Saturday, May 12, 2007

LAP in 13 languages

My RSS feeds are available for subscription in :
  1. 订阅简体中文
  2. 訂閱繁體中文
  3. Suscribir el español
  4. اكتتاب بالعربيه
  5. Subscrever o português
  6. Подписаться России
  7. 日本語を予約購読しなさい
  8. Deutsches unterzeichnen
  9. Souscrire le français
  10. 한국어를 구독하십시오
  11. Abbonar l'italiano
  12. Teken het Nederlands in
  13. Προσυπογράψτε τα ελληνικά
These translators are available for public use. In each of these links, there is the parameter Replace with your feed url instead. Or, at the subscription page, run the Yahoo pipes with your feed url.

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