Saturday, October 13, 2007

Secret lifes

It's good to follow Belle de Jour's TV series without being able to watch it. I couldn't agree more that I wrongly recorded the crappy Moonlight. But TV isn't too bad. Skipping commercials, uninteresting stories, it's about 15 min tops for a one hour news, while download internet news video takes forever, and the online commercials are tortures. Similarly, a one hour show is about 20 min, way better than youtube, and I maybe spending more time on internet craps amongst the useful things.

The call girl I know has many secrets. She wasn't just keeping her secrets from friends and families. There are secrets within the following groups:
1) parents
2) siblings
3) rich boyfriend who doesn't know
4) poor secret boyfriend who knows?
5) friends that her boyfriend approves
6) friends that her boyfriend don't approves
7) boyfriend's family
8) high-end colleagues
9) colleagues
10) sugar daddies
11) johns

For example, 1 help to hide that she is going out with 6 behind 3's back. While all 2's are doing well, help to fix her up with rich bachelors. Both 1 and 2 haven't got a clue what she does, except that her companies, 6, aren't good.

5 are basically first wives club, having not much to do except for taking their babies out for shopping. They think that she has a well paid job, a trust fund, or a gold digger. She likes their lifestyle, but not her future husband, but he's rich, sort of. 5 consists of friends of 3, 2 and 7.

6 are probably her drinking and gambling mates who are not 8, 9, 10 and 11.

7 is very much against her while 3 wants her for some reasons. So 3 keeps her secrets from 7, hiding her from constant scrutiny.

8 consisted of porn stars, print models, internet models or just "relatively" high-end call girls. Not the A-listers, but if you are on a DVD you are a porn star, and if you are on a local Bangladesh edition of Penthouse, you are a print model, and if you have a website, you are an internet model. She followed them to advertise online with face and full body shots, complete with short video clips showing face. It was history but I don't know how she can be so brave, and how she can hide from 1 and 2. They don't know about 9.

8 raced to up their price tags at the last boom, dragging her along, and dragged her along to doubles too. They never made real money. I was never interested in them even though I met some in person. It was interesting to see someone you know personally, being the talk of town when they started out as call girls, getting bad reviews, escort website folded, getting married, having babies, became estate agents, or hanging on to become 9.

Although she did full time escort not for long, she has some friends from 9 that she keeps in touch. Looking at the list you knows why - 9 knows most of her secrets and she can talk to them for anything. She is the girl they look up to, having walk in the clouds with 8, having a rich 3, and having somebody 1, 2 that cares for her, not to mention those 10's. But she doesn't tell them the 8's aren't anymore. That she has 7 trying to bring her down all the time. She has to do well in front of them - her clothes, her shoes and her car from 3. When it looks like 3 was dumping her, what she missed most was her car, while one of the 9's just finished putting his boyfriend through college, got a not enough to repay student loan job, and brought a new Z3 on her money.

The 10's aren't really her sugar daddies. They can be if she wants to leave 3 and 1. I know they exists when she turned up dressed to kill, but obviously not for me. And when I called her, she was on her way to Vegas for the weekend, obviously shouting on the top of her voice in some open top sports car, saying sorry, some other time. So everybody knows she's a hot potato.

As for me, I consider myself 11. I rather not be 10 if I don't have to. It's not just money. There's a whole additional level of jealousy to deal with when you get too personal.

Usually johns know least. In and out, that's it. But I had the misfortune of knowing most, apart from a possible 4, which may never existed, or became history. I don't normally do 8's, like I said, if only porn stars are a little prettier, they could have become first wives. But I fancied her in her circle of 8's. She was bad in bed at first but I didn't give up on her, followed her career to her circle of 9's. At one point I was the last person in the world she wanted to see. I can sleep with the 8's and 9's if I want to. If I just slipped a little in bed, her secrets will leak like a broken dam. I'm sure she is popular when she's doing full time as 9's, so she got a lot of 11's. But she kept in contact with some 10's when she was doing 8's. I have contacts and I know 10's and 11's, even worse, her 10's and 11's. Her 10's and 11's don't know if any other existed. I was her worst nightmare. Not to mention that I was a loyal fan of hers, collecting all her media advertisements that 1,2,3,5,6,7 should never see.

It was quite painful at first, I was jealous of everybody else. Since she advertised on the internet with her face, I didn't know she was living with 1 who doesn't know, and that she has successful 2's who doesn't know. An agent hinted to me that she has 4, not wanting me to attach to her so much as to ignoring all of his other girls.

Either she had to stop seeing me, which she did for a while, or the secrets had to come out. First the thrift store clothes were disguises, she hid her big sedan well even doing outcall, she wasn't a college student or hardly attended courses.

I was very puzzled because of her schedules. Not too early in the mornings, and not too late in the afternoons. Never in the evenings unless pre-approved well in advance, and only sometimes in the weekends. Indeed it would be simpler if she said only call me at lunch and meet me afterwards. And if you have enough money, the weekend is yours. So she didn't have a day job.

I thought she had a night job such as strippers, bikini bars, or some secret clubs similar to those topless clubs in Vegas as seen on TV Las Vegas. If she did, I wanted her to come clean so I could recommend some places for her to work. Obviously she admires those girls who have rich boyfriends or sugar daddies, while working in clubs without sex, touch or even exposing their skins. Easy job, plenty of money, no worries. Or, since she wasn't working that much in the day, I would think she had a night job comparable to a stripper; if the money is good, she will go into the VIP room all the way. I am sure she will be hired for anything, but she really didn't work at night. When I knew that she has 1 and 2 to protect, and to hide from, it was obvious that she rather do something harder with less money, than working out in the open.

My other thought was that she was cheating from 4 or 10. She retired, devoted her time to 4, but came out to play to get some pocket money for things. Or, she was supposed to be exclusive with 10, but she double sell some of her time with me. I wasn't jealous of them as such, as I don't want to be in their shoes. But no matter how much I tried, I didn't seem to get her undivided attention within the hour. Advanced notice, seeing her every week, big tips, gifts, nothing works.

I was real jealous of her other 11's. I seemed to get started at her wrong side and never recovered to be on her right side. She seemed to squeeze me in the most awkward hours, in a period, most of the time not into it. And obviously she got other 11's, meaning that she did better with them, or she would have lost them already. I didn't even think they were paying more than me, a punishment for me, she didn't need just another 11.

When the "truth"of 3 comes out, it made a lot of sense to me. She is supposed to be a good girl living with 1, who sort of watches her for 3, when she is not with 3. 1 knew of 6, but certainly not 8,9,10,11. They try to discourage her from seeing 6 so she will get married eventually. 3 offered marriage, but 3 wants little 3's ASAP. She was in it for the money, not her life, not so soon anyway.

Again I don't want to be in the shoes of 3. But I am jealous that he gets a good deal out of it, if he dumped her eventually. As a decent boyfriend, you don't need to give your girlfriend money in terms of monthly allowance - that's for sugar babies or gold diggers. She has a super duper charge card but you can't get much out of it without looking like a gold digger, immediately thrown out by 7. It's not cash anyway so you can't spend it on something you don't to appear on the statements.

I knew her dilemmas, she slipped now and then. She hanged on too long. She could get 3 back only if she agreed to produce little 3's. She didn't really want to. She said 6 told her that she was too young to be ready for that. But if she didn't win back 3, 1 will be disappointed, she had to continuing living with them that she hated the lack of freedom. 2 can't try to set her up with somebody rich forever. She would have no money and lost her car to look good in front of 5 and 6. She didn't keep in touch with the 8's, leaving them thinking she has a good ending. She would look bad even with the 9's, who kept working, spending and investing wisely. She has nothing to show for.

My advice was that 3 is better than 11. My reason being that money is important to her, and she should take it. Little 3's are no big deal. If you have money, time, and the will, you can get in shape in no time. And that they are taken care of no matter what. A no brainer. But I didn't think of the fact that she can disappear immediately if she followed my advice. I didn't think she would.

If you are hanging on till here, excuse for the confusion. I said I rather not telling the story any further.


Serizy said...

I don't know how these women do it. It's too stressful and emotionally draining for me to have a double life, although I have done for brief period. Mind you, I am single at the moment, so there's no boyfriend to lie to. I don't know what I'd do if someone came into my life, as I can't afford to go on the straight-and-narrow.

The Player said...

I think when something comes up, she had to adapt, invent a role and slip into it. It doesn't seem too hard for her to keep secrets, neither do I. Come to think of it, it would be disastrous to call somebody's name when sleeping with somebody else. It never occurred to me. Is it an urban legend only on TV? It just dawned on me that it couldn't happen to us, not that we are remotely likely to call each other's name in our dreams. She has a few stage names. She refused to tell me which one her friends call her. She said call her whatever I like. I didn't call her anything. I used a temporary fake name when I met her. She didn't call me that either. So for the 1st phone conversation in one year, it goes like this. "Hello, it's me, remember?", I said. "Oh, it's you, how are you?", she replied. I was calling her from a new number.

Anonymous said...

So has 3 broken up with her? Does 3 know she is sort of hooking? What was so good about the car that 3 provided? Was it just a BMW sedan - she could easily get this on a loan for herself. WHere did 4 come in? Where did she meet 4? SOund like she likes making a complicated life for herself.

The English Courtesan said...

Thank you LA Player - I am beaming at you across the ether! This is a fascinating post and yes, it can get a little complicated at times... :-)

Livvy xxx

The Player said...

Thanks Livvy. If anyone thinks Tracy Quan's sequel doesn't make sense, I recommend Down the rabbit hole. My kind of girl, except for her price tag.

The Player said...

Down the rabbit hold just became The Truth.

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