Sunday, July 01, 2007

Buenos Aires - the screw room

With Abril gone, I began to reconsider my choice of hotel. I picked Ulises because it is in the very center of things, but yet it is so small that I didn't feel like a tourist, a sex tourist. If you walk past the street you will easily miss it, even though it's has a reception and lounge with glass walls facing outside. I worked out the escort to room rate ratio to arrive at the room I picked. I didn't need to impress the girls with a 5 star hotel, but by generosity. I would let them know that I have a couple of days looking for the right company, and they would fight for it.

I think Ulises was an old residential building converted to hotel use, possibly only partially. To appreciate how small it is, and how expensive the land in the area, on the right is all the tables in the breakfast area. They don't use a lot of tables, instead shelves in the walls. There wasn't a proper table in my room. The flower vast in the last blog picture was put on a shelf resembling a normal dressing table.

I don't like going to places with no connections, no business, no sight seeing. There are plenty of things to do like sight seeing in BA, but I decided to try a dedicated trip, and I would only go sight seeing if I found the right "company". I knew I would spend a lot of time in the room. It was at about third or fourth floor so I could hear the busy traffic down there. There was air condition but I liked to open the windows as I intended to smoke a lot. After a few hours looking at the four walls, I decided to upgrade.

This is the view from my balcony of my new room, in the same hotel. The number one club, Blacks, was surprising close to me, literally a stone throw away, right at the corner. Directly facing me across the street on the left is a big 5 star hotel, with only a tiny bit appearing on the picture. Following the road to the left is a large Citibank, next to the hotel. Further down is a bunch of European banks, Lloyds, Barclays? , and some names that I don't recognize, which must be Swiss, Italian, Spanish banks etc.

Compared to the 5 star hotel you can see across from my balcony, I had a balcony, tall green plants, complete with British Homebase garden furniture! Not bad. But I think I had only half of a normal BA apartment. This is the complete width of the apartment.

I was pleased for a few seconds when I realized that my room had a kitchenette. I rejected the idea when I booked because of the escort-to-room rate ratio. The kitchenette turned out to be a great challenge. On the right is the new version with boutique disguise. On the left is the authentic version, smaller and shallower than a CA book shelf! But complete with kitchen sink, electric counter top stove and even fridge. Now the lovely toaster-grill is gone, replaced by a tasteless microwave. The electric stove is gone for safety, giving you a electric kettle instead, which boils water a lot faster, but not as fast as a microwave.

To compensate for my half size apartment, I got another quarter, up above. To reach it, there is the screw. There is nothing up there except for the bed, and a decent sized bath room with a


Anonymous said...

Do you wank your dick with dollar bills ?

Anonymous said...

Or get sexualy aroused by looking at the leg of a(n) (expensive) chair ?

One gets the impression.

The Player said...

Does it feel positive with dollar bills rather than negative with, say, condoms?

Even with one dollar bills left, I would rather sit on center stage, spend the bills on tipping the strippers and then wank in the bathroom with bare hands. Does it make more sense?

I don't know about you, I need association to feel aroused. Since I couldn't think of how to use the leg of a chair for sex aid, I can only project cruel happiness with the thought of stuffing it into someone's ass.

ps the brackets show the problems with English. Esperanto is a lot less clumsy in this case.