Monday, June 25, 2007

Buenos Aires

If you have a week to go somewhere alone, where will it be? The cost of service ruled out many places. Bangkok is too far and I was overwhelmed with information that I didn't want. Though, I do have fond memories for the one night I stopped over. I've been there and I'm not a big fan of the Caribbean, especially if I can go anywhere else. There are no easy targets in Eastern Europe and Russia. It's not easy to go around independently alone, and it seems not very safe. Brazil is relatively close, but I don't particularly dig Brazilian girls and I suppose I have to confine myself to the hotel complex to feel safe alone.

I ended up picking Argentina. There's lot of relevant information. They have a big Internet escort industry, though just as fake as US. It's supposed to be safe in some Buenos Aires neighborhoods. Being in California, you tend to hear a lot more about Spanish speaking destinations. There's a lot of other things too - food, wine, arts, shows, shopping, scenery, etc.

Imagine that, via an agent, I can make appointments before I leave home, for a few dollars or 10? These were the three choices I made on the afternoon of my arrival.

Libia, with both front and back view, must had done a lot for Buenos Aires tourist industry. If I were to create an ideal woman from scratch, it will not turn out to be like her. But when I see her semi-professional pictures, she became my first choice, and maybe the reason for going to Argentina - I had high hopes.

What could go wrong with Alina? If her face didn't match her pictures, I wouldn't let her in. She even stated a reasonable overnight rate too.

No girl stood out for the 3rd choice, so I picked Abril, who looked different from the rest, and took the risk.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week, at this point I was still at home!

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