Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gang and Bang

I have noticed a lot of Meet and Greet activities all over the country, where local clients and escorts have a party together. It is a somewhat mystery to me as the majority of escorts don't even want to post their faces, many with blurred body parts. And I'm sure the parties are squeaky clean as prostitution remains illegal. Perhaps that's the clients' way to filter out those who are willing to appear under sunlight.

Mr Gray is somewhat between a very enthusiastic and experienced hobbyist in the true sense, and a pimp. Nobody knows exactly why for the risk he was taking, he didn't work full time as a pimp instead. It was he who asked me if I wanted to try a real FA, at a discount, sending me pictures and arranging everything. She was Emma.

Mr Gray routinely asked me how it went after the date. I told him all the great things about Emma and forgot all about it.

A week later, Mr Gray told me that he's holding some sort of gang bang party for Emma. He trusted my oral review so much that he was putting his reputation on the line and brought out his gang of friends. Basically we hired Emma for the day, Mr Gray talked her down a bit so everybody have a little discount on the price I last hired her.

Oops, it's not what you thing! We took turns, always one-on-one in the bedroom. Though one after the other. Mr Gray surprised me by organizing something like this, I didn't know him that well at the time. I was a bit shy so I told him that it wasn't my thing. But he wasn't happy and doubted my oral report on Emma. It wasn't the discount that I joined, but more to keep Mr Gray happy so he will keep me in his party list, hoping for some other parties. For the others I think like me they came for the discount as much as the sleaziness and novelty.

We had a nice big hotel suite, took our turns, and we were not supposed to see others much. But even for a circle of trusted "friends" and big occasions like this, guys came late. That set up a chain reaction and the schedule was a big screw up. So Mr Gray was in the suite most of the time to receive people, so they didn't leave without paying and playing, or kept knocking and calling. If he wasn't in, he would found somebody in his place.

Rather than waiting in the parking lot, eye to eye with others which must be Mr Gray's friends, I went up to wait in the suite instead, just as what Mr Gray told me to in the first place. You know guys like to hang out a bit for the sleaziness. There was at times a mini party in the living room. Luckily the bathroom is en suite.

I was certain Emma was having fun, as always. I could hear her scream. She wasn't screaming for joy. (I never made her scream.) She sounded like she was being chased and then caught. But I was certain the bedroom wasn't that big.

For my turn, I didn't treat her any differently from last time. But I wasn't into it, with the thought of being timed mentally by guys outside. The good thing about the discount was that, I paid her the same and the discount became a good tip.

There's a point to the story. Times like this remind me that I'm just another client.

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