero at odd times without sufficient notice in advance. And I didn't have an hour or two round trip time to spare. Second best is a waste of time and money. So instead I wanted some pampering, and I wanted to masturbate.

I drove around to look for my favorite sex toys. The first stop was a place I heard with Vietnamese girls doing full hour massage. I was sure I would get excellent pampering, and I didn't worry too much about the rest. You solve one problem at a time. Unless you are a serial masturbator, who always have the most update information, you always have to take some risk trying unfamiliar places and girls.

A young Vietnamese girl came out to the reception area a minute after I tripped the door bell, with oil in her hands. She told me to come back at the top of the hour, fifteen minutes away. She looked like a typical massage school graduate, like anybody else. But she doesn't have sufficient sex appeal though she isn't any older than the others. Also she looked a little skinny and a little rough at the edges.

So I drove to a place that I had been to a couple of times since their grand opening. As an accidental masturbator, you don't want to go back to some old places, but I was willing to take the risk, hoping the owner didn't remember me. The first time I couldn't wait to check out the place as it was the closest to my home. The owner, a middle-aged woman, dressed like a doctor, with perfectly ironed white gown, professional heels. And perhaps she was, as some cities mandates a resident chiro doctor in the clinic in order to offer massages.

The reasons of not looking back are complicated. One reason is that if the owner remembered that the last time I visited was over 6 month ago, I would certainly get the most unpopular girl on duty.

At the reception a Vietnamese girl was sitting pretty. I had seen better but she has everything that I was hoping for. She had Cleopatra style neck length straight hair. Her hair is so fine that you can borrow her head to find the vertical without the plumb bob attached. She is pretty, and at 19 to 22, she is cute. Any older, if they don' t move on, their mind will not be into the massage, or they command big bucks freelancing. Best of all, she has the innocent look that money cannot buy. I doubt if she had any makeup on. At the corner of her face you can notice the dirt like shadows due to the lack of any touch up, or never had any. But all that didn't mean a thing. I might not get her, complicated.

I was a walk-in without appointment. She got up and rushed to get the owner. She is relatively tall, leggy in her tight jeans, with a tight round ass too. The owner came back. Now she looked like a Korean mamasan rather than a doctor. She gave me a warm smile, with a little hint of wickedness. Maybe she remembered me, maybe not.

She seemed to ask me to pay for half hour. I asked if that was what she recommended. She was positive. I asked again and got the same answer. It was complicated. The first few time I came here it was she who put words into my mouth, "One hour, right?". At grand openings, owners all have grand visions to become the number one high class massage joint in town, instead of a seedy hand job factory. Pretty girls like this Tina don't need to provide happy ending to survive. So for a standard massage, I was more likely to get her. Half hour isn't enough for a good massage, so it was less likely I would get Tina, though the masturbation bit would be more likely.

The owner escorted me to the far end of the clinic to a couple of small rooms packed together. It was good news for a handjob but not good for seeing Tina. On the way, she told me that Tina told her I was handsome. She also asked a little about my personal details as if for match making. I laughed it off, but actually I took it seriously, not the match making, but the handsome bit, LOL.

Not so long ago, I liked to use the back stairs into a chiro clinic. I couldn't see them, but all the girls in the girls' room could see me passing by. I caused a riot, or a lot of excitement, every time, without me knowing. The top dog there told me that. She was a little bit more mature, not in school or college. And she wasn't shy or anything. Though a handsome client and just handsome is a little different, relatively speaking. But there exist teenage boys looking for girlfriends in those sort of places.

Another time, another place, after the real doctor checked me out and pointed out about 10 harmless flaws in me from ankles to my neck, he couldn't resist to say that, "now, let see who's the lucky lady." Anyone would be OK I thought, as I had seen at least two walking around, possibly checking me out, LOL. Then in came the owner's most trusted assistant, the youngest one, cutest, but weight the most. She wasn't flabby but I am not into that at all. Indeed I saw her before. I walked to the clinic, asked if she was doing the massage. She was positive. So I made some excuse to walk away ASAP.

Well, that's life, but still I could enjoy the massage. I never heard that they provide any extras so the massage must be good. But it was a torture. In no unmistakable terms she told me she wanted a boyfriend. She told me everything about herself, including that the owner trusted her with everything and she ran the show. And then she wanted to give me extras. OMG. And then she negotiated with herself on my behalf. I was expecting an expensive handjob but she gave me a blowjob. It is just not possible to get a blowjob in clinics with real resident doctors. And since it is not possible to have condoms, she blew me bare, caught it all in her mouth too, not to make a mess and leave embarrassing evidence. It was embarrassing as I still owed her money. I vaguely agreed to her negotiation with herself, not remembering that I didn't have enough money in my wallet.

Back to Tina. I don't know about this time. The clinic is clinically bright. My glasses have anti-glare coating. So she must be able to see right into my eyes, and my eye pockets. LOL. And lovely they must had looked. Maybe I should change into more senior looking big bi-focal lenses, instead of fitting progressive lenses into a narrow trendy frame, which doesn't make a lot of sense, except to the revenue of the optometrist.

I had a plain T-shirt, pajama style, artificially broken at the edges. My small beer belly was nicely covered. If it weren't winter, I would had put on my A&F rugged baggy short. It was a torture to fit into my 501, so I had my CK jeans on. But I'm sorry to say, McWhore, I still had my A&F flip-flop on, even in winter. I feel a little bit of liberation not dissimilar to burning the bra I suppose. Also, I used to have legs that girls would die for, I was told. I don't look at them now but my ankles are toes are still pretty good, LOL.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I followed a Craig's List ad to a massage clinic. The ad used strong hint of sex and stock pictures to lure customers. But I knew very likely it's just a good massage and nothing else. The look of the massage girl confirmed it. She is mature at mid 20's to just over 30. She is pleasant looking, may be very fit and slender under her T-shirt and jeans. But she toned down any sex appeal on her.

We both knew that the owner tried to lure any people there out of desperation. They do that very often. They don't care who turned up, mostly the wrong sort of guys looking for the wrong things. But they do put a warning sign on the wall warning against any illegal activities. Near the end of the massage, the girl asked very subtly what I was looking for, out of curiosity - she wasn't going to do anything other than a massage. I told her I was looking for a good massage, but didn't mind extras if the circumstances was right. It wasn't a hint. I felt comfortable with her and told her the truth. But again it was very subtle, not using indecent words such as sex or even extra. She told me, "You don't need a massage, you are so thin." That actually meant that I had a nice body (she checked it out thoroughly for an hour), and I shouldn't need to pay for sex. I laughed it off. That's true, LOL, but I wanted to ask her did it meant that she would have sex with me for free? I didn't ask. I knew she didn't mean to offer me sex for free. Or maybe she did, but not a one day stand with no strings attached.

I think, one of the many possible scenario, that Tina rushed to tell the owner that she must had me. She asked for permission to swap her schedules if she was already booked. May be she wasn't good enough doing massages yet. She was supposed just to sit pretty and lure customers in, but she begged to massage me. Maybe she asked for special permission to give me extras in the back rooms, reserved for regular VIP clients. Or she just asked to have the back rooms never given to new clients. Maybe I am handsome. Maybe she thought I am the kind of guy who would help her out with her Christmas wish list.

If the owner granted any of her wishes, it was because of Christmas. The owner had no interest in any concessions, especially if she remembered me, who last came here 6 or 12 months ago. It had to be a reward for Tina for her hard work.

It was unusual that the owner escorted me to the rooms, without specifying which one. I picked the slightly bigger one. But since I could hear there was somebody next door, I picked the smaller one instead. So I stretched my naked body on the massage table, visualizing that I was a Thanksgiving Turkey, a naked Christmas present, LOL. The room must be rather tiny, because my feet hang out from the table. I must had looked tall. Also, since the only towel available was about one square inch large, I didn't bother to cover my ass. It wasn't a signal or anything. It just looked silly, and my butt isn't bad at all.

My prayers were answered. It was Tina who came in to claim her present. She didn't bother about my naked ass, while some girls would cover it up. Her massage was rather good, and she was into it. So I thought she wouldn't offer extras. The 30 min session meant she was already booked later. But then I didn't think she was even ready to do any massage if it wasn't me. Or she is the kind of girl who normally will only give you a terrible massage, but you still come back for more. When she was giving me the elbow grind, her hair kept touching my body. It felt nice but certainly no one would do massage that way. Maybe she wanted to look her best without tying up her hair.

I was a little surprised that she began to massage my butt, and then the whole legs down to the ankles. My favorite massage girl didn't touch anything down the waist, as if I would get an erection and tempted her to cross the line. Though she gave me a lot of face to face time, massaging my chest. Tina wasn't shy. She even started to put more effort on my inner thighs, getting higher and higher. But once getting to the point of no return, she stopped. I had mixed feelings. If she didn't cross the line, she could be my new favorite massage girl. But I hoped she would do it, because she met all my criteria of a nice sex toy, good enough to masturbate.

She asked me to turn over in her angelic voice. I turned over but she left the room. If she was still there I would have leave it to her to cover my dick. Now my dick did look silly so I covered it up with the one inch square towel.

Some girls don't ask you to turn over if the massage is only half hour. Once you turned over, 99% of the girls will stay away from the reach of your hands. But she stood right next to my chest, starting to feather touch my chest and nipples with her fingers. Unmistakably, it was a tease, but I could be doing it myself. Normally I would wait and try pulling her hands to the right place. I am shy. But since she was standing so close, I asked if she would do any extras.

I think she wanted to say the routine, "I don't normally do this, I don't want to do this, this is an exception and I'm doing you a big favor (and I want a big tip)." But she couldn't wait to say, "OK", though with an unwilling tone to it. So I left my new found sex toy to work by herself. It was good.

I put the usual tips on the nightstand and asked if she was happy with it. She was positive but tried again to talk with me about Christmas shopping. Maybe she really wanted me to take her shopping somehow. I loved to but it wasn't possible. The only thing I could do was to give her a big hug, which they never refused if the tips was right. I gave her a kiss on her cheek but didn't get pass her dangling hair. Smell nice though.

I wasn't thinking about Christmas. If I was I would have given her extra tips. Though she got what she wanted for Christmas, LOL.

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