Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why do they do it?

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The problem with being an escort is that some men are really dumb. I don’t think all men are stupid, that’s just too depressing.

A client turned up and asked me if I was the woman in the pictures on my website. I genuinely wished I wasn’t, because that way, I’d've been spared his company. I admitted being me. He told me I looked different. The butt matched, the boobs matched BUT the HAIR was different.

Imagine that: a woman changing her hair! Surely it’s better to walk out than sour things."

Imagine that a movie star changing her hair style all the time? They may tie it all up for Oscar, but they will return to the look they build up for years. The hair may change, but it's a gradual process. My memory of Monroe, Locklear, Pamela, and Jameson has certain style of hair that I expect them to look. Imagine that they swap hair style.

If you think you look best in pictures in that hair, why change it? I think Sigourney looks the same in Alien 1 to 3. It's a sequel and you want to keep the winning formula.

Hair plays a big part in how one looks. The hair tells a lot about you. The common disappointment is that the hair was done in an impractical studio setting. The real person can't have anything like it in real life. For example - hair extensions.
A girl may have smooth silky hair in the old picture, but she cut it short by several inches to survive all the traveling and back to back appointments. This is the difference between a well gloomed high dollar hottie and a high volume escort.

And then the wrappings. The out of the salon look is very different from the just washed and blew dry in the hotel look. Also, it can be $200 a puff just for the coloring, which is very different when you have the urge to suddenly try peroxide at home.

I understand the need to look best in pictures. If you can't keep it exactly that way all the time I can also understand. But from back length to neck length, straight to curls, are not bright, unless you look better, and I am the judge, not you, unless I don't have to pay.


Dr Pepper said...

In many ways, a woman's hair defines her beauty -- at least in my opinion.

Many times my regular leaves her hair straight and oily. It takes away from the experience.

The Player said...

I can agree with that. You can do a lot about it but it wouldn't last long. Highest maintenance.