Thursday, October 11, 2007

Looking sexy 2

A "friend" called me up, saying that an ex-stripper and escort freshly came out of retirement was looking for clients. She was 30's and thin. The price was good, even better, it was for outcall. Best of all, she didn't care what hotels I used.

Obviously she qualified for a stripper. She was still very attractive, tall, but thinner than typical strippers. She was dressed to kill - a tiny teenage dress barely covering anything. She was swinging a tiny matching handbag, just as the other teenage girls. The difference was that the material on her dress seemed more expensive, Tutankhamun blue with gold trimmings. But I knew, she was just trying to fit me into her busy schedule. I gave her little notice. She sensed that I would call someone else instead of making the appointment later.

There wasn't a special as my "friend" told me. I went through with it because he didn't know the market on this side of town. I was expecting some sort GFE from a mature woman. But she just did me a quickie. It seemed that she didn't know the market too. But it was OK. I didn't fancy her after all. She was good looking thin, but too thin and soft to the touch.

But she was happy about me. She hurried up to go, leaving me lying naked on the bed smoking. But before she left, she wanted to introduce me to her 20 year old protégé. Before I asked when, she rushed to open the door and fetched her protégé and driver waiting in the motel parking lot.

These girls were really in a hurry. In seconds they told me about everything, fast and non-stop. The ex-stripper was new in town and had no car. Her protégé followed her around learning to be an escort, volunteered to drive her around. They told me their price, regular discount, and preferred area and motels for outcall.

The introduction was formal though, except that I didn't know what to do so I just laid naked on bed, couldn't even think of something to cover my penis without looking silly. We took time to repeat each other's name and even shook hands. Unlike the stripper, treating me like a kid, her driver was very polite and courteous, soft speaking. I got her number and they left. I never called her because she had too much Brittney Spears influence. She was pretty. She was not at all fat, but a little chubby. Like many teenage girls who are healthy and eat healthily, she has this tiny pouch when she sits down. The problem was, like Brittney and many other girls, she bared about two inches of her waist, making that tiny pouch easily visible. But it could be sexy, just not my thing.

The show stopper was, her Brittney hat!

Once I went for a Black girl based mainly on her good review. There aren't that many gorgeous Black girl in this part of the country. Her picture didn't review anything. But she claimed to be thin, and everybody seemed to agree.

She and her friend's understanding of thin was very different from me. I asked her with some amusement in my voice, "Did you say you are thin?". She defended that, "All my friends say that I am thin." But it's OK. She was shaped more like Beyonce. Wow!

The other black girl that I went for has size zero. It was half a mistake without proper pictures. Usually if I have the choice, I would go for pretty girls with a pretty face, who keeps me from venturing into the darker side. Even if my blind date doesn't turn out to be real pretty, usually they will turn pretty in my john's trance.

But not this girl. She wasn't ugly or scary. But I rather not look at her face making love. We did make love, though. Her dress was sexy, special and sexy, and together with her cum-now shoes, I was horny as hell.

Against all odds, I called her again. I think she worked very hard to compensate. She must have something to do with fashion. The second time I saw her she was wearing a totally different style outfit, but sexy just the same. It was a little black dress, short, with some skins here and there. It was not even skin tight as she was only size 0. The material looked ordinary too. But somehow she made it special by customizing it. Her two different outfits had the same horny effect on me.

It was a moonless night. We met in the parking lot and walked to our classy motel room. Under the parking lot lighting, I couldn't help staring at her sexy dress and her sexy size 0 figure. And of course the cum-already shoes. I held her hand, pulled her back so she had to walk slowly. I stayed a few steps behind to admire her silhouette. Then I twirled her a little, singing in the rain style, trying to show off more of her legs. My hand gently followed her curve, from rips, waist, down to hips and bottom, then onto her bare skin on her legs. I hoped someone at least saw her walking from afar. The further away the view, the less seemed she was wearing. I hope all those who saw her couldn't sleep, with a hard on in their pajamas.

Of course her attitude was great. She had nothing to do with high maintenance. Nobody owed her any money from birth. She wasn't doing everything with a smile. She was just happy to be there, doing it. I asked her, "shower?". She just nodded and then went to the bathroom.

When we were ready to leave together, she asked me if I have moisturizer. She felt very dry after the shower. I happened to have an anti-itch spray in my car. The spray was actually from one of the big moisturizer names, containing mainly effective moisturizers. We went into my car. I showed her the bottle. She nodded and approved. But instead of giving it to her, I sprayed it on my hands, then rubbed her legs, tights, and then down to her ankles. Then I let her go.


Anonymous said...

wow size 0 is very tiny. some guys don't find that attractive.

Pete from Cal said...

interesting story Player! thanks!!

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