Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's wrong with that?

A girl from Demimonde doesn't like French manicure. I'm not sure why but she likes short and light pink nails. Isn't that French?

Maybe French have to be custom made fake nail extensions. But if you haven't got lovely nails, French imitates natural nail - pink color and whitish tips.

The length shouldn't be the issue. You can have as short as you like. They are supposed to look like real ones. Though some may op for the square look, like hospital patient cuts. But more likely the technician didn't spend enough time to tailor made the shape.

But those are trivial issues. In LA you can have any shape you want, coil up, claw. And the technicians try to make the nails as long as possible to fit in the custom decorative patterns. And as James said, nobody really walks here.

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