Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The most sensitive sex organ

The most sensitive sex organ is arguably the ears. They can detect minute vibrations in the air before they are even being touched.

It's rare to get ear sex but often I consider cleaning the ears before sex, just in case I get lucky, provided that it's logistically possible. Even for guys it's easy to get the hair wet when cleaning the ears. When showering at home, I avoid pointing the shower head directly into my ears, and I dry them with tissues thoroughly, to keep my ears healthy and sexy. Once I lost some balance in one of my ears, easily trapping water inside it, with difficulty draining water outside or through the mouth passage. It's not wax so oil based cleaners are not useful. Alcohol cleaners help to drain the water but make the ears too dry.

For head to toe treatment, you can't start any higher than the ears, unless you are bald. Even when I get it, it's usually some light kisses with tongue, just enough to feel like begin drugged, head lightened, knees softened, all muscled relaxed as if floating on the bed or in heaven.

Ears are beautiful, some more than the others. I like to attack the ears as much as I like to attack a pair of beautiful feet, with shapely legs, knees and ankles. But I have more success on the toes. The ears are just too sensitive to be tortured. It's also pretty gross when you have others saliva all over the face and hairs.

Once I met a new girl, who you could judge by the freshness of her artificial work of art breasts, and her flawlessly uniform pale skin all over her body. It's easy to get advances to get all the work done, because it's too easy to get returns of the investment many times over. There must be some misunderstanding on her part, when I told her I "know" the Madam well. She did saw me talked and flirted with the Madam for a little while though. Even though that was the first time I saw her, she gave me the VIP treatment. Perhaps she liked to get more work in the area and to move over eventually. It's always good to have more clients asking for her again, particularly the VIP's.

She kept working on my ears, one after the other. First was the light tantalizing kisses with a little wetness of her tongue. Then she licked, she moaned, she talked, she sucked. Being the ears, everything got amplified ten folds. It was like having thousands of nails nailing me down to the bed. I couldn't move a muscle. When her tongue started drilling deep into my ears, I almost died.


Pete from Cal said...

Hi there! Long time reader but first time commenter. I totally agree with you about how erotic ear-play can be. I love it when a woman nibbles my ear, then breath on it, lick it, swallow it and then tongue it good. :) Very sensual indeed and often forgotten. Hope it doesn't become a lost art.

LA Player said...

Certainly it will be much more popular if TER/TSR had an database entry for it.