Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mint Thyme and Yuzu Bergamot

The wind blows as if it's coming from the hair dryer. You can only enjoy the free sauna or dip into the pool. That's was after dust! Daytime, it amuses me how people survive a temperature of 10+ degree F over body temperature, the valets, pool side waitresses.

Now my hair smells with a hint of mint thyme, and my body yuzu bergamot. Now it's my turn to play where am I. But who cares. This is just an excuse to starting writing something hoping that it would be short.

Since I could feed my pet without being there, I had been enjoying the short escapes. Now I'm way behind in blogging, reading or writing. You may not know, here you may have to sleep with the vet to get a room in the pet hotel at major holidays. For a day or two, they are not happy if you don't pay the full spa treatment and 3 daily exercises with personal trainers for your pet. And if they are not happy, the chance of getting those reserved places for loyal customers at Christmas is slim.

Naturally I would be thinking of the spa downstairs. But I wouldn't get a massage anywhere else in the world except back home (around LA). It's that good, and I will have to write about it. But it's not the happy ending type, which doesn't make much difference anywhere in the world.

If Chanel answers my calls, I would bring a few bottles and empty them onto her body before the shower. It's hard to play that sort of thing if you don't know the girl well. Usually they come fully prepared, true or not. They don't want you to see them wet, no makeup, no body moisturizer, or in a shower cap. They also feel very vulnerable, you in the tub together, in the bathroom watching, or outside out of sight.

Incidentally, I think I asked Rebeca to take a bath over the phone. The reason is that the resort supplied Neutrogena body wash, which is one of my favorites that is off the shelf. She felt rather nervous standing in the tub, thinking that I am going to do something weired. I would be happy just watching, but since my choice of prepositions or even words were poor, she expected that I would be doing the washing for her. So I did.


SimplyAlexa said...

How cute - personal trainers for pets...and yes you are right about having to sleep with the vet to get the best for your critters! ;-))

The Player said...

Or, widen your search within a 100 mile radius. But if they have vacancy, you wonder why.