Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spoofy Spook

One year on, she wouldn't allow me to rest in peace. Now I am turning spooky and spoofy. I just called her from one of the top clubs during happy hour. I think she got a heart attach looking at the area code or the phone number. Or, just that someone was around and she couldn't talk. She pressed the ignore button without waiting for the voice mail prompt.

Of course I wasn't there. I used a caller ID spoofing service that is available for years. And since it's going to be illegal anytime soon, there are free promotions for 2 minutes. That is enough since she hasn't pick up the phone yet. Another limitation was 3 calls from the same IP address. But with TOR I can spoof the spoofers so it was unlimited for me. TOR is usually too slow for anything but it's good enough to submit just 3 phone numbers. I even spent a few dollars so I can do it from my cell on the go!

First stage will be calling from legit places such as her favorite restaurants. (That didn't work.) She wouldn't know who's calling and couldn't hold it against me. I don't know what's next yet but I had the numbers of the agencies she worked, the client she hated most, and even her best friend!

The last time we said goodbye, she said, "call me". She was upset when I didn't say yes. Then she didn't pick up the phone for a year. When she picked up, it's worse than she didn't. And before all these, you have to see for yourself how to hurt a client.

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