Saturday, July 14, 2007

Secret Lifestyle of the New Rich in the Digital Age

Thanks to this guy Tim I got an alternative name for something I have been writing, and that's the only thing I thank him for. More on his work later (scroll right). Otherwise, the title would have been Buenos Aires - Internet Escorts.

Since the club girls were at the high end of the $100 to $300 scale, and difficult for them to offer any package deals, I wasn't giving up on Internet Escorts so fast. Though I fired my Virtual Assistance on the first day I arrived.

I set my well trained Internet picture filter to extreme stringent mode, which I never thought I needed to do outside of USA. I had a few disappointments. For the honest ones, they asked me to call another day when they would be available. My filtering skills were useless when they could send anybody irrelevant to your hotel. However, since BA is dense, escorts will arrive in your central location fast, and they are very happy to accept taxi money and go away with a smile. And since their ID's are checked before they can come up to your room, they cannot operate as the numerous ripoff artists in most US cities. Finally, I came up with this.

The picture could be real, possibly one to two years old. You have to minus the neat hair, air brush all over, and possibly some body outline alternation.

There was no wow factor. She dressed as if she just spent a day at work. Though, I didn't realize at the time, there was some Julia Robert feel about her, in tame casual wear. Not surprisingly, she called herself Julia.

Julia looked less pretty, less sharp as in her pictures, of course. Her legs didn't seem to be that great, which attracted me in the first place. But I'm sure she looks great after some ion treatment on her hair, eyebrow trimming, perfect leg shaving, laser all over skin treatment, manicure and pedicure. I don't mean she need any of these, say, having hairy legs. I mean I would say wow if she goes through some subtle makeover, not necessarily obvious things such as cosmetics and US $200 blond coloring.

As for language skills, English in the menu means that her booker understands English. She didn't. She was rather keen on using my pocket electronic Spanish-English Translator. She was rather GFE too. But I didn't know why, we kissed but no sparkles.

At the end she wanted to stay for the night. I pretended not to understand that, and she gave up on using the electronic translator - I didn't help her. That was my rest day in between big dates. I was in recovery mode rather than full of energy. That's why I was adventurous by calling her. I didn't have much to lose. Overnight could be a waste of money. If there was sparkles or electricity, I wouldn't mind letting her stay though. After all, later if I couldn't find any better, she was just a phone call away.

She still wanted to stay for another hour and started talking about compensation. I gave her some more time to see if we match, but I wasn't keen on talking about the exact compensation - it all depended on what I managed to do. At the end she took an honest amount of extra pesos from my wallet.

When we said goodbye at the door, she gave me her card. Since I had only a small table for everything by the door, she could see printed pictures of my potential targets. She went away shaking her head a little, saying tsk, tsk, tsk...

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