Saturday, April 14, 2007

Letting off steam

I'm back, maybe for a little. It was just work work work. Back to Nancy. I was mesmerized by her first set of pictures, which looked more like a hot girl in bikini than this set, which looked more like a woman. For some reasons that I may expand later, I met her once. But I checked her website from time to time, say, once every few months, looking at the same set of pictures. One day, a year later, I came across this new set. It worked on me, especially the knee bending one, that I had to call her again. By the way, she wasn't all that. But I know her legs and her frame are real. And she was the first woman whose toes that I noticed, and made advances. What else I had to lose? I'll talk about her later.

I said before that I needed escape from work from time to time. What can beat sex, beauty, exercise and fantasy ? Maybe it's a little more than that. That's letting off steam. I'll tell Chanel to wear pretty makeup, but not too much which will become a big mess after me. Dress them up in fantasy clothes. Get them 4 inches high heels. Rip it all off. Smell them, taste them, nibble them. Torture them - in a good way. I didn't even spank her, because I think she would do it pretty easily. Maybe I became an occasional licker because she couldn't bear it. Just like her feet. She wouldn't let me play much at first. Then it was like torture. Then she started spending time on nail salons, and seduce me with her fresh pedicure.

I still call her from time to time, when I go out to play. She didn't find it necessary to change her phone number. She just didn't pick up the phone. Maybe she really is a special case that made my adventure special. I called at the best time that she wished she would get those calls from me in the past - like Tuesday and Wednesday noon. I called to tease her, that I'm going out to spend that money anyway, whether you need it or not.

But I'm sad to say that it wasn't that fun anymore. So can I say that I'm now a normal moral person, who surrender to temptation once in a blue moon? But sadly, unless a call girl is looking for boy friends, it doesn't make you a better person. Or I should say it doesn't make you a better john. Actually you would always get a bad deal.

Now that I don't get the urge to go out to play that much, I can enjoy some erotic art without reaching for the phone right afterwards, or in the middle of it. Look what I found? Now 3D art, or should I say porn, is becoming respectable now. So called 3D virtual reality in movies is really 2D. It's perfect, but it's 2D. I stumbled upon on this demo - which looked interesting. It doesn't look too realistic, but it looked good! Hair is the difficult part. There's teeth, choice of nail colors. Toes look decent enough and heel are sexy. There are 3D's that looked more real, and there are ones that move better. But this is a nice combination. It's good enough that Jenny Jameson (can't spell her name as I never watched her movie) the famous porn star with an empire, brought into that rendering engine and produced the same 'game' with her in it. But why would I want Jenny when I can have anything I wanted?

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