Thursday, May 17, 2007

Foot massage

Video reposted from Lazy Geisha's blog. It did have some effect on me too, and it's one of the rare longer you tube videos that I watched from end to end without pushing the fast forward button.

A friend's post popped up on a message board, to say that she's in town. She wasn't great on tongue work, but I thought of turning her the other way round. I couldn't think of anything better in short notice.

She must be over thirty. (Her breast less than one year old.) Everything is meticulous from head to toe. This time she left the apartment door open for me to get in. I found her sitting on the dining table, a notebook PC in front of her, and she was on the phone. She signaled me to get a drink but I was happy sitting down next to her waiting.

I was speechless. I couldn't stop scanning her from head to toe and back to head again, fast, like a scanner, photocopier or TV, couldn't pick a body part to stop at. Last time her hair was between neck and shoulder, and conservative enough to attend a parent teacher association meeting. She could have a double life with some conservative clothes on. Indeed she turned me on like that in a way.

This time she couldn't have a double life. She is a babe however you look at her. (Though her face isn't outstanding.) Even in a business suit her subordinates will hit on her. She has those expensive hair, a little below shoulder, absolutely straight, flying in thin air, but absolutely no volume. It took 10 years off her. I've seen Chanel in that hair once. Usually she has straight, high volume long hair flowing like a river. With that volumeless straight hair, she looked very elegant, so elegant that she didn't look like a kid anymore, added a few years to become 30.

She knew I couldn't stop watching her in the bright living room, so she really took her time on the phone screening another client to replace one that canceled. She wore something like a tight short little black party dress, but it was white, lacy, and actually lingerie. The dress was barely covering her nipples. There was a subtle hint of a tail, so it was a very elegant bunny costume too. She was sitting with her legs crossed, which were slender and tan. She wasn't wearing stripper shoes anymore, but a healthy type of sandals, still high heels and exposing a lot of flesh.

I love phone sex, she on the phone while I do things on her without disrupting her conversation. But this time I didn't know where to start. I could have went down on her but it was too blunt. And I didn't think she would let me messing up her dress. I could have started by taking off her sandals, but that would be a give away. I just managed to split her hair a little and admired it.

Finally she was off the phone, we kissed, she gave me a drink, me took a shower, we got naked on the bed. Well, she kisses, quite a lot, but not that great with tongue, and not a lot better than last time. So I broke the question, "Can I wash your feet and give you a foot massage?".

She was very enthusiastic. We hurried up to the bathroom again and came back. I could have carried her easily but the "luxury" apartment looked so decent that I didn't bother. She enthusiastically asked me how she should position herself. She said that it was her first time, but corrected that it was her first time here. I let her lied naturally on her back and started massaging her feet. She must had thought it was real and started massaging my feet back. Soon I couldn't control myself and my lips were on her small ankles.

Soon I told her to turn over on her stomach. Then I started something as passionate as in the video, except that one person was the other way round. After that I worked all the way up her legs, bottom, back, inch by inch. Then I turned her over to say hello to her pair of less than one year old breasts. And if you tell me that her pussy is bleached, I will believe.

There's two particular positions that I like. One is a doggy at the edge of the bed with me standing on the floor. Chanel's feet will be dangling over the edge, curling with anticipation, without realizing it herself. I could have attacked her toes all over again in that position, but I didn't want her to realize and stop that. Another position is fucking with her stomach flat on the bed. Most girls will unconsciously bend their knees, dangling their feet in the air, and if you are good enough, make their toes curl uncontrollably. But mind you, they would have the same reaction if tortured by force eating a lemon.

It was a detour. I didn't want to be too late on my other commitments. I didn't want to hang on though I had plenty of time left. But she wouldn't let me go. I didn't think she was serious but anyway I enjoyed another minute of her in my arms, her warm breasts on top of me. When I tried to get up again, she was rather serious. I was sure she had time. But I thought she might want another shot from me, of course well compensated. But I didn't want too much of a good thing. If she jumped on me again with her tongue, she could have succeeded in any circumstances.


Pete from Cal said...

nice post. thank you. so you have a thing for pretty feet huh? :) do you just like to pamper them or would you like to receive a foot job on you? I'd enjoy a soft, clean, pedicured feet giving me a foot job. :D take care

LA Player said...

I like a little foot job, the look of it, beauty and the beast? However, they are included in my list of things to spray all over, when I have enough to spare.

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