Thursday, July 12, 2007

Buenos Aires - Club Madahos

I had to try the next best Club. Look what I found? It seems that you can find anything in YouTube.

Madahos is in the tourist area right next to the cemetery, which entered many must see lists in the world, but no one told me that. It is a little more spacious there with clubs, restaurants and hotels lining up. There is the tempting MacDonald's but I went to the mall everyday for a pretty good Internet cafe. I passed the cemetery everyday, often a few times, without the thought of going in.

There is a large stage in the club that you cannot miss after you entered. But again I was too early for the shows. The girls were a lot varied there, different shapes and sizes, and little dress code to speak of. I spotted a girl wearing a Leg Avenue style school uniform. Though a lot of girls dress causally and normally.

Unlike Blacks, soon after I got my drink at the bar stool, a girl came up to me and wouldn't leave me alone. She spoke good English and tried to look like Julie Roberts. She wasn't at all bad, but I wanted to pick up somebody with some wow factor, and wanted to check out the other girls as well. And I wanted to hang around longer for other entertainments instead of going back to my hotel so soon. I told her repeatedly I just wanted a drink at the time, and she disappeared all of a sudden while I wasn't looking.

I got myself a tiny quiet table at the corner when some show started. I was enjoying my beer and cigarettes - the air there was a lot better than my hotel room. I supposed I was alone long enough that a woman came up to me and insisted that I must find company instead of so alone. I realized that she was offering her translation service, no way she was young enough to be an escort for me. I told her I didn't mind company for drinking only. Immediately she got me two rather exotic and very slim girls sitting next to me, a tiny table of four. We got along rather well, because the translator was a conversationalist as well.

At the end, with difficulty I had to pick one to take away. I picked the pretty one rather than the exotic one. Actually both are rather exotic from neighboring countries but not Brazil. At the door, Tony (Soprano) was responsible for transportation. Normally he would send one of his gorgeous, 6 feet+, driver in black suit and black tie to escort us back in one the club's big black cars, which looked like Daimler's at some angles. But he drove us himself. All girls, from Internet to clubs across the spectrum, are from $100 to $300. But for non-Spanish speaking tourist at the higher end clubs, you can't get away with less than $300.

Number one and number two, there is the difference. Madahos' lighting were a lot dimmer than Blacks. It turned out that she wasn't as pretty as I thought. So after sex, I was going back to get the exotic one, the other one that I met at the club. I didn't realize that it must be pretty embarrassing for her. I didn't even told her that I was looking for the other girl. But staff at the door thought there must be something wrong when I appeared with her. Indeed this pretty girl disappeared in no time as soon as we entered the door. I couldn't even offer her a drink. There wasn't anything wrong. I was always on the look for the right girl to spend more time with me. This girl didn't meet all my expectations so I went for the other.

I think I saw the exotic one at the door socializing with other people. She changed into something much more sexy after midnight. I think she noticed me too but we didn't try to connect right away. After a few drinks, me hanging out alone in the bar, she came to me, after some time had passed since I came in, she was sure that there was nothing wrong. Again we went back to my hotel with Tony driving.

I was rather happy with her that I booked her for a couple of hours the next night, late. Perhaps she had seen it all. It's difficult to get her excited about anything. I am certain she didn't get that many customers with so many girls just in one club. And I was paying her top pesos, the same as girls in the number one club gets. She let me took pictures of her naked, gave me email addy when asked, but remained calm about everything. She had to go when time was up. No concession at all, no free dinner offers. For that money, I was sure that I could find somebody better to stay with me overnight, or dinner date, if I knew where to find. I didn't know where so I tried her.

That's enough for club girls. I think they have to report back to duty any time before 6 am, while the clubs start to be busy with locals well after midnight. Dinner is their breakfast, which they may chose to spend with you if you are lucky. They can only offer you some package deals if you catch them on their off days, of which there aren't many.

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