Monday, October 15, 2007

The player's eco-sex guide

Greenpeace's eco-sex guide is written by amateurs. Let's see what the pro's have to say.

1. Turn off the light

I'm sorry this first GP advice turns you off, so much so that I think very few people know about such a guide existed. In the future, I'm sure there will be some sort of reverse rocking beds to generate electricity while being a cowgirl. Or a micro hydro-electric plant in the form of a water bed. Until then, use energy efficient light bulbs. If you have a shy partner, you have the excuse to use a much brighter bulb. "Oh, I don' t know it can be a lot brighter when the watts are a lot lower." They are great for sex tapes too! The resulting skin tone is more real. They are not as good as studio lights but they save energy and they are portable! They are cool so you can have the equivalence of 120Ws of lighting using ancient fixtures without blacking out the hotel.

2. GE-free passion fruit

Squash are popular produces, but I'm not sure how much are actually eaten. But even if you don't eat them, for whatever reasons, encourage growers by looking for GE-free versions. And in the spirit of producing less waste, after whatever you have done with it, show off your skills by peeling it, sucking it, chewing it and then swallowing it.

3. No more oysters

That's sad. But raw fish will do it for me. Not all wild fish or shellfish are harvested unfriendly to the environment. Alaska salmon, California socket eye salmon are supposed to be well managed in the eco-friendly way. Similarly there are varieties of small oysters from the California coast that comes in limited supplies to restaurants. For the farmed varieties, there's the Norwegian salmon free of color, anti-biotic, etc. I also love Trader Joe's organic steak, almost taste as good as in good steak houses.

4. On the lawn or in the hay

If anybody wants to try it, just let me know. I can use whatever fertilizer you prefer. I can get some hay too. There are no worries on my lawns. Here water is the only fertilizer you ever need. The only pest that survive the dry climate are ants. Moisture will keep them away.

5. Use eco-lubricants

Who can resist a warm wet tongue? Somebody (have to check who) said don't go for the bull eyes all at once. At least, start with the inner tights and they will beg for it. I do one better. I always start with the toes, but then many begged me to stop right there.

6. PVC is out, rubber and leathers is in

Plastic has the advantage that not only it is washable, but you only need to rinse it thoroughly and wipe dry. And because it's cheap, you can dispose of it to dispose of the laundry problem altogether. Otherwise I prefer cotton. It's washable and I like the feel of well washed cotton. To be earth friendly, I think I have to go for organic cotton, reduce skin coverage drastically, and stop giving one for every girl who is willing to wear and keep it. Models always wanted.

7. Save water

Soaping each other up is a great advice from Greenpeace. But often there's little to do with creating passion. Usually girls put a client through a shower first because he smells, and cleaning up together is a way to save time.

8. Sustainable paddles

I mean the sustainable forest where the timber for the paddles come from. But thank you very much, I like my bare hands. I don't enjoy cruelty to animals and anything else.

9. George Bush and Corporate America?

Who want to play that? :-( How about Al Gore and the polar bears? I like the classic Planet of the Alps. I'm be Cornelius hunting for Nova using non-nuclear means, a rock hard chisel perhaps.

10. Make love, not war

That's very ubuntu. But when there's war, make love as if there's no tomorrow! That reminds me to write up something that's long overdue.

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