Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Taking risks

Jordan liked South California. So she decided to fly back to DC to wind down everything, go back to Texas to stay with family and friends for a little, and then bring her car here, still with a Florida registration. On her last day before returning, she was in a money grabbing mode so she called a few of her reliable regulars.

After I had fun with her, she stayed with me in between appointments, didn't bother to go back to her hotel. When I was driving her around in a lazy afternoon, she got a call. I laughed at her because it was obviously from a pay phone. I joked that she was so desperate as to take anybody, including those who couldn't afford a cell phone.

But I was wrong. Jordan told me that I ranked in the middle of her clients, in terms of pay. That's very reassuring (my ass)! But I did have my perks. That pay phone guy paid her more. So obviously this guy is really carefully - blocking caller ID isn't enough for him. And since he saw her before, so he is really really careful.

After Livvy's post about payments, I started to think about the risk I was willing to take in payments and other things, which changed over the years.

I wired 60 USD to Czech to her agent for the deposit. It was via Western Union or something like that. I was in a rush, so I had no choice but to do it online, so the recipient knew my real name, my city and may be something else. I didn't know if I could avoid all that. She's already in LA and it was an ordinary booking except that a deposit was required and it had to be wired to Czech.

What was I thinking? You may ask. I didn't think it was a scam because you won't get many people crazy enough to wire the $60 for nothing! If it was a scam it wouldn't pay a lot and it wouldn't worth the effort. I did talk to the guy in Czech and texted him some too.

Other than that, the agency had a website. And being a legit business over there, you can find out the history of the website and check out the contact numbers too.

I was right, and I had my rewards. Her fee was very attractive after the first hour. That was why I was thinking about booking and showing her around for a few. When his agent asked in the traditional Euro way of doing things, what would I want her to wear, I was weary. In my mind the last think I wanted was to carry her around like a glamor model. I just said causal and prayed. Her costume in picture is causal by any means, but not the causal here, and certainly not the places I wanted to take her.

I was relieved when I picked her up at her hotel front. Without the glamor makeup, and the covering up oil, she looked like an innocent tourist girl. She gave me a big smile, looped her arm across mine, and said, "let's go". I was rather happy with her so all my plans from A to Z went up in smoke. We just walked back to her hotel room and never left. Also, she must be very keen to preserve her pussy for the next big appointment. She took every chance to give me oral pleasure instead of letting her pussy getting over worked. I had no complains. The pleasure was complete and not a drop was wasted on her bed sheet.

OK, I released my real name to a complete strange in a foreign country. I got his real name in return so that's not too bad. I didn't think I had something on him so to speak, but that is a real guy and he is not likely to do pranks on me.

In the past I was careful to block my cell number. I believe it isn't too difficult to look up your ID from you unlisted number. But anyway, you don't want someone to call you when you are least expected. I always have little problem with blocked calls. I can write with an accent so I can get away with many things over the phone. But over the years I am becoming careless. An unblocked call is always more welcomed, and it avoids missed contacts when accident happens. If I see that someone is in business for a while with good reputation, I tend to trust her with my phone numbers. Blocking caller ID isn't a sure thing anyway.

License plate numbers are similar to phone numbers. I believe it's not difficult to lookup your ID with that. Also, photographing your car parked in a hooker hotel isn't a good thing. It's difficult to get around it unless you pick those escorts in large hotels and large apartment complexes. I only bothered about it a little in my early years, when you think that everybody else was going to get you.

LA residents will tell you not to leave anything that can be taken away in the car when you park somewhere that you do not know well. Not even when you park near some embassies. I always take my wallets and of course cell phones with me unless in the rare occasions that leaving the car in the street is safer than where I am going. But I have 2nd thoughts about it. Losing your wallet, credit cards and driver license with the car is inconvenient, but no big deal.

Having know Chanel for so long, one day, while she was taking a long shower, I went through her designer bag and her wallet, and driver license! Forgive me Father, but it started as an innocent thought. I thought of her at least two birthdays a year, hinting me for gifts every time, without shame. I thought of looking it up to make fun of her next time. I didn't think of looking up how old she is because I believed her. Well, when you are holding a driver's license, you can't help but to notice the real name on it! I didn't feel guilty anymore because she must had a system that knows if someone opens her bag. She actually told me more secrets than I found out from her bag. I did have a regret though - what a guilty pleasure if I remembered to lookup her current address on her license too? What a scary thought.


The English Courtesan said...

LA Playerrrrrrrrrrrrrr - you shocker! I'm scandalised that you might go through a lady's handbag and the fact that this was a lady you knew well, indeed in the biblical sense of the word, makes it even worse! It's a good job you're anonymous or all the angry hos of the western hemisphere would be putting a bounty on your heinous head. Except Livvy because a) she doesn't do angry and b) she's a bit soft... :-)

That's interesting about the payphone - I've never had someone call me from a payphone but maybe that's because the idea is to establish a degree of mutual trust before swapping numbers. On car parks, licence plates, hotels etc., you're right that someone could be caught out in endless ways. I suppose it's a question of being as careful as you can and trying not to worry about the things you can't control. I try to be aware of any particular risks, e.g. if a client has an angry wife on his tale or a particularly high profile job, but all you can do in some cases is use common sense and agree a 'story' in advance...

Livvy xxx

LA Player said...

I can take some whippings if you must ;)

Or, hiding out in the East isn't too bad.