Monday, July 09, 2007

Buenos Aires - Club Black 2

While I was sitting at the long bar alone with 20+ girls, I saw at the corner of my eyes two girls got together and cooked up something. They walked towards me, but the at last minute took up the two empty stools next to me. After settling down, the girl next to me turned her back to the other girl, who was then performing a shoulder massage. So I would be staring right into the eyes of this girl next to me, if I looked directly her way, at 12 o'clock. I kept my face at 2 to 3 o'clock to see what's happening. This girl seemed to be having the best shoulder massage of her life, as if she was having an orgasm, arching her back. She was wearing a vest with bare shoulders. Though the vest was tame, it was a vest anyway.

At this point I think they must have very strict rules about not soliciting clients. So I made the move. I asked and brought her a drink, then we moved on to the lounge area. She was a Brazilian like this, with a less exaggerated, more delicate body, and a prettier face. The other local girls were more delicate or slender that I might prefer, but I couldn't possibly turn down such a lovely girl, especially looking at her animated facial expressions eye to eye.

There wasn't much conversation with English vs Spanish/Portuguese, but she was enjoying her strong alcoholic drink. I was preparing to bring her back fast, when a dancer jumped on our coffee table and started dancing. She was good looking, smaller, more delicate, more slender than main stream US strippers as seen on screen savers. She wore very little, a thong and might be even topless. It was quite cool. She wasn't just a dancer, she was the star of the stage show. She came a long way to our table with nobody else around us. She danced for at least a couple of minutes.

It took a long time for the bill to arrive. I think the manageress determined to talk to me before letting us go, and she had been busy. My tip to the dancer must had been pretty good. My girl, lets call her Brazil, told me to go to the bathroom first and then meet her at the door. I didn't need to go as my hotel was right across the corner. But it seemed that Brazil wouldn't came out again if I didn't go to the bathroom, which was temporarily staffed by yet another gorgeous guy in a gorgeous black suit. The tip tray next to the toilet was full of big peso bills. I told myself that must be joking, and put down a few pesos instead.

Back in my screw room, Brazil took out a stack of 3 condoms from the pocket of her black leather jacket, and put them down on the night stand. Then she started to undress. Wow, I was a little intimidated. Is that a Brazilian standard? Or Buenos Aires custom? Or was she just emptying her pocket, and it happened that they all use the same 3-pack condoms as in US? I had vivid memories of her actions, though in different versions. In version 1, the condoms were in her palm and she banged them hard on the night stand so I could notice that everything was taken care off, or was it a challenge? Version 2: she stacked the condoms neat with her fingers and moved them to the center of the night stand like a gambler.

After round one, she went down the screw to have a glass of water or something, while I was recovering in bed, worrying about the two condoms left on the night stand. Soon I followed her downstairs only to find her helping herself with the best bottle of red from the supermarket. She spoke a little English because I think her mother tongue Portuguese and Spanish aren't that compatible. I understood that at around 22, she was a self confused confessed alcoholic. She was forgetful and would hit her forehead rather hard with the palm of her hand when she realizes that she has forgotten something. She did leave behind a little bracelet in my room. Come to think about it now, it might be her way to make sure that she remembered to bring the condoms, and to help her to remember to put them on me.

I didn't remember much else about her. It may be that her idea of a good time is a stack of condoms. It wasn't much GFE. But I didn't remember any flaws about her performance and her body that I want to complain. That is pretty good.


eric said...

All Credit to the player for setting this up, far play,

Hi player, just a quick question if you don't mind,

Currently now December 13th 2010,

What prices do the girls go for in black? Madahos?? At this current time?? There must be a standard rate but, they likely try you if your a tourist with something crazy.

From talking to girls in both clubs and other men in there they all seem to say the going rate is more or less US200-US300 or is this just a crazy price for tourists?? It seems like a fake tourist price to me but that's the price sooooo many people are saying????

Many thanks
And appreciated

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